Fans with air humidifier: a device, an overview of models and tips on choosing

Duhness and dry air in the room is very annoying man. The detrimental effects of heat affect the heart and blood vessels: the pulse quickens, pressure drops and as a whole the body begins to work in an extreme mode. Against the background of all this, a person has even a mental disorder.

Modern climatic systems help to escape from “sweat in three streams”. Primitive on the principle of operation, relatively cheap, but still relevant among them are fans.

Advanced Fans

Today these simple devices - fans - are improved. Manufacturers supplemented them with air humidifiers. Now a fan with such a function creates not just persecuted air flow, but also saturates it with moisture. The resulting air environment from the fan with a humidifier is similar to the effect obtained from the air conditioner.

How all this is achieved, you can learn from the device and the principle of the fan with humidification. For the time being, only the floor type has undergone structural changes.


That's the way it is now modern floor fan:

  • tubular support with adjustable height;
  • electric motor;
  • impeller protected by a net;
  • block with mode switches;
  • stand-water tank;
  • evaporation chamber;
  • water heating system;
  • ultrasound transducer.

Some models, mostly expensive and with air ionization, are complemented by:

  • built-in timer;
  • control panel;
  • a hygrometer that monitors the level of humidity;
  • aromatization unit with replaceable cartridges.

The incomprehensible for many ionization function is actually a big plus. Thanks to her, the air becomes discharged, saturated with oxygen. It creates the feeling of being in the mountains or at the water-pool zone. When inhaling such air, a charge of vivacity and mood appears.Despite the multiple and incomprehensible elements, the device works quite simply.

The principle of working with a humidifier

When the device is connected to the mains, the motor is energized. He and the impeller, mounted on its shaft, begin to rotate. Depending on the included speed, a stream of air of a certain force is formed.

At the same time, the water in the tank is heated. The heating process and ultrasonic action leads to the fact that water evaporates. The resulting steam in the tubes inside the support rises to the blades, where it is sprayed from the air flow created by them. This is how the humidification system works.

Ionization is achieved by a separate unit. It includes a current transducer and filter. Electrodes are used as emitters, from which free electrons are formed. They fall under the air stream and form an ionic wind that saturates the air with oxygen.

As can be seen from the above, today the fan has turned from a simple device into a real climate control unit. His household purpose for the house is now expanded to an industrial scale.Moisturizing fans can be found in greenhouses, greenhouses, medical facilities, production facilities, food service facilities and entertainment facilities. But the main sphere of its application is life.

The lineup

There are a lot of outdoor versions of fans with an air humidifier.

Distinguished brands are:

  • Ves Electrik;
  • Ricci;
  • Vitta;
  • Sea Breeze;
  • AEG;
  • Vitek;
  • Zanussi.

The price range of these models starts from 3 thousand rubles, which makes them affordable for a wide range of consumers.

Automatic control of all parameters, including:

  • speed mode;
  • timer on and off;
  • heating intensity;
  • auto rotate;
  • backlight, ionization and remote switching options.

In general, everything is provided in the models of these manufacturers.

Rated floor models are definitely not the best. It all depends on personal preferences and financial capabilities of a potential buyer. It is possible to help to understand unless the technical capabilities that should be considered when choosing a fan with humidification.

Technical points of choice

When buying, it is important to consider such an indicator as device power.It is measured in watts, and the serviced area will depend on it. On 1 square. m accounts for 6-7 watts of usable power device. Therefore, for example, for a bedroom with an area of ​​14 square meters. m suitable fan with a capacity of 100-120 watts. The fan in the hall usually begin to choose from a limit of 150 watts.

  1. The diameter of the impeller. The moment is important. It will depend on the radius of the fan. The larger the diameter, the larger the area covered by the air flow.
  2. The volume of the tank for water. From its capacity will depend on the frequency of pouring fluid. It is naturally better for a busy person to purchase a model with a large reservoir so that its volume is enough for the entire hot season.
  3. Incline and angle of rotation. These values ​​refer to the “head” part of the device. The higher these numbers, the better. These figures, like the diameter of the impeller, affect the covered area of ​​the blower.
  4. Noise device. Measured in decibels. Values ​​that fit in a frame up to 30 dB will do. With all that is higher than this value, you have to put up.
  5. Performance. From it will depend on the level of comfort achieved. Improper performance will lead to the fact that the fan can not cope with one of the main functions - moistening.You do not need to calculate anything, just as far as possible you need to take a model with a maximum performance factor. Productivity should be at least 5 thousand cubic meters per hour.

Additional options that may be useful are the remote control, the backlight and the self-timer. The console will create convenience in switching modes of work. Illumination will help not to drop or find the device at night. An automatic timer pre-programmed for operation will not be distracting by control. At the specified time, he will turn on or turn off the device, moreover, he will do it with the speed, intensity of steam parameters set.


One of the questions that usually arises in the mind of a buyer, who decides to purchase a floor-standing fan, concerns the need for a humidification function. Indeed, the usual model will cost less. But the advantages of a humidifying fan prove the opposite.

The advantages of humidification fans are convincing.

  1. Due to cooling and simultaneous moistening creates a comfortable microclimate.
  2. Easy operation. Unlike the air conditioner, which does roughly the same thing, it does not require expensive installation and subsequent maintenance (refueling, repair).
  3. Financial Availability. The current moment, when there is no opportunity to purchase an expensive climate system.
  4. Gradual effects on temperature. The risks of catching a cold from sudden drops are minimal.


The picture of using a fan with moistening appears rainbow. However, we must not forget about the shortcomings.

They also found their place in such an unusual device.

  1. Noise Manufacturers to get rid of it all is not yet possible. Long operation of the device bothers with its rustling sound of the wind.
  2. Require a certain space. Floor option for small spaces is cumbersome. In this regard, they are superior to air conditioners, which are installed under the ceiling and do not interfere with the movement of people.


Despite the disadvantages, the number and weight of the advantages wins. A cheap alternative to an air conditioner in the form of a fan with a moisturizing system works efficiently and saves millions of people who choose it from the heat.A primitive fan in a modified form is already becoming a sales leader and is competing with many types of climate systems, and competition, as is known, does not arise from scratch.

In the next video, see the overview of the fan, humidifier and ionizer Ufo Atsfi-121.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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