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Of particular importance in the life of every person has a healthy sound sleep. Indeed, not only his mood, but also the coordinated work of the whole organism will depend on how a person will sleep. The quality of sleep affects not only a comfortable bed, but also good bedding. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of pillows. Among the many manufacturers, Askona stands out, producing a variety of orthopedic pillows.

The better ormatek?

Very often, many buyers are faced with a choice: where to buy a comfortable, high-quality and not very expensive pillow, the most suitable in all respects and ideally ensuring the correct position during a night's rest. In order to understand which pillows are better - Askona or Ormatek, you need to compare the products of both manufacturers:

  • An important advantage of Askona is the duration of its existence in the market. Askona has firmly established itself in the Russian market and has been operating for more than 26 years. The company Ormatek only 16 years engaged in the production of similar products.
  • The products of these companies also have some differences. Only Askona has pillows with mini springs that promote complete relaxation of the neck muscles. In addition, some models in the pillows have special carbon inserts that not only support the cervical spine, but also absorb odors.
Askona Nano Plus
Ocean Fresh by Ormatek
  • Unlike Ormatek, Askona provides a guarantee for all types of its products up to 25 years. Ormatek offers only 10 years warranty.
  • Both manufacturers offer to buy their products on credit with installment payment. In addition, both firms arrange periodically all sorts of promotions and sales. Yet, not only pillows, but all Askona products cost a little less than similar Ormatek products, while maintaining excellent quality and features.
  • Choosing a pillow from the company Askona, you can be sure of the excellent quality of any manufactured model, as well as save a lot by purchasing the model you like.


Askona has developed and produces pillows of various shapes, sizes and fillers. In addition to the traditional classical options, having the form of a square or a small rectangle, specialized options are available: anatomical and orthopedic models.


Anatomical pillows are designed to create the most comfortable conditions for sleep. As a rule, these products have in their composition a filler that has a memory effect. Due to the properties of this foam filler, pillows are able to take shape of the head, adapting to all the individual features of the structure.

Among the anatomical options, you can choose models designed for people with different preferences.

As a rule, each person likes to sleep in a certain position. There are individuals who prefer to sleep solely on their backs, and some sleep only on their side. Both those and others need special models. Askona produces such models, equipped with a unique filler that can memorize the outlines of the head.


Orthopedic pillows manufactured by the company are similar in shape to anatomical models, and, in fact,have a different purpose. The basis of orthopedic options is a more rigid or frame basis. As a rule, models are equipped with rollers to facilitate proper unloading of the spine. Orthopedic models are designed for people suffering from various diseases of the cervical spine. Some models have a special surface with a cooling effect.

Popular models

The company has models that are in great demand and therefore very popular with customers:

  • Anatomical model Spring pillow incorporates several fillers. The basis of this model is a spring block, consisting of soft independent springs. Each spring is packaged in a separate case and is distinguished by an accurate and verified response to the smallest touch. In addition to the springs, the cushion includes polyester fiber and Medi Foam foam. Due to their presence, the product has an optimal microclimate. This model is presented in the size of 50x70 cm, with a side height of 20 cm and is suitable for sleeping in any position.
  • No less popular is the model. Revolutionperfectly supporting the neck of a person.The basis of this model is latex, or rather its special look-Latex Spring. In addition to the bactericidal properties of this material, it is also a hypoallergenic filler. This unique material, promoting free air exchange inside the product, has other advantages. The most significant is the anti-decubitus effect, which manifests itself in the absence of squeezing of blood vessels, as a result of which the blood circulates freely in the cervical region.
  • Model Profilux is no less in demand. Softness and volume of this cushion provides polyester fiber, and Medi Foam foam, designed as an anatomical roller, provides a supporting function. The model has a fairly high side (22 cm), but this does not prevent using it in the most convenient position for each.
  • Model Profistyle consists of Medi Foam filler. In the center of the product there is a recess on which small elevations are located, providing micro-massage of the head. This option is suitable for sleeping in absolutely any position.
  • The basis of models Classic Blue and Classic Green makes foam with memory effect. Each model has a special gel layer on one side in the form of a relief, and another layer of foam.The presence of a gel base that has a slight refreshing effect and promotes the relaxation of the facial muscles makes any model from the Classic series an ideal option for everyday use.
  • Similar in function and model Contour pink. In this embodiment, there are rollers, through which you can choose the optimal height of the pillow for sleeping on your side or back. The relief surface in this model is slightly softer than the previous models, it relaxes and massages the facial muscles.
  • Particular attention is deserved model Sleep professor zet. The basis of this pillow is granulated material, thanks to which the product is provided with good air exchange.


The company Askona in the production of pillows uses the most modern materials. The basis of any model produced by the company, are fillers, each of which has certain properties. Gel fillers have special properties:

  • High-strength hypoallergenic filler Neo Taktile contains microparticles of the gel with a cooling effect. Gel filler has a beneficial effect on the muscles. The soft tissues of the face and neck are not squeezed, as a result of which the blood circulates freely inside the vessels.Due to the presence of these particles, the point support is provided to the neck and head. In addition, this material contributes to proper thermoregulation, as a result of which the head and neck do not sweat, since the particles prevent the surface of the pillow from heating up. The undoubted advantage of this filler is the ability to neutralize electromagnetic waves. The only nuance of this innovative material is the slight smell that is present due to the antibacterial impregnation. But over time, it erodes.
  • Another innovative material used by Askona as a pillow filler is Ecogel. This durable, but at the same time very soft material has an incredibly refreshing effect. Biogel fillers are absolutely harmless to the body. Pillows with this filler are among the most comfortable products.

It is worth noting that, in addition to super modern materials, the company also uses traditional fillers. These include: highly elastic and breathable latex, heat-resistant and elastic polyester fiber, as well as natural eucalyptus fiber, which absorbs moisture perfectly, while remaining dry and cool.

In most products there are covers that allow you to keep the original shape for a long time. The fabric used for the covers can include cotton fibers (model Sleep Professor Zet) and polyester and spandex yarns. The company also produces protective covers from velor, which are well breathable and prevent the penetration of bacteria and ticks. These covers due to the presence of the membrane Miracle Membrane able to maintain the most comfortable temperature. All of them are equipped with a reliable locking lock with a zipper.

How to choose to sleep?

Any person has individual characteristics that must be considered when choosing a suitable pillow. Age, shoulder width and basic posture during sleep are the main criteria that guide the selection of pillows. Cushions of various shapes, size, height, rigidity and type of filler are selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the person.

If you focus on the shape of the pillow, the best option is a rectangular model.

The big square pillow, according to orthopedists, should remain in the past. For those who like to sleep on the back is well suited classic model.People who prefer lateral posture will be delighted by the options that have rollers.

In addition to the form, you need to focus on the height of the side. For an ideally suitable product, the height of the side will be equal to the width of the shoulder. To know this value is quite simple. To do this, measure the distance from the base of the neck to the beginning of the shoulder joint.

For those who sleep on their sides, you need a model with a high side, and for those who like to have dreams on their backs, pillows with a high side are more suitable. In addition, the product is selected, depending on the floor. For men, the side of the pillow should be higher than that of products intended for women.

There are certain parameters for the height of the pillows, suitable for a particular pose. Low models with a height of 6-8 cm are suitable for those who sleep on their stomachs. Options with sides from 8 to 10 cm are suitable for those who prefer to sleep on their backs. Pillows with a height of 10-14 cm - for those who like to relax on their side, and for those sleeping on their side and back, models with sides from 10 to 13 cm are available.

Another important indicator is the rigidity of the product. This indicator is also selected depending on the posture taken during sleep.The most rigid models, which perfectly support not only the head, but also the neck, are the best option for people sleeping on their sides.

Models with medium stiffness are suitable for those who like to sit on the back. Soft products are suitable for those who like to sleep on the stomach.

Customer reviews about the company's products

The main part of buyers who purchased pillows, under the trademark Askona, was very pleased with their purchase. Almost everyone notes the excellent quality of pillows and comfortable sensations during operation. For many, the choice of anatomical pillow solved the problem with the cervical spine. According to many buyers, the pain in the neck is no longer bothering them, and sleep has become stronger.

For more information on the Askona Mediflex Suit pillow, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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