Carpets 4x4 square. meters: the choice and placement in the interior

Fashion trends in interior design are constantly changing, but the carpet does not lose its relevance. With its help it is easy to create an atmosphere of coziness, warmth and comfort in your home. Palace allows you to effectively divide the room into separate zones, harmoniously complement the overall style of the interior, saving the owners of the house from unnecessary noise.

Carpets 4x4 square. meters are spacious carpet, they are subject to certain features of the choice and placement in the interior.

Special features

Carpets 4x4 square. meters - canvases for spacious rooms or flooring on the entire area of ​​the room. They bring completeness to the interior, although they are inconvenient because for location in a small apartment they often require complete cleaning of all interior items.Optimally, if about twenty or thirty centimeters of free space remains from the edge of the carpet to the walls. This makes the canvas more convenient to use, and also creates a more harmonious effect.

In the premises of a spacious type (for example, studio apartments) canvases 4x4 square. meters are more convenient and easily distinguish one of the zones (guest, work or recreation area). The models are not designed to emphasize dining space, as daily cleaning has a negative effect on the structure of the carpet.

The form

Despite the fact that the size indicates a square shape, the outline of the carpet can be round. In addition, coatings are divided into two types:

  • standard;
  • non-standard type.

The first category includes models with clear and even borders. The second is a product with a curved edge in the form of scallops, zigzag and wavy lines.


In the catalogs of modern stores there is a huge selection of large carpets, which are made from various raw materials. There are two main groups of materials: synthetic and natural. They differ in their characteristics, appearance and cost. Natural materials used in the production of large square carpets include:

  • Wool - premium warm material with a hollow fiber structure, soft and pleasant to the touch texture (walking on such carpets is a pleasure). These carpets are durable and imply the operation of more than 10 years, so the high cost of finished products is higher than other analogues.

Such models are not suitable for allergies, as they can cause allergies.

  • Silk. Products from such raw materials are often works of art. Silk carpets are distinguished by luxury and exquisite appearance. They are considered an original interior decoration, although silk threads do not retain heat, and the carpets of them need special care.
  • Cotton. This type of material is safe for health, does not provoke the appearance of allergic reactions. Cotton products are practical, but do not have a long service life, crumple and do not provide as much heat as wool analogues.

Synthetic materials, thanks to modern technologies, are in no way inferior in their characteristics to natural analogues. We list the most popular options for artificial threads:

  • Polypropylene - one of the best and practical materials for the manufacture of carpets, in its external characteristics reminiscent of wool, although having a lower cost. It is very simple to care for such a product: it is not afraid of moisture, does not accumulate dirt, and is not electrified.
  • Polyester. Another easy-to-care type of material that has a budget price and excellent external characteristics. Carpet from this material retains heat well. Many people believe that such synthetic fibers are very tough to touch.

There are other varieties of materials of synthetic origin for the manufacture of carpets (acrylic, viscose, nylon, microfiber). They are cheaper, while unpretentious in the care.

Color solutions

The palette of shades of carpets 4x4 square. m is not limited. If you wish, you can always choose the option in the shades of the existing style. This technique allows the carpet to most accurately indicate the general idea of ​​the interior and become a bright accent of the room.

The most popular shades of the color palette are considered beige, brown, pink, turquoise, and mint tones, as well as the classics: white, black, and gray.Light shades bring light into the room and make the room more spacious, dark ones reduce the room illumination.

When choosing a floor covering, they take into account the number of interior items: for a design with an abundance of objects, it is preferable to choose models of a monochromatic plan of calm colors.

If the room is not overloaded with furniture and other additions, bright patterns are appropriate. You should not buy too bright a product if the furniture and the walls in the room are colored: there must be harmony in everything.

How to choose the right carpet, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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