Floor fans: features of choice and subtlety of operation

 Floor fans: features of choice and subtlety of operation

With the onset of the summer season there is a need for a cooling device. In such a situation comes to the aid of a floor fan, which is designed to provide complete comfort and cool the air in the room.

Device and principle of operation

Floor fans for the home are considered the most famous and common designs for air cooling. The devices consist of a solid base, leg, motor, shaft, impeller, casing for closing the blades. The height of the structure is regulated by a leg, which is not present in similar desktop devices.The fan has blades that are twice as long as desktop ones. Due to this, the cooling efficiency of the room increases.

Floor-mounted fans are equipped with asynchronous motors, in which there are 8 stator windings. When starting the device, a phase shift occurs at a right angle, which is ensured by the capacitor. When you press the corresponding button, the indicator lamp lights up and the motor turns on. The speed of rotation depends on the scheme of the winding, which can be changed using the speed switch.


Depending on the principle of action, there are several types of devices.

  • Axial vehicles. The most common version of the fans, in which there is an engine with a impeller rotating in the same plane.
  • Radial apparatus consist of spiral-shaped blades. The air mass enters the rotor, from where it moves along the radial axis and, thanks to centrifugal forces, is outputted into the outlet nozzle into the cooled zone. Such fans cool the air with some pressure force.
  • Bladeless devices - The most modern models that have a round shape.The principle of their operation is as follows: on the vertical base of the fan there is a turbine, which is necessary for collecting the air flow, after which it gives it some accelerating force. Air under pressure out of the cracks of the form. Continuity of air flow is created by the intake of adjacent air layers. Thus, the flawless units are extremely safe.

How to choose?

When choosing a floor-mounted domestic cooling device, it is necessary to take into account its technical characteristics. By adhering to certain recommendations, you can choose certain parameters that are appropriate for your apartment.

  • Blade Dimensionson which the efficiency and the blowing zone depend. This parameter is typical for impeller room fans. The optimally recommended dimensions of the blades are in the range of 10-16 cm. It is imperative to take into account that these parts of the fan must be protected by a casing.
  • Power characteristics depend on the area of ​​the cooled zone. For a small room, power up to 60 W will be enough; for large rooms, units up to 140 W are needed.
  • Air strike - parameter affecting the speed of cooling of the room. It depends on the overall dimensions of the blades. For example, if this value is 5 meters, this means that the cooling unit will cool at a maximum distance of 5 meters. Therefore, it is necessary to select a fan on a high metal leg with such an air blow, which is suitable for your room.
  • Air exchange, or performance, shows what the maximum number of air flow changes is possible. Depending on the purpose of the room there are air exchange rates. So, for bedrooms it is 3, for kitchen - 15, bathroom facilities - 7, toilets - up to 10, and living rooms - up to 6 units.
  • Tilt angle - a parameter characterizing the possibility of turning the blades from top to bottom, which reaches 180 degrees.
  • Angle of rotation - a parameter characterizing the possibility of rotating the blades horizontally. It lies within 90-360 degrees. Many modern models are equipped with auto-rotate, that is, the engine with blades moves along the horizontal axis, thereby cooling the room.
  • Noise level - the smaller this parameter, the more comfortable the home fan operates. Floor units should work with low noise (no more than 30 decibels).When buying a structure, you need to check its noiselessness. Quiet fans often are much higher.
  • Blowing mode affects the air exchange rate. The number of rotational speeds lies in the range of 2-8.
  • Control system can be touch or button. The presence of the display allows you to visually monitor the mode and the connected functions of the device.
  • Remote control capability allows you to remotely control the functionality of the fan, which greatly simplifies the process of its operation.
  • Timer provides automatic shutdown of the fan if necessary.
  • Ionizer - an important function, thanks to which the air receives negatively charged particles, which have a beneficial effect on the general condition of a person.
  • Humidifier - a function with which the optimum level of humidity in the room is maintained. Fans with this feature cost a little more than usual.
  • Certificate You need to check with the purchase, because only in this case you can verify the quality and compliance with the standards of the device
  • Manufacturers. It is necessary to find such a device so that its price and quality are justified. For many decades, brand equipment has won the reputation of buyers, which in most cases guarantees high-quality devices and their durability.

Top models and reviews

Thanks to customer feedback, the TOP of the best fans were compiled.

  • Electrolux EFF-1000i has great functionality and has 8 modes. Equipped with a touch control unit and the ability to remote control. This model can be easily installed instead of the air conditioner, since it has a large capacity and large angles of inclination and rotation.

Also, this model has a timer, setting which, the fan will stop working after a while. The modern construction works practically without noise and reliably stands on the surface. The fan motor never overheats. This model differs in modern and fashionable design.

The main positive characteristics affecting the choice of apparatus:

  • stylish design solution;
  • high power blowing;
  • low noise level;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • operating comfort.

Minus - the instruction manual is not enough to deal with all the functionality of the instrument.

According to customer reviews, the Electrolux EFF-1000i fan really functions silently, and this is an important factor when you turn on the device for the night. The presence of large functionality allows you to set the optimal mode.

  • Tefal VF4110F0 provides maximum comfort in the room. This device works with minimal noise, the blades are covered with a reliable casing in order to avoid injuries from the rotating elements of the device. The device has 3 speeds, as well as the ability to adjust the angles of inclination and rotation to direct the air in the right direction. Fan power - 60 W, blade overall dimensions - 40 cm.

The advantages of using this fan:

  • nice appearance;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • ease of use;
  • high power;
  • democratic price.

Negative feature - the presence of squeak when turning the blades. Customer reviews about the device are mostly positive. The device has a black base, thanks to which it stands firmly on the legs.The power of the device is quite high, the control is simple.

  • Scarlett SC-1370 will provide complete comfort in the house during hot weather. It has several functional modes on mechanical control. Thanks to the overall blades, the size of which is 30 cm, provides effective airflow. The height of the legs of the floor unit is adjustable, at the same time, the angle of inclination can be adjusted. Due to this, in a short time it is possible to change the direction of the cold air mass. For greater convenience, this powerful fan is equipped with three modes of operation, that is, you can change the blowing force. Thanks to the backlight, you can easily find the buttons to control the unit.

Advantages of the Scarlett SC-1370 device:

  • democratic value;
  • ease of management;
  • comfortable design;
  • small sizes;
  • silent work.

From the negative sides can be identified substandard materials.

Polaris PSF 40 RC - the fan with the touch display and the thought-over design. In the management of the device is quite simple, it is possible to control through the remote. The angle of inclination and height of the legs are adjusted as needed.


  • wide functionality;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • democratic value;
  • the ability to adjust the height of the legs;
  • remote control;
  • attractive appearance;
  • high performance.

Negative characteristics:

  • many unnecessary modes;
  • cord length of 1.5 meters.

Vitek VT-1908 - inexpensive model from a famous brand. She has a control button, with which you can select the optimal settings. Due to the simplicity of the facility, the height of the legs can be changed in a few seconds. The blades are closed with a fine mesh, which ensures the safety of use of the device.


  • large tilt angle;
  • silent operation;
  • effective airflow;
  • attractive appearance;
  • lack of vibration exposure.

The disadvantage is not the highest quality manufacturing materials.

Main malfunctions

The fan may experience the following malfunctions.

  • The fan does not turn on, but the light is on. The cause may be a malfunction of the control unit. To eliminate this breakdown it is necessary to disassemble the unit. The fan should not be connected to the network at this time. Fix the broken button does not work, so you have to replace it.
  • The fan does not work and the light does not come on. First you need to check the presence of voltage. To do this, it is enough to include any electrical device in the network. If the device works, then the problem is in the plug or cord.

To check the health, it is necessary to disassemble and check the connection of wires to the terminals. To check the cord, you need to make a call with a tester. If necessary, replace the cable.

  • Blades of the device rotate badly. In this case, you must disassemble the case. The problem may be a lack of lubrication of the bearings.
  • The device does not turn to the sides. A fault appears when loosening the screws of the crank mechanism. In this case, you should disassemble the case with the motor, you can also check the serviceability of the switch.
  • The device makes a strange noise and does not spin. There are several reasons for this: there is no lubricating oil on the bearings; condenser or motor malfunction.

DIY repair

If a floor fan breaks down, its operation scheme should be examined, after which you can repair the device yourself.At repair of malfunction of the engine of the fan it is necessary to grease details. Most often, after this procedure, the device starts to work properly. Engine oil can be used as a lubricant.

Often the stator windings are cut in the device motors. To check the cliff, you need to sharply twist the blades to the right. If after that the fan started working, then one of the windings was broken. To determine the specific part of the cliff, you should make a call using a multimeter according to the instructions. In the event of a stator break, it will cost much more to assemble or repair a winding than to buy a new fan.

To increase the service life, it is recommended to periodically clean the fan motor from dust and lubricate the working parts. It is necessary to carefully conduct the procedure of disconnecting the wires and the subsequent connection. In no case should not confuse them with each other.

How to repair the floor fans with their own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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