Baby poncho towel

Hooded poncho baby towel is the dream of almost every child and his parents. Such a towel is useful not only at home (you can wrap the child in it after taking a bath or shower), but also, for example, on the beach.

What is needed

You can sew such a thing at home with your own hands. To do this, you need to take one large bath towel, several small towels for hands (you should choose towels from one set so that the material and color completely match), threads. You can sew using a sewing machine.

Important advice! For the manufacture of poncho towels for the child, try to use natural fabrics. Cotton is ideal.


The process of manufacturing this piece of clothing is divided into several stages: tailoring the hood and tailoring the poncho itself.Then the parts are connected.


A large bath towel must be folded in half (in length). Then along the edge that we folded, you need to find a center (for this you can fold the towel again). Be sure to mark the center point - this can be done with a marker or pen. In the center, make a cutout. As a poncho pattern, use the pattern of any children's t-shirt. And also you can make a cut on the eye.

Next, unfold the towel and find that we have an ellipsoidal cutout. It must be hemmed with a straight line and processed in order to make the thing more neat and tidy. Poncho is ready.


For the manufacture of the hood will use a small hand towel. It must be folded in half. From above, you should attach a hood pattern (you can find it on the Internet and print or circle the hood of your baby’s jacket or sweater on paper). Next from the towel you need to cut the hood (do not forget to make allowances for seams). Then on the outer edge of the hood should be stitched with a sewing machine. Moreover, you need to stitch the element in two directions (forward and reverse).

Connection of parts

To complete the process of sewing children's poncho, you must combine the resulting parts.

To do this, on the edge of the cutout of an elliptical shape in the poncho, you need to find the center and mark it with a pin. The center must be found in the hood. Then one should pin the centers together with one pin (the products should be turned to each other with the front sides). After that, you need to sew both parts (allowance of about 0.5 cm). Need to stitch in both directions (you can use a zigzag or straight seam). Now the product is completely ready.

For convenience and comfort, a pocket for small items can be sewn on the front of the wardrobe item (it can be made from the remnants of fabric). Also, this product can be decorated with embroideries or stripes. This poncho is suitable for both girls and boys. For girls it is better to choose light colors (pink, yellow), and for boys - a darker range (blue, green).

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other thing, this item of clothing has positive and negative sides. Housewives say that this thing is quite simple to make - it does not require large financial and time costs.On the other hand, it is believed that a poncho, without sleeves, is not the most comfortable clothing for young children. For them, you should buy a towel with sleeves.

It is also important to pay attention to the length. Many mummies complain that a homemade product is very short. You should carefully select the length of the towel so that it reaches the child, at least up to the hips.

Master class on making children's beach towels - in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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