How to make a swan from a towel?

The towel is a daily use item. You will not find a single house, apartment, hotel or hostel in which there will be no linen.

Especially characteristic is the presence of towels for rooms that are rented to the newlyweds.

Is it possible to make a swan from a towel with my own hands? How to make an interesting and unusual sculpture at home? Read in our material.

Swan as a symbol of loyalty

Initially, it is reasonable to ask why it was swans, and not any other birds or animals, that were rolled out of towels.

The answer is quite simple and obvious. The fact is that from time immemorial it was believed that the swan is a symbol of infinite love and unconditional loyalty. Biologists have proven that these birds find a life partner once and for all.

That is why the appearance of these elegant birds is a definite hint for the newlyweds. Such an element in a hotel room is a great start to family life.

DIY towel swan: a step-by-step master class

Roll up a swan from a towel under the force even beginners. You do not need to be an expert in needlework.

At the same time, such a surprise can be a pleasant surprise for your second half, which will remind her of your endless love once again.

Let's figure out how to twist the swan step by step.

First of all, you need to take a large bath towel (if you want to make 2 or 3 swans, then accordingly increase the number of towels).

The first step is to find the center of the towel. To do this, add both long corners. After the center is found, the left part should be rolled (and the roller should be in the upper part).

Helpful advice! To make the rolling process easier, hold the towel with your hands. Then the roller will turn out equal and accurate.

Then, the rolling procedure described above must be repeated on the other side. Thus, it turns out that the left and right parts in the form of rollers will “meet” in the middle.

Next, you need to find the pointed edge of the towel and unfold it (as a result, it should become the head of our swan).

Now we bend the neck (it is necessary to create a more pronounced bend for more similarity of towels with a real bird).

Important! If you want to make the bird's neck more elegant, elegant and refined, then use another smaller towel (try to pick up things from one set, you need a full match of material and color). A smaller towel should also be rolled up (be sure to do it on the long side). The resulting roller is bent in half and put on a swan. So, the neck will be longer and curved.

Thus, the manufacturing process of the swan is completed. This is the traditional classic version.

If you decide to make more than one swan, but several at once, then the rest of the birds are created by analogy. The second swan can be placed next to the first one or rotated “face to face”. The latter option will give a special romance to your figures.

Additional details

When the traditional way seems boring to you, use a few helpful tips. They will help you.

  • To fold the swan, you can use not only white towels, but also experiment with more bright colors and shades.
  • To give volume to the figure, the bird needs to spread its wings.
  • As an additional element, you can take another towel, from which you can make a beautiful tail (it can also be a different shade).
  • Add humor - decorate the swan with flowers or wear glasses on it. Such raisins emphasize the individuality of your creation.

Making towels from swans is appropriate not only for newlyweds. With a similar surprise, you can surprise your soul mate after several years of married life together.

This skill is useful to the girl, if her beloved friend will marry. You can present the original gift to the newlyweds.

Master class on creating a swan from a towel - in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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