Fashion news - carpets in 3D: create volume

Carpets have long become part of the interior, and they are now in great demand. Thanks to him, the floors remain warm, soft pile absorbs sounds and gives unusual comfort. Modern synthetic 3D carpets have replaced the woolen and silk products. They are distinguished by unusual patterns and various lengths of nap cover. Three-dimensional image can make the room unique and bright.

Creation of 3D carpets

There are three modern ways of making such unusual products.

  • The first involves the use of yarn of several colors. Their combination and combination of different tones gives the image on the carpet volume. In such a technique, carpets with geometric patterns or floral patterns are often made.Because of this, an optical effect of the reality of the picture is additionally created.
  • Using the following method is made looped and tufted carpet products. It is called tafting or needle-punching technique for creating carpets. The essence of the method lies in the fact that after flashing a woven base with yarn, shear it, achieving a different pile height. That is how complex sculpted carpet canvases are created. To give strength, the carpet is glued with a latex base, and to ensure density, the product is additionally filled with nap.
  • The last way to make 3D carpets is a combination of the two previous methods. It combines the simultaneous use of simple and solid pile, that is, loops. The combined method allows you to realize the most unusual fantasies of designers and create unique carpeting. And his fluffy pile of interesting texture will please with softness for a long time due to high-quality manufacturing.


There are many varieties of modern 3D rugs. They vary in color, size, location, material and method of manufacture.A huge range of dimensions of carpets allows you to choose the best option for your room. There is a possibility of their location not only on the floor, but also on the wall, for example, above the bed or in the children's room.

Monochrome three-dimensional rugs are especially popular. The effect of volume in such models is created by combining pile sections of different lengths, thicknesses and structures. The drawing created in this way is obtained alive thanks to the play of light and shadow due to the difference in the length of the villi.

Multi-colored three-dimensional products - this is no less a good option for the home. With their help, you can create an original atmosphere and add bright accents to the calm interior.

The range depends on the type of material used for the production of such products: synthetic, natural or combined. Wool, acryl, viscose, polyester, cotton, polyamide, polypropylene and jute are more commonly used in the production of bulky items. The price of the product, its properties, method of cleaning, color and appearance will depend on the raw materials used.

3D nap mats for children are particularly varied.All of them have bright colors, pleasant to the touch material, and also have high quality and safety. For boys, carpets are made — roads; for girls, models with a depiction of a dollhouse in the section, and cities with houses, streets, and grass can be applied to universal children's rugs.

In addition, due to the different height of the pile, carpeting can give the effect of massage to the feet.

Choosing a 3D carpet

When buying such a product, you should pay the following points:

  • Materials There are many carpets made from synthetic and natural fibers. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, synthetic raw materials have a low price, but can fade in 2-3 years, while the color of expensive wool fibers lasts for a long time. Viscose carpets absorb moisture very strongly, but they are resilient, durable and cost less than silk products. Cotton and jute are natural and harmless materials, but their pile is tougher than other materials.
  • A place. The choice of the product depends on the location of the future purchase in the house: a light 3D canvas can be hung on the wall, but a large heavy carpet can be spread on the floor.It is recommended to purchase a soft three-dimensional wool rug for the bedroom, and more practical and durable jute for the hall. The children's version may be synthetic (as it is easier to clean) or natural, it definitely will not cause allergies.
  • Appearance. Decide on the choice of color 3D carpet will help your interior design and personal taste preferences. A three-dimensional green version from natural materials, imitating grass or other vegetation, will fit into the eco-style environment. In the Empire style, bulk carpets with ornamentation are often placed on the walls. And, for example, in the African direction use 3D products, similar to animal skins.

Care instructions

Carpets with a 3D effect require cleaning and some maintenance. Once or twice a week, the product must be cleaned of dust accumulated on the villi. It is easier to do this with a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle for long-haired carpets. Cleaning from dust will not only prolong the life of this product, but also protect you from allergies.

More thorough care is required once or twice a year. Washing household products is a rather complicated matter, especially if it takes up almost the entire room.Often they are given to experts in dry cleaning or cleaned themselves with special detergents. For best results, washing vacuum cleaners are ideal.

In addition to dry and wet cleaning, the carpet is recommended to be ventilated in order to avoid odors. If you use a rug for a long time, then it may leave traces of furniture legs. To prevent this from happening, rotate it if dimensions allow. But to keep the carpets best rolled up in a roll, as this will save them from burning in the sun and the formation of creases.

Modern 3D carpets can be a great addition to almost all styles of interior. They are suitable for installation on the wall and on the floor in the bedroom or children's room. Thanks to its unusual design and softness, such a rug will keep you warm and comfortable in your home for a long time.

An overview of the models of 3D carpets, see the following video

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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