Carpets in white: the pros and cons

Carpets - special design accessories, through which you can create an indoor atmosphere of home comfort. Undoubtedly, the models of white color are the most beautiful type of floor decoration. Standing out against the background of colored analogues, they are unique, although, in addition to advantages, they also have disadvantages. We understand together.

Special features

Carpets in white colors - a way to demonstrate the status of the owners of the house. These products are unique due to the purity of the shade, they look luxurious, look expensive. According to the type of production, the cloths are lint-free, although more often the varieties are characterized by the presence of villi of different structure, degree of twist, length and composition. These models are called long-pile carpeting.

When creating them, three threads are involved:

  • the main one that forms the base of the carpet;
  • pile, in the form of the villi, attached to the base;
  • fixing, which securely fastens the villi to the base.

By type of base white carpets are divided into:

  • wicker;
  • tufted;
  • fragmentary.

The first products are created by braiding the base, the second is peculiar to manufacture using a special device-gun. Still others are created in separate fragments, then attached to the base. Of all the categories, wicker is recognized as the best way to create the base: they are durable, dense, they hold the nap perfectly.

Variants with a glue base are impractical: over time, the glue may crumble or turn yellow.

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White carpets are functional design techniques, therefore, are in demand among buyers. Despite the light shade, they perform several functions.

These floor accessories are:

  • they are excellent sound insulation, absorbing noise and saving the household from annoying extraneous sounds from neighboring apartments;
  • they warm the floor covering, so that you can walk barefoot on the carpet and forget about colds;
  • protect the surface of the floor material from abrasion and mechanical damage;
  • in natural models they absorb excess moisture and immediately give up in the air, saving the surface of the floor from the formation of an environment for microorganisms and mold;
  • they mask problem areas of the floor covering (cracks, holes, scratches), eliminating the need for dismantling.


White carpets are a controversial accent of the interior. For a harmonious location in the room, they do not always need shade support, although the addition of white makes the style luxurious. Models look especially beautiful if the finishing of the room coincides with the texture of the coatings.

White carpets have a lot of advantages, they are:

  • can be made of a material of different origin (natural, synthetic, mixed fibers);
  • they are distinguished by a wide range of models and forms (they are round, square, oval, rectangular, in the form of animal skins);
  • have a different texture (smooth, embossed, shaggy, elastic, rough, terry) and the degree of softness, allowing the buyer to choose the option based on their taste preferences;
  • are bright accents of design, perfectly combined with decorative elements of interior composition (pillows, floor lamps, chandeliers, curtains, vases);
  • fill the room with light, create a feeling of warmth and the illusion of increasing space, therefore they are especially relevant in rooms with a lack of space (small apartments);
  • depending on the model, they can be located in different rooms of the dwelling (relevant in the bedroom, living room);
  • based on the composition of the material of manufacture, its quantity and density of the pile differ in weight, so you can choose a coating that is convenient for cleaning;
  • at the expense of its shade, it perfectly connect scattered pieces of furniture in a harmonious ensemble;
  • they are distinguished by a variety of patterns, sometimes complementing with monochrome contrast (they can have imitation skins of zebra, snake, tortoise shell, bear fur);
  • can be laid on a different floor covering (parquet, floorboard, laminate, linoleum, tile);
  • set the premium tone of the interior composition.

These products are made in several ways:

  • on production equipment:
  • on a simple home loom;
  • without a machine with the use of available tools.

Each type of production has its own advantages: store products are distinguished by a flat surface, a rigid and elastic base.

Models of skilled craftswomen have a well knit base. Products made at home are often unique accents, especially if the shape of the rugs is small and resembles the silhouette of a soft toy.

These varieties are more often made of yarn, although the choice of raw materials allows making webs even from such non-standard materials as pompom tape or cord.


In the development of white carpets involved several decorative techniques.

The most relevant are:

  • fringe and tassels at the edges;
  • contrasting inscriptions;
  • 3D effect;
  • extruded patterned piping along the perimeter of the canvas;
  • simple contrasting rings in a chaotic arrangement;
  • thin contrast stripes, zigzags;
  • abstract monochrome stains;
  • knocking pattern over the entire area.

As a rule, the emphasis is on the texture of the material. If the canvas is decorated with a pattern, it is often simple and minimal: a fluffy texture does not allow for the creation of thin, expressive lines of the pattern.


White carpet is a delicate accessory, in the production of which various raw materials are used. It is distinguished by texture, may have a hollow structure of fibers, have a "dry" heat. The most popular materials are natural wool, cotton, acrylic, microfiber, polyester.

Some types of fibers do not have a long service life. They are pleasant to the body, soft, however, short-lived.

Some materials form the pellets, others lose their elasticity, others are unstable to moisture and can deform. Manufacturers have to mix fibers to improve the practical and external characteristics of white carpets. So, the products look better, more easily tolerate the cleaning procedure, less fade in the sun, so do not get a yellowish or gray undertone.


Alas, the color is the main drawback of the models. At first, white carpets look really noble. They pull out any interior composition, even if it is far from stylish and status. However, over time, the paintings often get a sloppy look, even if caring for them is the most delicate.

Not every type of raw material provides for cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner.Long-nap models are masters of disguise: small objects that are difficult to find between densely located fibers (jewelry, jewelry, pins, paper clips, and even small crumbs) often get into the nap.

The problem is that not every canvas can be shaken out: if the pile is long and the size is large, the weight of the product will be an obstacle. In addition, these rugs show dust settled on the surface, collecting it right down to the base.

You can see any spot on them, and it is far from always to remove pollution. The texture of some models is such that due to the large length of the pile lies on its side, which often deprives the carpet of attractiveness, and at the same time demonstrates the dustiness of the surface.

It is undesirable to put such a product on a light floor: visually it loses its whiteness and looks pale against the background of the floor covering.

Such accessories are inappropriate in places with high traffic. They can not be laid in the nursery, hallway, hallway and kitchen. Carpets are not suitable for the interior of the loggia, where laundry is constantly dried. All they can do is to accentuate small areas of the room.

To extend the attractiveness of appearance, you have to buy models with a contrast print. So, you can hide the pollution and successfully enter the product into the interior with the desired shades of the color palette.

Another disadvantage is the price. In most cases, models are expensive, despite the fact that they are impractical and do not withstand long life. Trademarks offer different options up to products from the Mouton. However, rarely in the lines there are models at affordable prices that correspond to their value.

How to choose?

White fluffy carpet - the dream of many. However, in fact, the purchase is not always successful.

In order for the product to be pleasing to the eye, to combine the aesthetic load with the functionality, you can take note of some useful tips:

  • purity of hue matters: a variant with a yellowish subtone will turn yellow with time, which will create the effect of old age;
  • the purchase is carried out in a store with a good reputation: it is important to scroll through customer reviews, finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the product during operation;
  • it is preferable to have a small pile, it is easier to take care of, it is easier to free the surface from dust and debris trapped between the fibers;
  • The elasticity test is important: a high-quality carpet bends well, and the pile instantly assumes its original position;
  • if the structure is friable, the villi will fall from side to side, forming unsightly shades;
  • materials must be hypoallergenic, this will eliminate the risk of allergies;
  • ideally, the product should be treated with antibacterial impregnation (this prevents the appearance of a mildew and mildew environment);
  • there is no strong smell from a good carpet (the first sign of harmful substances of glue);
  • choosing a carpet (lint-free model), it makes sense to look at a model of dense material, so the canvas will not slide on the surface of the floor covering or gather in a heap;
  • in the choice of material it is necessary to give preference to the option of blended fibers.

In order for the product to harmoniously fit into a particular style, it is important to take into account the design intent of the interior. White carpets in modern, minimalism, classic, eclectic, vintage, Scandinavian styles are most appropriate.

In drawing up the interior composition it is worth excluding the location of the product by the fireplace, kitchen table, bathroom and toilet.In these cases, it will not be possible to demonstrate the premium, such an arrangement is inappropriate, even if the model is made with the decor of coarse materials such as jute or bleached flax.

How to choose a carpet that will appeal to all family members, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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