Children's beds from Ikea: a variety of models and tips on choosing

Furniture is a product that will always be bought. In modern times, in the big cities of Russia, the hypermarket of Swedish furniture Ikea has become one of the most popular stores of furniture and interior items. This store is present in cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, and in many other cities of our immense country. Ikea has become a panacea for all residents of large cities, who have decided to move away from the usual apartment design, where the Polish wall and carpet on the wall are the norm and classic of the Soviet interior.

Brand features

Ikea was registered by Ingvar Kamprad back in 1943. In those days, she sold only matches and postcards for Christmas.The very first furniture that went on sale was the armchair, and it was with him that Ingvar started the long journey to fame and fortune. Now, after the death of Ingvar, his company brings billions of dollars and is still a leading manufacturer of furniture that is available to anyone. That was the main purpose of creating Ikea. The founder of the mega-corporation at one time decided that high-quality and functional furniture should not be expensive, and he did everything to ensure that only the best furniture at affordable prices was in his store.

The Ikea store, full of its modern and laconic Scandinavian exhibition interior colors, simply cannot let a person go without a purchase. Now the range of Ikea stores is so wide that it sells not only furniture for any room, be it a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom or a nursery. There are also dishes, textiles, and even food products, from frozen fish in batter to chocolate.

In the store there is no prohibition to sit down on the sofa you like or lie down on a soft bed. In the children's department, kids quietly draw funny pictures at beautiful tables and play interesting games.Definitely, it attracts customers even more and encourages them to purchase a particular product.

Store Swedish goods is considered a family. They come with children to have a good time and buy the necessary goods. Some kids love the game rooms, which are in any Ikea store. In the meantime, kids frolic under the supervision of experts, parents can safely walk around the store and choose a child a new toy, a wardrobe in the nursery, or a suitable bed for his height.

A whole department is dedicated to children and their interests. It presents a huge amount of goods: beds, desks, cabinets, dressers, wardrobes and bed linen.

When parents decide to allocate a room to a child, the first thing they buy into it is a bed. Such furniture is the main element of the bedroom and nursery, on which the whole interior of the room depends. The color of other furniture in the room is most often matched to the color of the bed, just like the style of the whole room.

The Scandinavian style is so versatile that it is suitable for any room, including the nursery.

The lineup

The model range of Ikea cots is represented by a wide assortment in which everyone will find what their child needs.Usually, a baby bed has no gender, so most of the beds Ikea is universal and suitable for both boys and girls.

On the beds of this brand does not find a print in the form of balls and a house. The style of such Swedish furniture is so austere that even children's models almost do not play with bright colors. But this is their plus. In this form, it is exactly suitable for any interior created by parents in the nursery.

Here, the functionality of Ikea cots does not end there, and they still have a lot of surprises for young buyers. For example, in many Ikea cots there is a so-called growing function. This bed “grows” with the child, and it is incredibly practical. For parents, this furniture is convenient because there is no need to buy a new bed, if the old one suddenly became a small child.

If the child has just moved from a cradle to a standard children's bed, then he risks falling from her in a dream. Special limiters will not allow the crumb to slide during the active phase of sleep, when it constantly turns and tries to fall.

If the children's room is modest in size, and it is impossible to put both a table and a bed in the same space, then Ikea has come up with a way out. This is a functional loft bed.Having established it in the nursery, parents provide their children with a bed and the opportunity to do homework at their desk. The models of “Svart”, “Stuva” and “Tuffing” meet all the requirements of caring parents, and the installation recommendations will help them protect children from accidents. Thus, saving space, you can put into the room another interesting and functional furniture that your child will surely like, for example, the comfortable Poeng chaise lounge chair.

If there are two children in the family, and there is not much space in the nursery, Ikea offers several types of bunk beds made of steel or solid pine. Their length from 206 to 208 cm allows both first grade and high school children to sleep in them.

Steel beds "Minnen" will help creative parents to create an atmosphere of romance in their child's girlfriend. Thanks to this bed, as well as the beautiful canopies from Ikea, romanticism will remain in the room for a long time, since Minnen also has the ability to “grow” with the child.


Beds such as Sundwick and Minnen already have peculiar barriers that are part of the furniture design, so you can sleep for three years already in such a bed, and there is no need to install special restraints.

The extra bed will never hurt in the nursery, if the friends of the child often stay overnight. Roll-out beds "Svart" can be stored under a regular, and under a bunk bed.

Teenage bed "Slakt" provides for the placement of a withdrawable section under it. The pullout bed “Slakt”, besides being an extra bed, also has drawers for storing bed linen or a sleeping bag.


Colors and prints

The color palette of Ikea cots is not very rich. You will not find beds of lime and orange. But thanks to the conservative white you can always choose another furniture for the nursery, because everything fits to white.

Not so long ago, Ikea released a series of furniture of blue and pink flowers. But Ikea's white children's beds are still Scandinavian classics that pleases the eye and blend in with any color of the wardrobe.

More recently, children's white cots with sheep and lambs, cats and Critter dogs have come out of the range. These beds are still sold in Sweden, but they have left the Russian market.But you can still buy them on websites selling used things.


All Ikea children's beds, if you trust the manufacturer, are subject to rigorous selection and careful testing of the quality of the goods. Often, Ikea products are subject to repeated safety checks and, by management’s decision, due to non-compliance with safety rules, they can be removed from the assortment.

Mostly beds for children are made of solid pine with lacquer coating or steel coated with epoxy powder. Such materials are easy to clean and wash as needed. There are also some of the beds made in the composition of chipboard, fiberboard and plastics.

There are no iron or wrought products in Ikea stores. From metal you can find only steel models, there are also wooden options.



The size range of Ikea cots is quite wide. For example, there is a “Solgul” crib for babies, its length is 124 cm. This size is undoubtedly suitable for children under 2 years old, whose height in most cases does not exceed 100 cm.

The range of beds for children from 3 to 7 years old is mainly represented by sliding beds., the length of which can vary and adapt to the growth of the child with the help of a sliding design. The length of children's beds “Lexwick” and “Busunge” varies from 138 to 208 cm.

The same function has the beds "Sundvik" and "Minnen." Their maximum length is from 206 to 207 cm. The difference between them is only in the number of supports. There are 6 of them at the Sundvik children's bed, and 4 at the Minnen.


We select by age

In the range of products Ikea children's beds are divided according to the age of the child:

  • beds for kids from 0 to 2 years;
  • beds for children from 3 to 7 years;
  • beds for children from 8 to 12 years.

For children who do not fit into these age criteria, it is supposed to purchase single adult beds, which are presented in the assortment of the “Bedroom” or those that increase in length. “Growing” beds are quite a bargain for parents with a limited budget, having bought it once, they provide the child with a stylish and comfortable sleeping place for a long time.

from 0 to 2 years
from 3 to 7 years
from 8 to 12 years
"Growing" beds

Quality Reviews

Reviews about the quality of the product Ikea ambiguous.Someone swedish furniture liked. It is stylish, interesting, functional, and easy to assemble yourself.

Parents who like standard white children's furniture are happy to buy it again. They are satisfied with the quality of the cots, that they are safe, easy to assemble, and you can easily pick up other furniture for them.

There is, of course, the share of negativity in the reviews of Ikea children's furniture. Some parents say that it is fragile, it often breaks, and the quality of assembly materials leaves much to be desired.

In any case, one cannot refute the fact that the store offers a large selection, and you can always see the goods, touch and evaluate them before buying furniture in the exhibition hall, as well as form your own opinion.

Many are also pleased that the company offers special bumpers suitable for any bed. In addition, Ikea has mattresses, as well as branded linens.

Assembly Instructions

Each box with prefabricated parts contains assembly instructions. It is not textual, and all the manipulations with the details are shown in the pictures, which is undoubtedly convenient and understandable even for a child.If, after the purchase, having disassembled the box, it was not possible to find the instruction for some reason, or simply it was lost, then on the official Ikea website on the page of each product there is an instruction for a specific product in PDF format.

Beautiful examples in the interior

When a customer comes to an Ikea store, he immediately gets into the pool. In the pool of beautiful and incredibly simple Scandinavian interiors. And the children's section is no exception. These artificially created rooms are incredibly cute and fun. They are beautiful and funny. I want to sleep in them, and I want to play. In such rooms it is interesting to learn lessons, have fun and share the latest news with friends. And sometimes do nothing at all, just watch.

Watch the video review of the crib Ikea Gulliver in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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