How to make a fence do it yourself: original ideas

The fence is, first of all, protection. It must be durable and reliable, have good performance characteristics. In addition, he also serves as a decoration of the house, and sometimes the pride of the owner, if he elevated it with his own hands and invented the design. There are a lot of materials for building fences: cheap and expensive, practical and high-quality, traditional and original.

Every year there are new types of fences that allow you to experiment and implement the most interesting ideas in a country house and at the dacha. A big role is played by where the fence will be installed. The choice of material and design of the structure itself depends on this.

Special features

The fence consists of supporting structures and plating.It is quite possible to do it yourself. The supports are made of vertical pillars and horizontal spans. They are attached to the gate, the gate and the material that is selected for the construction of the fence.

    It can be the most diverse - wood, metal, plastic, decking, brick, stone. What kind of fence will be - just painted wooden, made of gabions or improvised means, exquisite exclusive of super expensive materials - depends on the desires and possibilities of the owner of the house or cottage.

      In any case, you need to pay attention to existing standards, so that later you don’t have to correct mistakes or redo work anew. Building codes indicate that the fence between areas located in the neighborhood, should not exceed one and a half meters in height and be solid. This option of the fence can only be from the side that goes into the street or the road.

      When choosing the appearance of the fence and materials for its construction, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the soillocated on the site. From its strength depends on the choice of the foundation. Knowing everything about the terrain and the ground, you can initially choose the right base, which will facilitate and speed up the installation of the fence.

        An important factor is the frequency and intensity of winds in this region. If the winds blow often and strongly, then the fence should be of increased strength, and the foundation should be well buried.

        The fence will serve for a long time, if you correctly set the foundation. It can be pillar and tape.

        • Stolbovoy - A more economical option, it is applicable only to light barriers. These include structures made of wood, metal, chain-link mesh, plastic. If the fence is wooden, it needs special treatment to protect the structure from moisture. Properly selected fence installed on such a foundation will last a very long time.
        • Tape the foundation is necessary for powerful structures that are installed when you need to completely protect the space. Often this type is applicable to stone, brick, concrete fences.

        Types of designs

        Before you decide on the choice of material, you need to understand which design is more suitable for a particular case or would be preferable based on the overall design of the house and the site.


        Such a fence can often be found in the suburban areas and around the village houses.

          He has a lot of advantages.

          • For its construction does not require large expenditures, such a fence is built very quickly. If you wish and have assistants in one day, you can build everything. Several types of materials are suitable for this design, including wood, metal, netting, plastic.
          • An open fence allows air and sun to penetrate and is good for plants. Of course, he will not hide from neighbors and passers-by. But more often, a summer house is a place where in the summer greenery grows so violently that it makes no sense to build structures beyond which nothing is visible. Trees and shrubs are just such a shelter.
          • An open fence protects the area from the penetration of large animals.


          This type of construction is more suitable for houses that are located in the city or in the suburbs. It will perform the function of good protection not only from prying eyes, but also from dust and noise. For such structures often use concrete, stone, brick. You can feel completely protected behind such a fence and not worry for your safety. And if the fence is so high that you can't see the street, you can always install a surveillance camera.


          The most interesting type allowing to combine various materials and improve the appearance of the fence is a combined construction. Here you can consider any combination. Part of the fence may be closed, part - open. Good look combination of stone with metal, brick. Wood can also be supplemented with metal structures, and plastic will do as well.

          You can choose any kind of combinations, the main thing is to clearly understand what it will look like in the end. For such complex structures, a drawing or sketch is required.


          You can build a fence from a variety of materials: cheap or using expensive components. In the country will be appropriate fence of brushwood or croaker, evroshtaketnika or wood, in a country house - from metal or stone, brick or concrete. You must first prepare the drawings, calculate how much material will be needed, think out the fixings yourself, decide the best way to decorate the fences.


          Many craftsmen choose the most unexpected materials for arranging the dacha, this applies not only to landscape design, but also to the manufacture of fences.An easy and budget option is to build a fence from pallets.

            Its advantage is that these products are usually made of solid wood, and, therefore, such a construction will last for a long time.

            It is necessary to follow simple rules when preparing and installing.

            • The first step is to examine the pallets for cracks and other defects.
            • Then you need to prepare the pillars. As them it is possible to use usual logs or metal pipes. It is necessary to put them, otherwise the fence will be unreliable and soon it will have to be corrected.
            • After construction, the fence can be beautifully designed to make it look aesthetically attractive. The easiest way - painting. For this purpose, multi-colored paints are used, which will make the fence even more original. Before painting, it is necessary to treat the fence with a primer, which will protect the structure from moisture and improve the adhesion of the surface to the paint. Ennoble the appearance of the fence with the help of planted near climbers.

            Country fences erected and slate - wave or flat. Its small flaw is fragility.When building should be carefully handled with slate sheets. With inadvertent damage to eliminate the crack is no longer possible.

            The established fence from flat slate can serve as the real canvas for the artist. You can draw any pictures on it. Wavy slate can also be decorated with drawings, although it will be a little more difficult to do. In any case, such fences will surprise with their originality all the neighbors and will please the owners.

              Another method of the simplest and cheapest - to create a fence from plastic bottles. It is rather simple to mount it, even children can take part in this fascinating lesson. Such a fence is quite capable of serving for several years. The fence can look very original if you add decorative elements. It already depends on the invention of the owners.

                The fence can be multi-colored, and the plants planted near it will be a good addition. But you need to be prepared for the fact that such a fence will require a significant number of bottles.

                There are a lot of mounting options.

                • For example, when one bottle is inserted into another, the bottom is removed,and thus prepare the future components of the fence.
                • There is an option when the bottles are inserted into a pre-prepared and installed metal frame. So it is possible to put them in the form of any pattern. If they are pre-painted in different colors, the fence will be bright and saturated in color.
                • Another option is when the bottles are stacked in several rows and sealed together. It turns out a kind of building block. It is required to prepare a lot of such blocks before it is possible to proceed with the construction of the fence. The easiest way out of plastic bottles is to make low fences and decorate them with various elements.

                From wood

                Fences on a country site from a tree - the most widespread option. It is easy to manufacture and provides a wide range of possibilities for the realization of a wide variety of design ideas.

                In hardware stores today you can purchase various options for wood products.

                To install a standard fence, you will need the following materials and tools:

                • picket fence;
                • cross boards;
                • pegs;
                • support columns;
                • fasteners;
                • cement;
                • sand;
                • shovel;
                • saw;
                • special primer for wood.

                It is necessary to hammer the supporting elements into the ground very carefully and fill them with cement mortar. From this depends largely on how the fence will be held. Near the finished wooden fence harmoniously look mountain ash, lilac, willow, as well as climbing plants.

                From a professional flooring

                The manufacture of such fences today is chosen by many. And the reason for this is the fact that the color and size of the profile sheet can be chosen at your discretion. And the installation is not particularly complex. You just need to have a welding device and be able to work with it. Additional components that will be needed when installing the fence: screws, logs, shovels, supports, anti-corrosion paint.

                No need to pre-make a drawing. It is enough to accurately measure the territory and make the appropriate markup, designate the place where the gates will be located. After installing the support posts and pouring them with concrete, it should take at least three days.

                A profile fence is a wonderful way to fence around the area and protect it from the entry of random animals and unwanted guests. The design is durable.Even with a hurricane wind, it will stand. Despite the fact that the fence of corrugated flooring is suitable for any home and site, in the design of such a fence is difficult to give free rein to the imagination. If you want to somehow transform a solid-colored fence, you can paint it in any color, apply drawings and ennoble the surrounding space with beautiful plantings.

                From plastic

                Such a building material as plastic has its advantages:

                • resistant to external negative influences;
                • small weight facilitates transportation and construction;
                • impressive service life;
                • strength is not worse than that of concrete or metal structures;
                • ease of care (it is enough to wash it with water);
                • the ability to create an imitation of any materials - wood, stone, brick.

                Plastic looks attractive, it can be easily combined with other materials, such as stone or brick. Plastic designs are available in a wide variety of shades, they will be a good addition to any design of the site.

                Fences can be of different shapes: in the form of a deaf barrier, a picket fence, a grid, a wattle fence, combined. Plastic fence is self-assembled and on a metal frame.In the first case, it is assembled as a designer using special mounts. In the second - the shields are mounted on metal poles with horizontal rails.

                Another type that is in consumer demand is polycarbonate fencing. It will be a good addition to any site and will fit into the landscape design.

                This fence is very convenient to wash, quite a normal soap solution. Light penetrates through it, which creates a feeling of spaciousness and even visually enlarges the area. There are different shades of this material, so the fence may be pink or green, yellow or blue.

                Another unique feature of this material is the possibility of giving any shape due to its flexibility. So, if you wish, you can round off the fence, create smooth lines that will also look very original. They can protect the playground or recreation area.

                The advantages include the fact that it is easy to install, you only need to think about what will be made of support. The material is not exposed to moisture, mold, corrosion. If you decorate such a fence with wrought iron elements and original fixings, you will get a real masterpiece.


                This design looks very advantageous, it is associated with a sunny summer day, it blows warmth and comfort from it. Next to the brick building, she, of course, is not the place, but here it is better not to find a fence for the garden plot. Especially since you can do it yourself and creatively approach this procedure.

                  It is important to choose the right tree. As a material, alder, birch, willow, and filber are most often used. Only from durable, but at the same time thin and obedient rods, you get a beautiful braid.

                  There are several different ways of weaving.

                  • Pre-rods are soaked in salted water. Then they put racks into the ground, for one of them a twig is hooked and weaving begins. One disadvantage of this original fence is its fragility.
                  • There is a kind of structure that is constructed from unedged or planed boards. Such a fence is suitable not only for summer cottage, it will perfectly serve as a fence for the house, which is used both in summer and in winter. In this case, metal supports are installed, since wood is a heavy material. After the end of the main work it is necessary to cover it with protective mastic, after which you can paint.

                  From croaker

                  Low cost and very popular today eco-style combines a fence of slab. This material is obtained as a result of the longitudinal sawing of a log: one side is smooth and the other is convex.

                  As with the installation of any other simple fence, it all starts with a markup. The supports can be wooden and metal. Wooden need to be treated with varnish to avoid rotting.

                  The croaker can be mounted vertically or horizontally, as it will be more convenient and more beautiful. You can use sectional placement, alternating one version with another, or combining with different materials.

                  When making a fence, you can experiment with different details. The fence can be painted, and you can simply cover it with good varnish, this will give a complete look to the structure. Wood has its own unique patterns, a transparent coating will only emphasize them.

                  You can add zest to the fence by building a gable roof over the entire length. This will complement the rustic style. Next to the fence you can place a composition of branches or small flower beds with wildflowers. Such homemade fences always look original.

                  Out of bamboo

                  An interesting and stand out from the others will be a bamboo fence. The peculiarity of its installation is that you need to pre-assemble a bamboo shield on a wooden base. Support pillars as well as when installing a wooden fence are treated with a special primer that will protect them from moisture.

                  Screws are screwed into the corners of the wooden frame. Then the bamboo is firmly placed on the frame and secured. Depending on what should be the height of the fence, all unnecessary is removed with a saw. From such bamboo boards gathers all fence.

                  Then it is covered with a protective varnish, which gives a complete look to the structure. Since the fence itself has a very light, elegant look, it will look great next to a small house built of wood.

                  Out of netting

                  If you want to protect the territory very quickly, it is better not to find this material. There are galvanized netting-netting and plastic coated net. The latter does not withstand significant temperature fluctuations, so more often it is used in warm regions.

                  As the pillars fit metal pipes.In order to make such a fence more reliable, the wire rod is passed horizontally on several levels through the grid cells and secured. This type of construction refers to the light and short-lived, it is more suitable to fence the garden or suburban area.

                  Of stone

                  Stone fence is not inferior to their positions, despite the fact that every year the number of the most diverse materials increases. In terms of reliability and durability, few materials will compare with stone. For the construction of such a fence will require not only significant funds, but also time.

                  • At the boundaries of the plot, the stakes are driven in and the ropes are pulled. The distance between the pillars should be no more than two and a half meters.
                  • For such a structure requires a solid foundation. The higher the fence is planned to build, the deeper the trench for the foundation will be. Before its filling the pillow from rubble gives all the best. Then follows a waterproofing material.
                  • After installing the formwork, you can start pouring. More stable will be the foundation installed on screw piles. The foundation will be considered finally frozen only after a month.

                  In the cold season, this period increases. The heat is also not conducive to the correct formation of the base.

                  Therefore, the foundation should be covered with a tarpaulin and constantly moisten it.

                  • Then follows the process of building pillars. From stones with smooth edges to lay them easier.
                  • The final stage is the laying of spans.

                  For the construction of such a fence there are many materials:

                  • river stone;
                  • shell rock;
                  • granite;
                  • dolomite;
                  • pebbles;
                  • fake diamond;
                  • rubble stone;
                  • gabion.

                  There are also options for combined designs, when one type of stone is perfectly combined with another.

                  • A fence made of boulders and cobblestones will not be too expensive, and this kind of walkway will be perfect for alpine slides. The plot, thus, will be decorated in the same style.
                  • Pebbles and gravel are quite small pebbles themselves and it is very difficult to stack them with the help of a mortar, although sometimes someone does so. But they look much more interesting when placed in gabion nets.
                  • In the construction of fences from gabions can be used and expensive stones. Then a small trick is possible: small rubble is placed inside the grid, sometimes even construction debris, and the outside part is laid out in beautiful even cobblestones.With the help of such grids you can lay out only the fence. To create a gate, this view is unsuitable because of its severity. But such independent fences do not need a foundation.
                  • Very expensive materials - granite and marble, so they are used only as cladding. Dolomite resembles marble in appearance, but costs much less. It has a smooth surface, so before building a fence, such a stone must be treated with a water-repellent compound. Sandstone is subject to the same treatment. It is already sold in the form of blocks and is yellow, gray, green.
                  • Finds its use in the construction of fences and artificial stone. The most popular is French, it is made of concrete by pressing. The result is smooth blocks that are very convenient for installation. Shades can be different. White, gray, beige, and brown colors are most commonly used.

                  The advantages of such material can be attributed to its light weight. This fence looks stylish, it will decorate any area. Artificial stone is easy to combine with other materials.

                  An alternative to a stone fence is reinforced concrete. Powerful and impressive - it creates a feeling of complete security, even if it does not look as aesthetically pleasing as a stone or brick fence. Self-fence does not require pouring the foundation. Designs are located on special soles or so-called glasses. Such installation is convenient in areas with subsoil waters, where the construction of the foundation requires special conditions.

                  If a gray concrete fence does not look as attractive as we would like, it can be treated with a primer and paint applied. Painted fence will look different. To him, too, can pick up the appropriate design. In summer, it will be decorated with greenery and flowers.


                  Before you build a brick fence, you need to accurately calculate everything. The material does not belong to the category of cheap. Therefore, before construction, you need to determine exactly what its width and height will be.

                    Brick gives a unique opportunity to improve the fence at any time., how will the desire to change something. It is subject to lining, plastering, painting. Decorative elements can be all kinds of caps, caps, canopies, beautiful inserts using forging.Such a fence with a small restoration can be changed beyond recognition. It looks aesthetic both inside and out.

                      Brick fences differ in different types of masonry.

                      • In the basic version, the brick performs the function of a base, and plaster and other materials can be used as a finish. In this case, the brick may not be new, but already used in construction.
                      • Structural and finishing masonry implies that the brick is used as a carrier and finishing material. Here you will need a decorative brick.
                      • It may also be an option when only vertical pillars are laid out of bricks, and the spans are made of another material that is combined in color and structure.


                      The fence is one of the main components of the site design. It all starts with him. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to its decoration both inside and outside. The abundance of materials makes it possible to install any kind of fence and arrange it in the desired style.

                      There are options that are so harmonious and interesting in themselves that nothing needs to be done,they only need some minor additional touch.

                      • These include fences, blinds. The supporting pillars are fixed on the ground or using a foundation. Between them are fixed vertical or horizontal blinds. The uniqueness is that the gaps between the structural elements allow air to circulate, but the courtyard is well hidden from prying eyes. This type of fence is ideal for summer cottages with high humidity or too shaded. Penetration of air and sunlight, albeit diffused, will benefit plants.
                      • For the backyard suitable welded fence. It may not be as beautiful as the forged structures, but it looks stylish and strict. In addition, it is a budget option.

                      Making it the easiest. It is enough to correctly select the shrubs and flowers that will grow nearby. Curly landscaping will decorate such a fence and no other decorative elements will be needed. Sweet hop, girlish grapes, actinidia will easily cope with this task.

                      If the fence is long and smooth, you need to think carefully about the means by which it can be decorated, prepared sketches will help to follow the plan. It is possible to decorate the fence in the country from any available materials.Plates, pebbles, branches, old plastic bottles, colored glass - all can go to the course, if you show imagination.

                      The painting will help revive even the darkest fence. Special waterproof paints will help to write pictures and maintain their brightness for a long time. If the top art canvas varnish, the paintings will last even longer.

                      Color splashes on a plain wall will look like flowers in flowerpots. You can choose those that bloom all summer, for example, petunias and pelargoniums. Raised flower beds with tall flowers will also solve the problem of decorating.

                      Subtleties of installation

                      Doing your own hands a fence and implement the original ideas for its design can anyone who is used to doing chores in the house and in the country, is familiar with the repair work and has the necessary tools. Of course, exclusive options with expensive items should be left for professionals. But to make a wooden or metal fence on the forces of many. This will help step by step instructions.

                      • One of the most popular types today is the metal fence.First you need to decide which design will be installed: protective, forged or metal profile. The latter is considered more simple and common. It is easy to assemble such a structure, and metal sheets can be easily dismantled if necessary. As tools, you need a screwdriver, a welding machine, an electric drill.
                      • At the first stage, the territory is marked up, which by this time should already be completely free of debris and excess grass. With the help of pegs and a rope stretched between them, the future location of the fence is indicated. It should be noted that the optimal distance from the house to the fence is three meters.
                      • This is followed by the installation of the pillars. Trenches are being prepared for them, in which you need to pour sand, install supports and concrete. The depth of the pit is about a third of the support column. Further work is suspended until the concrete hardens. It may take several days. Everything will depend on weather conditions.
                      • To fix the sheets on the support pillars, lags are installed, usually metal pipes. To attach them securely, a welding machine is required.
                      • The last stage is the installation of metal sheets. It is recommended to use galvanized screws for their mounting. They are resistant to corrosion and increase the operational period of the fence. For cutting a profile, a handsaw or special scissors are used. The Bulgarian in this case is not suitable for the reason that it will heat the metal and destroy the galvanized layer.

                      Installation Tips

                      • Despite the abundance of materials in the construction market, many craftsmen note that there is no better material than wood for a facade fence, especially if it is a question of a cottage.
                      • Reviews of those who installed a variety of fences made of wood, say that they look beautiful, it is worth only to think over the design. Serving such fences are also long enough, if you do not violate the installation technology and take advantage of the advice of those who already have experience in this.
                      • Before installation, the wood must be treated with special primers that will provide protection from insects, fungi, mold.
                      • Masters advise to choose only conifers. The wood needs to be dried very well before proceeding to the construction of the fence.
                      • After installation, it is better to paint the fence with a paint that is resistant to moisture. It will extend the life of the fence.
                      • If you plan to use metal parts in the fence, you need to hold them in a drying oil.
                      • When installing the pillars, their base must be treated with hot bitumen or burn. This will save the tree from rotting under the ground, which means that the fence will not collapse ahead of time.

                      Successful examples and options

                      The most beautiful fence is the one that, first of all, pleases its owner. But some examples of fences, from the simplest to the incredibly complex, can inspire others to some of their ideas.

                      Here is a bright solar fence can be built in the country, which will serve as decoration rather than protection. But yellow and green colors look harmonious, uplifting. And to make such a fence is easy, just pick the right slats, paint and process the appropriate compositions.

                      Another fun country fence from the same series. Apple trees and flowers, painted on the fence, are sure to attract the attention of passersby.

                      But there are also wooden fences that require skill and certain skills in working with wood. As in this case.Before installing the fence, every detail was thought out and it is necessary to work on it.

                      Ordinary glass bottles can also contribute to the design of the fence, however strange it may seem. Due to the multi-colored glass and the original shape, the fence looks very light and original. The only disadvantage of this design: it can be broken in one reckless movement.

                      Spectacular, but already strong and durable fence can be installed using a combination of gabions and wood. Addition to this fence will be planted near conifers.

                      Ideas for the design of the original fences are presented in the video.

                      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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