How to make Christmas toys from the cones with your own hands?

On the eve of the New Year, many people strive to decorate their home as much as possible. Particular attention in this case is paid to the decoration of the holiday tree. To dress up the forest beauty, it is not necessary to use purchased toys. To do this, you can use the tools at hand, which can turn out great crafts. You can make a beautiful Christmas-tree toy even from an ordinary pine cone.

Preparation for work

Before you start creating a beautiful Christmas tree toys from cones, you need to prepare materials that may be needed during the work. Cones can be found not only in the coniferous forest, but also in city parks or avenues. Both spruce and pine specimens are suitable for use. Working with the cones is pretty easy, but because the indoor temperature is much higher than outside, they can open up.If a bump is required to create a piece of jewelry, its integrity can be maintained with wood glue. It is enough to lower the fruit into glue for half a minute and leave it until it dries.

If decorating requires open cones, then the opening process can be accelerated using a preheated oven. Just a couple of minutes of roasting at a temperature above 200 ° C - and coniferous fruits will become fluffy. The shape of the product can be adjusted. To do this, you just need to soak it in water and pull the necessary parts with a string. It only remains to wait for the complete drying of the natural material.

To lighten the bumps without the use of coloring agents, you can use bleach. In this case, you need to soak the coniferous fruits in water and add bleach to it. After 30 minutes, the product must be rinsed and dried. In addition to natural materials, you will need to work:

  • gloves;
  • threads;
  • needles;
  • shiny paint;
  • cotton wool;
  • solvent;
  • glue.

To achieve reliable fixation, it is necessary to acquire high-quality glue. In addition, the threads chosen should have sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the future decoration.Needles need to take those that can easily puncture a lump. Working with glue and paints requires adherence to all safety standards. If the craft is created indoors, then you need to provide him with a stable airing. There should be no sources of open flame nearby.

Step-by-step master class

Before you make a Christmas-tree decoration with your own hands, it is necessary to clean the natural material from spears. This will allow to apply paint with higher quality and securely stick the cotton. To clean the cone, you need to use a regular brush. The place of work must be protected from contamination by paint and glue. For this purpose, you can use old newspapers or unwanted cloth. So that the process of staining does not take much time, it is best to use the spray enamel, with which you can quickly paint over all the elements of a coniferous fruit.

To paint the bump well, you must first place it on the stand. After complete drying, it should be coated with glue and covered with a small amount of cotton wool. As soon as the whole product dries, it remains to make a through hole in the upper part and thread the thread. It is necessary to tie and hide the knot in the hole.To facilitate the process, it is necessary to pierce not the lump itself, but cotton wool. Using a sharp needle, special care must be taken. Additionally, you can decorate the craft with a bow or spangles.

Interesting ideas

It is not necessary to make Christmas decorations from single cones. With their help, you can create unusual compositions and shapes. For example, it’s interesting to look at the Christmas tree with big stars. To make a cone in the form of a star, you need to take five identical cones, wire, glue, paint, awl and thread. For a start, a wire base is created: it is bent in such a way that 5 rays emanate from its center.

Next, you need to pierce the natural materials on the blunt side, fluff them with glue and push wire rays into them. After complete drying, the product remains to be painted over, make a hole in the upper part of one of the cones and thread a thread into it. In the same way, you can make a knuckle snowflake. To create it, you need to prepare several different cones and stick them onto the wire, not with blunt, but sharp parts.

On a Christmas tree a garland of cones will look very beautiful. For its manufacture will need to acquire a variety of different cones. For the greatest beauty they can be painted in different colors. To make a garland, you need to take a thick fishing line and thread it through the holes in the blunt parts of the cones. Fix the location of the products you need with glue.

In addition to snowflakes and garlands of coniferous fruits, you can come up with various shapes. For example, a dog. To create it, you will need to take one big bump, four smaller and two small ones. The body of an animal will turn out from a large natural material, and four smaller ones will play the role of legs. The head and tail are made of small cones. To collect a dog of a cone, you need to take an awl and make it holes in the cones. After the hole, you need to grease with glue and insert matches into them. All parts are connected in the same way. The dog’s ears, eyes and nose can be made from colored cardboard.

Interesting on the Christmas tree will look little gnomes. To create them will need cones, chestnuts, glue and cloth scraps. Coniferous material in this case will play the role of the trunk, and the chestnut will be instead of the head. Caps and scarves can be made from dwarf cloth pieces.Similarly, you can make a Christmas angel. His head may consist of a large white bead, on which you need to draw the eye, mouth and nose with a marker. To make angel hair, you can use cotton wool or felt, and for the halo you need to take the wire. Decorate the back of an angel can paper or satin wings, fixed with glue.

With the help of cones and the above materials, you can make various Christmas decorations. It can be openwork wreaths, funny penguins, cute little mice, owls and so on. The main thing in making Christmas-tree decorations is to use your imagination. Using the cones, you can create various crafts. A Christmas tree, decorated with homemade decorations, is able to create a cozy atmosphere in the house and attract the attention of guests.

The advantages of homemade jewelry

Coniferous fruits are very often used for making various handicrafts. This is due to the fact that, compared with other natural materials, they have several advantages.

  • Low cost - For the creation of cone toys may need the most simple materials and tools. The lumps themselves are of natural origin, and therefore are freely available.You can collect them in any coniferous forest.
  • Environmental friendliness - due to the fact that cones are natural raw materials, they are absolutely safe for humans. This is especially important for families with small children.
  • Nice smell - with the help of cone crafts, you can not only decorate a festive Christmas tree, but also fill the room with an unusual scent.

It is good to use children in the manufacture of cone jewelry. Similarly, you can develop their imagination to develop fine motor skills.

Detailed master class on making Christmas toys from cones - in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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