Features and tips for choosing floor fans with control panel

 Features and tips for choosing floor fans with control panel

The summer heat is hardly tolerated, especially in the conditions of city apartments. The best solution to combat the high temperature in the room is air conditioning, however, not everyone will be able to afford its installation. In this case, a large floor fan is an excellent option that will quickly cool the apartment and save a significant part of the budget.


All floor fans have a similar design and consist of a base, a mounting bracket and an impeller. The base is often made of metal with plastic elements and has a round or cruciform foot. Some budget models consist entirely of plastic, however, buying such is not recommended.The point is that the base must be rather heavy to prevent the risk of the device tipping over.

Fully plastic fans do not meet safety requirements.

The upper part of the fan consists of an impeller, which is mounted on a rotating device.that provides a 90 degree turn for effective mixing of air layers in the room. You can find on sale devices with 3 and 4 wings. Blades are made of plastic or chromed metal. Long blades allow you to blow a large area of ​​air. Also on the impeller is wearing a special protective mesh. It prevents the ingress of foreign objects, as well as fingers into the mechanism.

The rotation of the "head" of the device is carried out using a bearing. Modern models have a long service life and low noise. There are almost silent models, however, their cost is much higher than that of standard devices.

Floor fans are 3 types.

  1. Axial. This is a classic type of fan. They have a horizontal drive axle on which a wheel with a large number of blades is mounted.All modern models of axial fans are safe, have the necessary fixtures to protect against injury.
  2. Radial (tower). These devices are small in size and at the same time are not inferior in performance to classic models. Consist of a cylinder located on a small base. Through the grid, the device takes air, and through the lattice release occurs. The main element that creates the movement of air masses is in a vertical position and resembles a rotor (it operates under the action of centrifugal force).
  3. Bladeless. These are the most modern representatives of the class of floor fans. They have a beautiful appearance and are almost perfect from a technical point of view. They look like a round or oval frame in which air is formed. The operation of the device is possible thanks to the turbine, which is installed in the frame and delivers pressurized air into the narrow slits at the edges. The mixing of air masses is due to the resulting pressure drop.

Advantages and disadvantages

Floor fans - one of the most budget and popular climatic devices.

They are used in millions of homes for decades and have the following advantages:

  • long service life and reliability;
  • can be put in any convenient place;
  • security;
  • easy operation and maintenance;
  • modern look.

    However, despite the existing advantages, floor models have some drawbacks, including:

    • high noise level in some manufacturers and models;
    • On the old and very simple models there is no speed control.

    These disadvantages can be avoided if you purchase a model in the middle price category, since the listed drawbacks are only in the budget models.

    How to choose?

    When choosing a floor fan, you should not go to the store unprepared and purchase the first available product. Professionals are advised to pay attention when buying a fan to the following points.

    • Type of. You should decide in advance what type of device you want to exploit. For large rooms, you can buy classic models, but without a blade or tower models will fit into a modern interior better.
    • The presence of suspension mounts. A definite plus, as it allows you to additionally fix the climatic equipment, as well as install it in any convenient place.
    • Sufficient power. The optimal power rating is 40-65 watts.
    • Air strike This characteristic shows how far the wind will be felt from the operating device. The larger the blade and the power of the device, the farther from it will be an air strike.
    • Convenient management. All floor fans can be equipped with either a mechanical or electronic control system. The first is presented in the form of toggle switches and buttons, and the second has touch buttons and a screen. You can customize the fan for both, however, the electronic system is more convenient and logical.
    • Remote control. Many floor fans are additionally equipped with remote controls. This allows you to monitor the operation of the device at a distance. Recently, you can find models with bluetooth support. This innovation allows you to control the fan remotely via a smartphone or tablet. It is very convenient, however, you will have to pay a lot for such a device.
    • Turn. For effective airflow, it is best to purchase models with a rotation of at least 60 degrees. The optimal value is the indicator of 90 degrees.
    • Ionization of air. Occurs in fans extremely rarely, however, is very useful. The ionizer binds dust and contributes to its settling on the floor, and also has a positive effect on the human body due to negatively charged particles.
    • The presence of a timer. This device allows you to turn off the fan after a specified period of work.
    • Acceptable noise level. The recommended noise level of a home or office floor fan should not exceed 30 dB. You can also choose silent modern models, however, they are distinguished by high cost.

    Popular models

        Most manufacturers of home appliances and produce floor fans, as this class of goods is always in demand, especially in the hot summer season.

        The greatest positive customer reviews are the following models.

        1. Mystery MSF-2402. This climate device has an axial view. The power is 45 W, the control is exclusively mechanical. You can set 3 different speeds.Pros - low cost, attractive design and good power. Minus - the lack of a remote control.
        2. Polaris PSF 40 RC. Model with an axial mechanism on which you can adjust the level of the slope. Power - 55 watts. This fan is equipped with an electronic control system. Speed ​​3, there is a timer up to 7.5 hours and the remote control. The disadvantage of this model is the small length of the wire and the high level of noise.
        3. Tefal VF5550F0 Turbo Silence. One of the most powerful floor models on the market. Electronic control, the presence of a remote control and a timer are undoubted advantages. Rotational speeds 3. The noise level is only 50 dB. In addition, there is a very nice new feature - the Turbo Boost function, which boosts the air flow in a short period.

        Floor fans - the climatic equipment which can be installed independently in any room, unlike air conditioners. These are low cost devices that can quickly cool the air in an apartment or office and make it comfortable to stay there.

        Review the Xiaomi floor fan in the next video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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