How to choose automatic for sliding gates?

Every year the sliding gates are becoming more and more popular, they clearly win in front of swing structures. This can be explained by several factors, and the most important of them are simplicity of design, versatility, low price.

Special features

Conventional sliding gates have:

  • The guide rail, made by the letter "P";
  • Support in the form of rollers (2 pcs.)
  • Removable roller at the very end;
  • Catcher down;
  • Catcher upstairs;
  • Fixing device at the top.

Before installation, the foundation is poured, roller supports are mounted on it, and a rail is mounted at the bottom of the frame - a guide that resembles the letter “P” in shape. Rollers allow the gate to move smoothly on a horizontal plane.

No additional space is required for sliding gates.In winter, it is not necessary to remove the snow in front of the gate to make room for opening them. But you should carefully monitor the roller bearings: lubricate them with oil, clean the dirt in a timely manner.

Advantages of sliding gates:

  • Strength;
  • Simplicity of design;
  • Aesthetic appeal;
  • Space saving;
  • Reliability and simplicity in operation;
  • Silent operation;
  • Automation is connected and can work from DPU;
  • Easy maintenance.

The gate consists of one or two doors and is found everywhere on such objects as:

  1. Trading bases;
  2. Warehouses;
  3. Supermarkets;
  4. Auto enterprises;
  5. Military camps and many other administrative and commercial facilities.

Often, sliding gates can be found on the territory of private households.

If the electrical network fails, the current disappears, the gate can be opened and closed in manual mode. They can easily be mounted on almost any object at the same time finishing by the most different materials is possible:

  1. Metallic profile;
  2. Tree;
  3. Sandwich panels.

Another important aspect: the sliding doors, due to their design, do not have special guides on top,which are often a hindrance to the passage of large vehicles.

A feature of the installation of such a gate is that a certain space is required for the flap to pass unhindered. There are cases when the gate is mounted from the outside. The disadvantage of this design is the difficulty to install the control unit automation.

The quality of fittings is important in the operation of sliding gates, Very good fittings are produced in Italy and Austria, for example, such companies as:

  1. Welser Profile;
  2. Rolling Center Basic;
  3. Came;
  4. Nice;
  5. Faac.

Rating of the most famous companies in the production of sliding gates:

  1. Came;
  2. Faac;
  3. Nice;
  4. Doorhan.

The latest trademark is Russian. Reliability of this company is high in the rankings.


The use of sliding gates is economically advantageous, since they are relatively inexpensive and have a number of undeniable advantages. Retractable gates are:

  1. Cantilever;
  2. Rail;
  3. Suspended

Rail sliding doors difficult to install, they are expensive to maintain. Their main advantage is high reliability. A gate leaf is attached to a beam, channel or rail with the help of rollers.The rail is mounted on a foundation and is the main guide. Suspended gates are most often found on the territory of industrial facilities. This construction is solid, but it is not in such demand as in the old days.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Suspended road gates in operation;
  2. The design provides for a beam over the opening, which often interferes with the passage of large-tonnage machines.

Advantages of rail gates:

  • The design allows to cover large areas;
  • Good wind resistance.

Suspended sliding doors have guides that are installed at the top of the opening, the canvases themselves are suspended on roller mechanisms. Most often, such designs can be found in warehouses, car depots, factories. The rails are put in the opening here, and the wheels “run” along the canvas.

Such structures are expensive, so the demand for them is moderate.


  1. Stability and good wind resistance;
  2. Reliability - withstand great weight;
  3. You can make large openings.


  1. High price;
  2. There are height restrictions;
  3. Bulkiness

Cantilever sliding gates are the most practical type of similar devices.A beam is installed on the foundation, and a gate leaf is attached to it with the help of roller "carts".


  • A small distance from the surface (up to 95 mm) makes it possible to function smoothly at any time of the year;
  • The format of the gate can be very different;
  • Installation and operation are inexpensive;
  • It is not required to prepare the opening;
  • Functional drive;
  • Work without noise;
  • There is an automatic mode of operation, as well as manual.

Among the shortcomings can be mentioned:

  • There is some difficulty in installation compared with other types of gates;
  • A smooth surface is required;
  • On the rolling side, nothing should impede movement.

Sealed bearings are used in rollers; they do not get clogged with dirt and do not need special care. Roller devices are safely isolated from the harmful effects of the environment. Usually the roller cart incorporates 8 bearings which are reliably fixed.

The average number of cycles exceeds 40 thousand. It is required to lubricate the gate in cases when a creak appears in the area of ​​the sliding mechanism.

Sheathing sliding gates, for example, lifting, can be:

  1. Professional flooring;
  2. Wooden clapboard;
  3. Polycarbonate.

Tips for choosing

To use the automatic gate in a private house, it will be enough to buy the gate, where the engine is powered by a conventional eclectic network of 220 volts. If the weight of the gate is more than 300 kilograms, and the width is more than 4 meters, then the engine should be bought one that can “pull” a mass of up to one ton.

Gate automatics completely depends on the intensity of work, especially this topic is relevant for enterprises where there is a large traffic of vehicles.

It is not recommended to buy automation in which the nodes are made of plastic, this is money wasted. It is better to overpay than to acquire a thing that will become useless in a short time.

Often unscrupulous manufacturers nashpompovyvayut plastic additives on metal mechanisms, so it is better to buy products of famous brands. In recent years, knots made of aluminum alloy silumin appeared, it is also not a reliable material and very fragile.

The unit of the electric drive ensures the operation of all automation. Drives can be both horizontal and vertical. If the layout of the block is horizontal, then you can connect automatic equipment to it.If we talk about the shortcomings, on such a box possible intensive accumulation of dust, which can adversely affect the normal operation of the system.

The radio in such sliding gates is also sometimes “naughty” and refuses to function normally.

To automatically stop the door there are limit switches, which are made in the form of brackets or magnets. The latter are more expensive "mechanics", as they are more reliable in the cold season. If the frost is severe, then the oil in the “mechanics” may freeze and the mechanism will fail.

Italians first invented the opening and closing of the gate from the control panel. In this country, most companies that specialize in automatic electric drives.


Retractable gates compare favorably with sliding gates and are differentiated by the following indicators:

  1. Weight. A very important factor on which the work of the whole structure depends.
  2. Material. It can be as well as corrugated flooring, and wood, metal sheets, etc.
  3. Fittings. Reliable fittings are a guarantee that the gate will last a long time.
  4. Engine power. Directly, this figure depends on the weight of the structure.Some buy engines with pampas gears. It is absolutely not recommended to do this.

Engines are usually installed on such structures with power:

  1. 200-250 W - will work with a structure weighing up to 400 kilograms;
  2. Up to 400 watts - such an engine can “pull” a structure weighing 0.5 tons;
  3. about 600 W - “cope” with a massive gate weighing one ton.

If there is a 30% marker on the equipment, this means that the running time and idle time of the drive are distributed in the proportions of 30% and 70%. There is no particular difficulty in calculating further: the gate with an opening of 5 meters operates at a speed of 10 meters per minute. A full cycle of opening / closing is about three minutes. For an hour, the gate will be able to perform up to ten cycles.

If such a design will be present in a suburban private home ownership, it is quite appropriate, but for an auto enterprise where cars leave and come every five minutes, such gates are not suitable.

Possible intensity options:

  • 30% - for private households;
  • 50% - for a small carpool, where about two dozen cars are parked;
  • 70% - for enterprises where there are 25 cars.

Even the best equipment can not withstand the load. In order for the sliding gate to work in automatic mode, you must:

  1. A good drive with a cable, its tension should be at the proper level;
  2. Control block;
  3. End position switches;
  4. Rack;
  5. High-speed node, responsible for automatic operation;
  6. Safety photocells (skip scanners);
  7. Signal lamp.

Installation of sliding gates is a responsible and troublesome business. The whole scope of work is divided into several stages:

  1. Installation of the base;
  2. Cable installation;
  3. Installation of the gate and post;
  4. Installation of automatic drive;
  5. Door leaf finish (forging, zinc, wood);
  6. Circuit connection setting.

Installation work is always carried out in several stages:

  • First you need to make a foundation;
  • Sliding gates are made;
  • Then the gate is installed;
  • Mounted automation;
  • The strength of the foundation is important. Automatic gates imply the presence of the base under the drive, it should be above the channel.

A very important step is the installation of the pillars. For these purposes, you can use a concrete pillar or a metal pipe with a diameter of 10 - 15 cm.

A pit is dug one meter deep, and a trench is also dug under the foundation that is 40 centimeters deep. It is necessary to put a metal channel measuring 15 x 20 cm, its length should be equal to the length of the foundation. Metal “legs” are welded to the channel, the diameter of which is 12 mm. The channel is laid in a trench, a metal pipe is installed and fixed; pits filled with concrete.

After that, a temporary pause for a period of two to three weeks is taken.

The limit switch of the sliding gate drive on the toothed rack is attached in the lower part of the leaf to the pipe of the gate frame itself. The rail can be made of polymer or metal. More reliable is a metal construction.

With the electric drive it is possible to automate the process of opening and closing the gate. This is done in the domestic environment with a special control panel.

Each technique requires preventive maintenance. If, for example, cantilever gates are set, then at least once a month during the cold season it makes sense to check the rollers, clean them and lubricate them with oil.

Also a weak point is the electric drive, which is subjected to intense loads and temperature extremes.

The drive for sliding gates is the main unit in the whole structure.Almost everything depends on the success of his work. To dwell on one thing, it is worth analyzing different models. You should also have an idea about the choice of these things so that they serve faithfully for a long time.

Particular attention should be paid to the tire gate, which can be:

  1. Miniature;
  2. Medium;
  3. Big.

Drive should be selected appropriate. Each manufacturer produces all of the above formats. When buying, you should only understand what size of door you need.

A cantilever sliding gate requires a counterweight, which makes it possible to balance the canvas. Often the size of the counterweight is almost half the area of ​​the canvas.

Reducing the size of the counterweight leads to an increase in load, friction increases. Such a phenomenon will provoke premature wear of parts. Especially this topic is relevant in the cold season, when there is high humidity, night and day temperature drops, due to bad weather there is an increased risk of mechanical particles entering the working mechanism.

The drive in such circumstances is subject to increased loads and can fail.That is why it is recommended to choose it with a large power reserve.

Much depends on good fittings. For example, if the rollers work poorly, this will generate extra loads, the risk of a breakdown of the mechanism will increase. The drive for sliding gates should work effortlessly.. When installing the gate is recommended to remember this. If the installation of the gate is not done according to the rules, the automation will soon break down.


Goal Alutech positioned as universal devices. Can be completed as drives AN-Motorswhose price is quite affordable, and more expensive devices from Nice and Marantec. You can pick up the desired option without much difficulty. Alutech equipment is represented in Russia by more than one dealer, each of them can offer tangible discounts.

Came - one of the most famous brands. Came drive for sliding gates is especially popular. Good reviews are collected by the Came BX-78 model, it works flawlessly with gates that weigh up to 780 kg. It has the following functions:

  1. Self-unlocking;
  2. Motion sensor;
  3. Obstacle detection sensor;
  4. Control unit

The model is attractive also because it is easy to install with your own hands.

The equipment also has functions:

  1. Advanced control system;
  2. Isolation of the engine and control unit;
  3. The decoder is compatible with different transmitters and can also memorize codes.

There is a special system that protects the engine from excessive loads. The cost is about 15 thousand rubles. Model Bx-243 works best with gates weighing up to three hundred kilograms. This format is optimal for private households.

The advantages of the model include:

  1. Universal control board;
  2. LED indicator that allows you to diagnose the state of the system;
  3. Easy installation;
  4. The gearbox is easily unlocked with a key.

In the event of a power outage, a mode is triggered in which the spare battery will be activated.

Doorhan products are one of the best on the market. Its advantages:

  1. Reliability;
  2. Many modifications;
  3. Simplicity.

For a common format of a gate weighing up to 800 kilograms, the system is like "Doorhan Sliding - 800 KIT". It functions smoothly even at -20 degrees. The engine and gearbox are located in a single unit,which makes it possible to operate the equipment more efficiently. All nodes are designed to work in the harsh winter conditions of Russia. There is a similar model of about 15 thousand rubles.

Good line of automatic drives Faac, They are well made and functional. The devices from this manufacturer have special microprocessor nodes, dual-disk clutches in the oil tank - all this allows the devices to function efficiently and without failures.

Faac 741KIT is designed for gates whose weight does not exceed 950 kilograms. Normal operation can occur even at a temperature of -30 degrees. The company has invented a special lubricant, which is not afraid of cold weather and reliably protects the gearbox from jamming. The package also has:

  1. Drive with remote control;
  2. Lamp;
  3. Security nodes;
  4. Receiver.

The control unit is enclosed in a case of heavy-duty plastic, which protects it from mechanical damage.

Retractable doors, which are manufactured by Hormann, are ideal for such objects:

  1. Warehouses;
  2. Workshops;
  3. Repair bases;
  4. Objects under construction.

They are produced in a variety of formats. These are very reliable products that can serve for a very long time without maintenance.

Production of the company Sommer (Germany) recognized worldwide.Its products are of high quality and reliability. The "highlight" Sommer - drives, equipped with automatic, allowing to identify obstacles.

Italian manufacturers are also widely represented on the market. The company Came (Italy) is widely known. She owns a lot of know-how developments in the field of automation. Manufacturers from China are increasingly opposing European brands, each year making products better in quality, but with prices significantly lower.

For example, the Chinese company Gant is steadily increasing its market share in both Russia and other countries. The equipment is inexpensive, is simple and reliable, which makes it possible to operate the equipment in all weather conditions.


Buyers mainly discuss the reliability of various equipment. The advantage of sliding gates, in their opinion, over swing doors is undeniable.

How to choose the right set of equipment - this issue is of concern to many motorists. Someone claims that it is better to buy Italian models. In terms of reliability and quality of performance, they would be out of competition. Some praise German equipment, they say, in terms of electricians, they are very reliable.Often the question arises about the merits of sliding and sliding gates. The preference is given nevertheless to retractable gate.

See below for how to select automatic for sliding gates.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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