Holofiber Pillows

Synthetic fillers of the new generation are represented by a more perfect copy of an artificial batting - sintepon and improved versions of its original version - camphor and holofiber. Sleeping accessories from them differ not only in convenience, a practicality and functionality, but also in more reasonable price, in comparison with analogues from natural materials. The last factor is especially attractive for buyers, becoming decisive when choosing accessories for sleeping.

Today we will talk about the filler holofiber. Let us find out the pros and cons of an innovative non-woven material and talk about the rules for servicing holofiber подуш s pillows.

What is it like?

For the manufacture of holofiber, there is a spring-shaped hollow polyester siliconized fiber.The development of a new material production technology belongs to the Termopol plant; this trade brand has existed since 2005. Nonwoven fabric forms a multitude of fibers in the form of microfibers with thermally sealed cavities. Due to the use of a similar method of fixing fibers under the action of high temperatures, the final product acquires a lot of useful characteristics.

Advantages and disadvantages

Because of the optimal combination of lightness, durability and stunning elasticity, hollofiber is often called artificial swan's down. Non-woven material, due to its spiral shape, has a tangible advantage over padding and batting. Regardless of the duration of the deformation, the hollofiber is restoring its original shape much faster than its competitors.

Strengths of the filler:

  • Soft, elastic and light in weight due to the hollow fiber structure.
  • Hygienic: impervious to foreign odors and breathable, which prevents the formation of mold and mildew, because the material "breathes" and is well ventilated.
  • It has excellent thermostatic properties.Reacts appropriately to the temperature in the room: if it is cool, it heats, helping to preserve heat, and when it is hot it provides coolness, excluding overheating.
  • Moisture proof: helps to remove excess moisture and provides comfort during sleep. What is especially important for people with excessive sweating.
  • It does not provoke the development of allergy, as it is not of interest as a nutrient base for house dust mites. It is the interaction with the metabolic products of parasites that causes allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma.
  • Wearproof: with ease takes the initial form, keeping appearance during all operation.
  • Guaranteed will not: roll, crumble, collapse under the influence of light and electrify, attracting dust.
  • Environmentally friendly, because in the process of its manufacture does not use harmful adhesive composition containing toxic impurities.
  • It is unpretentious to care: machine wash is available without the use of special means of household chemicals, has a rather high drying speed and does not require special storage conditions.
  • It has a reasonable price, although higher than that of a synthetic winterizer, however, it is much lower than that of natural materials.

The weak sides include the loss of the original lightness and elasticity due to reusable washing. This problem is solved at home.


Caring for a holofiber cushion is pretty simple.

Service is reduced to the observance of simple rules:

  • Products allowed to be washed by hand and in a typewriter, setting a delicate mode.
  • It is recommended to use weakly alkaline detergents.
  • Given that frequent machine washings adversely affect the performance of the filler, in order to avoid such troubles, it is advisable to limit the use of the automatic machine, or to abandon it altogether in favor of hand washing.



  • Fill a bath or deep tank with water at a temperature of up to 25 ° C.
  • Add a washing composition of delicate action.
  • Leave the product soaked for half an hour.
  • When washing it is most convenient to make movements as when kneading dough.
  • Rinse the washed product in plenty of water to remove the detergent components from the hollow fibers.
  • Squeeze the cushion in the centrifuge at low speed or manually, hanging it to drain.
  • Lay the washed pillow on a horizontal base in a well ventilated place. Periodically beat and turn to the other side.
  • To make the dried item of its original shape, shake it several times.

How to shake?

In order to return the lost shape to the stuck balls of the holofiber, due to the spin in the drum or as a result of prolonged use, the following procedure is applied:

  • Remove the contents from the pillowcase. The design of most products provides for a special hole with a zipper, which simplifies the task of replacing the filling. Otherwise, the bedtick will need to split.
  • Prepare two brushes. The first is a massage brush, preferably of a large size, and the second is a special comb designed for combing the thick hair of pets.
  • Massage is distributed tangled pieces of stuffing and brush them, gently wielding a comb for wool, trying to remove the lumps.

If the procedure did not bring the desired result, it is advisable to resort to replacing the old filler with fresh.


Buying holofiber is not a problem. Usually for filling one product requires from 600 g to 1 kg of filler. In this case, take into account the size of the pillow and individual preferences regarding the degree of elasticity of the bedding.

Operating procedure:

  • They take a pillow-case (ready-made or sewn with their own hands) and distribute the filler inside it, forming several loose layers, until the product acquires the desired density.
  • Sew up the bedtick, making a neat secret seam.
  • Beat the pillow to ensure even distribution of the contents.

It remains to wear a pillowcase and you can use the product for its intended purpose.

How to fill a pillow from holofiber, see the next video.


In accordance with GOST, there are three standard sizes of pillows:

  • for rectangular products - 50x70 cm;
  • for square models - 70x70 cm;
  • for children's models - 40x60 cm.

The amount of stuffing in the pillows determines their weight. As for decorative pillows, used as a piece of interior, in addition to the rectangular, round, oval shape and various variations of the polyhedron, such products often have an original design.It can be various stylized objects, plants, animals.

Standard sizes for classic interior models are 40x40 cm or 50x50 cm.

How not to buy a fake?

In the market, where the percentage of cheating is still high, you risk getting an accessory for sleeping with cheap filling under the guise of holofiber. It can be a synthetic winterizer - a material with similar characteristics. To distinguish them, it is enough to probe the selected model.

What is the difference, determine:

  • In appearance. Compared with a smooth, even padding polyester, the holofiber's canvas is uneven, slightly wavy.
  • Feels like probing. Unlike soft, dense sintepon, the fibers of the holofiber are loose and slide a little.
  • According to the behavior of the filling during the mechanical action. When stretching the padding polyester, it seems that the material is torn, whereas the fibers of the holofiber are easily separated, excluding such sensations.

When buying interior pillows with holofiber, it is advisable to choose products where the filling is with foam rubber, due to which they acquire greater density, thereby eliminating the loss of shape over time.

Universal advice is the same: when planning to purchase a pillow from a holofiber, try to deal with well-established trading platforms that have certificates for the goods offered.

How to choose?

So, if there is no doubt about the “authenticity” of the bedding filler, it remains to make sure that the chosen model suits you by the following criteria:

  • Rigidity - here you need to build on your favorite pose during sleep. Prefer lateral positions - choose hard accessories, if you spend most of the night on your back, then you are ideally suited for medium-sized models, and if on the stomach, then products with soft fillers.
  • Height - focus on shoulder width, which is on average up to 15 cm.
  • The form - Somnologists agree that for sleep it is better to choose pillows of traditional forms, with the exception of models for pregnant women U-shaped and other non-standard forms.
  • The composition of the material napernika. The best option - a cover of natural fabric, which has a high density.
  • Sewing quality - from products with crooked lines, sticking up threads and crawled out filler, immediately refuse.

Keep in mind that a good manufacturer is characterized not only by the goods packaged properly, but also by the availability of detailed information about the product, including its composition and recommended care.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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