Production of a swing from a profile and polypropylene pipe

Swing on a country site - a necessary attribute of summer pastime. They can be made portable, but can be designed and stationary. If you make yourself such a structure, then its cost will be low.

It is only important to determine the location of the object, and what will be the construction.

Special features

If there are children in the family, the presence of a swing is a great option for leisure activities. On sale there are a huge number of garden swings. But it is always interesting and fascinating to assemble a structure with your own hands. There are several types of garden metal swings that you can make yourself:

  • for the whole family (massive construction, which consists of a wide bench where both adults and children can fit);
  • for children (small swings, which consist of one or two seats, only a child can ride them).

Pros and cons of products

First of all, we analyze the positive aspects of self-made products:

  • metal swings are durable,
  • designs can be made unique, which will give harmony and comfort to your summer cottage,
  • A handmade product is much cheaper than in a store.

However, there are negative points:

  • the frame made of metal is quite rigid, so you should be attentive to possible injuries and bruises;
  • Special handling is required to avoid corrosion.

One of the most reliable materials is a shaped metal pipe.

It has the following advantages:

  • long term use;
  • high resistance to mechanical damage;
  • the quality corresponds to the cast profile, while this material is much cheaper in price;
  • non-corrosive after special treatment.

These are the main advantages of a shaped metal pipe, but there are no ideal materials, so there are also disadvantages:

  • hard to bend;
  • It is necessary to use paint coatings or galvanizing; without this, ferrous metal is rusty and destructible.

Variety of models by type of attachment

Garden swings vary not only in shape and size, but also in the type of attachment.


Stationary swings are equipped with two wooden pillars (or pipes with a cross section of 150-200 mm), which are installed in the ground and concreted.

The advantage is that they can be put in any convenient place. In itself, such a structure is solid, the service life is calculated in many decades. Can withstand heavy loads.

Stationary swings can accommodate up to four people, often they are equipped with a visor or a canopy to protect from the weather.

To put the bars, two small trenches of 1.4 meters in depth, 45 cm in diameter, are dug in the ground. Fine gravel (a layer of 40 cm) is poured in, well crushed. One end of the beam is treated with a primer, wrapped in a waterproofing, placed in a hole. Then prepare the concrete:

  • 5 pieces of fine gravel up to 20 mm;
  • 4 pieces of sand;
  • 1 part cement.

Bars are placed in a hole, centered using a two-meter level, fixed, and poured concrete. You should wait 2-3 weeks before subjecting such supports to any kind of load.

It is better to make this construction in the fall, according to the technology, concrete “fits” for another five months, that is, this process will take just the whole winter period.

Mobile, suspended

Such a product is separate and does not require any additional support for the suspension. At the same time, this model can also be moved to any place. The configuration may be different. Swings that are attached with chains are durable. They can hang a more massive structure (can withstand loads up to 300 kg).

Among the shortcomings are the following nuances:

  • large links can cause injury: if you hold on to the chains while swinging, then there is a chance that the fingers will hit between the links;
  • use is only possible in cool weather, because the links are heated by the sun.

Garden swings, which are attached with a rope, are quite popular to use, because the price of this material is low, and the design with this mount is very simple.


  • affordable price;
  • safe use;
  • does not require special support when hanging;
  • easy to repair.


  • short-lived;
  • Do not hang heavy construction.

Selection of a site for construction

Before you install a garden swing, you must determine the place where they will be. Consider a few tips:

  • swing better placed near the house;
  • do not install iron swings near communications (power lines, water supply);
  • if the road is close, you should install a fence.

It is important that groundwater does not come close to the surface, and the soil is not swamped. The ideal option would be to make a swing on a small hill.


Before proceeding with the design, you should decide on the type of frame that can be collapsible / assembled (by connecting bolts and nuts) or using welding. If we talk about the first type, the principle of assembly is to make parts of the appropriate length and calculate the correct diameter of the pipe for connecting bolts and nuts.

Welded construction is more durable and stable, for its manufacture requires welding equipment. If you want to make not the original, but quite standard product, then the drawings will not be needed, on the Internet you can take as a basis the already prepared scheme.

To draw a sketch of a swing, you will need to consider the following dimensions:

  • square seat is 55 cm;
  • seat height must be done about 60 cm;
  • for a mobile structure, it is necessary to observe the distance between the support posts to the edge of the seat from 16 to 42 cm, it all depends on the type of attachment (rope, chain).

Preparation of materials and tools

To prepare the tool for the manufacture of the product, you need to understand what will be the material and fasteners. Basic tools that will be required:

  • angle grinder in order to saw off parts of the desired length;
  • a welding machine (if necessary for the joint);
  • measuring tool;
  • hacksaw (in the presence of wooden elements), as well as a tool for grinding;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • electric drill (in case of mounting racks with concrete you will need a mixing nozzle);
  • screwdriver;
  • parts for stainless steel fasteners;
  • bent reinforcement bar (in order to fix the structure on the base);
  • waterproof roof fabric;
  • special coatings for metal that protect it from corrosion.

The model in the form of the letter “A” will be practical, here it is not necessary to fill in the supporting fastenings with concrete. The cross-piece is most often a metal pipe, a cable is attached to it. The supports are made of channels or pipes. Functioning is based on the presence of gravity.

To create such a construction would require:

  • pipes two inches;
  • profiles of metal section 12x12 mm;
  • corners "4";
  • copper wire;
  • bolts and nuts "10";
  • fittings on 10 mm;
  • bars and slats for seating;
  • cable or chain;
  • pipe with a section of 60 mm.

Assemble the swing, putting and securing the support. Metal plates are fixed in the upper points, cross-pieces are made of profiles. Thus, the design will have an acceptable stiffness. The two bearing supports are connected by means of a plate, which is welded. The plate must be at least 5 mm thick to hold the desired load.

Sitting can be made single or double.It is made of rails (thickness 40-70 mm) and bars, the nodes are attached with bolts.

Well proved as the bearing support of the PVC pipe. Pipes can withstand heavy loads, and are also easy to install.

Manufacturing and assembly structures

To make a garden or children's swing with your own hands, you need to select the appropriate drawing and decide what materials will be constructed. Then you should prepare the place where the swings will be located:

  • level the area;
  • add a “pillow” of gravel.

It will be necessary to lay out the necessary tools and materials ahead of time. The support of a stationary swing can be made from such materials:

  • PVC pipes;
  • wooden bars;
  • metal pipes.

The latter will need to be welded in some places, so you will need a special apparatus.

From metal profile

To create a profile construction, you will need:

  • supporting quadrangular frame;
  • sidewall configuration of the letter "A", made of two pipes that are attached using welding;
  • one pipe, which will be located horizontally and will serve to hang the bench.

The metal profile is today reliable material. A profile tube with a cross-section of about 200 mm is also suitable for construction, and the wall thickness should be 1 or 2 mm. The base of the seat can be made of a pipe with a cross section of about 20 mm. This will affect the smooth swinging.

Mounts are usually made of chains, then it will be convenient to adjust the length of the swing. The seat is also made of wood, this material is quite functional.

Installation process:

  • we cut elements which consist of a pipe (lateral racks, crossbeams, bases);
  • we grind wooden elements (it will be details for sitting);
  • we connect the necessary parts with the help of welding or special bolts;
  • we connect stands with a swing base, then we attach the crossbeams;
  • for a stationary garden swing you need to dig 4 holes;
  • it is necessary to insert the beams into these holes and fill them with concrete.

Polypropylene pipe

Baby swing must hold a load of at least two hundred kilograms. The cross section is permissible from 50x50 mm, the walls are not less than 1 mm thick. Swings for adults are made from pipes with a cross section of 75 mm. The seat is made of bars and slats. Composed:

  • from pipe length 6.2 m;
  • 8 metal corners;
  • fittings with a section of 16 mm and a length of 26 cm;
  • wooden cloths.

To make good supports, you will need two meters of segments, which will be transverse supports, you will also need one upper crossbar. In addition, four lengths of 2.3 meters should be prepared to assemble the fasteners. And two additional segments of one and a half meters to get the side nodes of the base.

Construction should begin with supports, they bear the main burden. Before starting work, clean the pipes from chipping. Two designs are welded in the shape of the letter “L”, they must be completely congruent. The nodes are welded at a 45 degree angle, and the crossbar is mounted perpendicularly. Two indentations are dug (up to 1 meter), the bottom is sprinkled with sand. The welded structures are placed in recesses, filled with concrete. Three weeks should wait until the concrete "grasped."

Then fixings or hooks are screwed to the crossbeam, and a seat will hang on them. After completion of the installation, a new design should be painted. The seat is made of metal frame, beams and wooden or plastic slats.

To “seat” was soft, you can put foam rubber under the upholstery.

Care Tips

Before talking about care for the swings, it is worthwhile to dwell on the operating conditions of these structures. It was said above that such products are not recommended to be placed near the lines of communication. In addition, you will need to make sure that there are no sharp protruding angles, which are easy to cut.

As for the care, it does not cause much trouble, you should follow only a few rules.

  • If the structure is made of metal, then such material should be protected from corrosion by special means. In stores, you can easily find a rust converter, which forms a protective film.
  • If you treat the structure with enamel or paint, it will prolong the life, however, it is worth remembering that the paint will last only a few years.
  • From time to time, check the fasteners, as the material tends to wear out over the years.

Beautiful examples

A variant of the swing, where it is not necessary to fill the supports with concrete. This design allows you to save considerable money, while strength and stability does not suffer, while remaining at the same level.

Portable swing option. Such a model is compact and easy to assemble, at the same time it is reliable and functional.

        Children's light swings for the smallest are safe and multifunctional, the child will feel comfortable in them.

        How to make a swing with your own hands, see the next video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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