Bed for the boy in the form of the car

All parents are trying to make the nursery as comfortable and functional as possible, with the main place in this zone being the beds. The health and psycho-emotional state of the child largely depends on the quality of sleep. A good acquisition can be a bed-machine, which is not only practical, but also very attractive in appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Quite often, parents, choosing the option of organizing a bed for their boy, opt for a typewriter bed, it harmoniously fits into any interior and even sometimes becomes its real highlight. In addition, the model allows you to provide a strong full-fledged sleep, and with a properly selected mattress, the product fully complies with all the features of a growing organism.

The advantages of this model include the following features:

  • original design, rich colors, the presence of non-standard elements - wheels, headlights, lights;
  • the presence of boxes for bed linen, as well as shelves on the sides, which becomes an additional advantage and allows you to easily and simply arrange the ergonomic placement of bedding and small toys;
  • low injury rate, which is ensured by the absence of sharp corners and low location of the berth;
  • opportunities to use the bed as an element of games - here you can play travelers or racers, depict a police race or a safari.

However, there are also disadvantages, which cannot be ignored, they include a high cost compared to traditional beds, as well as fragility - the product is optimal for babies, therefore, it cannot be bought “for growth”. A child who turns 9-10 years old, as a rule, moves to a more adult bed or on a sofa. In addition, such a bright and non-standard element of a child's room adds complexity in the design of the overall design - it is important to think over all the details in order to withstand the room in a single style and not overdo it with colors and shades.

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Today, manufacturers offer the widest selection of beds in the form of machines of various types, with different operating features. Bed-machine for a boy can be performed in a variety of designs, most often on sale you can find the following models.

  • Fire engine. It is optimal for a bold and determined child who likes to play lifeguards. Such models, as a rule, are equipped with additional light and sound effects.
  • Bus. This model will be an excellent option for young travelers who like the spirit of adventure, romance and active study of the surrounding world. For families with two children, such models are often available bunk with a small ladder. In addition, this model can be used as a loft bed.
  • Racing car. The most common design in this case is the model depicting Lightning McQueen - the beloved hero of the famous movie “Cars”.
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Design features

In accordance with the design features distinguish the following models.

  • With built-in drawers. This choice is optimal for a small children's room, where parents have a difficult task to use any centimeter of space with maximum utility.
  • Backlit. Such models include a small light bulb that allows you to read, draw or play with any toys on the bed before bedtime.
  • Sliding model. This is a rather interesting version of a bed with a mattress, which makes it possible to put two children at once.

The lifting mechanism of the beds also varies.

  • Without lift - such models are relatively cheap, they allow you to competently organize a comfortable sleeping area, but at the same time do not allow to equip a compartment for storing sleeping clothes and other children's things.
  • With a simple hinged lift - such a mechanism involves manual control, and the child will certainly need the help of an adult, since the baby alone will not be able to cope with the folding of the crib.
  • On the springs - This is one of the most popular solutions, which is preferred by most parents due to the reliability and ease of management. Even a child can cope with the mechanism.


The bed-machine is designed for children from 2 years, but since the largest dimensions of the model reach 2.2 meters, You can choose a bed for children of any age.

  • 210x80 cm - such a model is more suitable for a boy of school age, because a very young child can be uncomfortable in her. In addition, the bed takes up too much space, so it will be out of place in a small children's room.
  • 190x90 - Another option for a teenager, because the furniture allows you to feel comfortable even the tallest boy. Typically, these models make the most realistic with a variety of small parts - headlights, wheels. Children at this age are already well versed in devices and technology and may well themselves ensure their own safety.
  • 180x80 - This is an option for a boy of 6-10 years old, as a rule, such products have built-in drawers, lights and small shelves. But the manufacturer tries to avoid small parts - the child is not serious enough yet and can carelessly swallow a small object or hit sharp edges.
  • 160x80 - this model is suitable for a boy of 4-9 years old, as a rule, these are the most primitive models stylized as a racing car, ship or other type of mobile equipment.


When choosing a bed, the greatest attention should be paid to the material from which the furniture is made, because for this object strength, durability and complete environmental safety of materials are very important. Beds for boys are made of natural materials such as wood, MDF or chipboard, and the first two options are considered the most durable and durable.

DSP is much cheaper, however, this plate does not always withstand active games in the children's room, over time, loosened, cracked and fails. Accordingly, the cost of chipboard is much lower than the price of products made of natural wood. MDF also belongs to the average price category, representing the best price / quality ratio.


If you give a brief description of popular materials in the manufacture of bed-machines, it will look like this:

  • Chipboard with photo printing is a very attractive and stylish version of the bed at a low price, however, this material does not differ in moisture resistance and durability;
  • Chipboard made in Germany is a better option, which is covered with resistant enamels,meeting all requirements for materials used in the manufacture of children's furniture;
  • Laminated chipboard is chipboard with a special treatment that increases moisture resistance and prevents the evaporation of harmful resins that are used in the manufacture of chipboard;
  • MDF - strong and durable material resistant to moisture and mechanical damage, is considered highly environmentally friendly;
  • wood is the most durable and environmentally safe material, however, such products are very expensive and are made only to order;
  • Plastic is a cheap and light material that is resistant to ignition, however, when the child is too active, it quickly breaks.

Keep in mind that the bed can not be too cheap. If you see that at the point of sale the price of the product is much lower than the average market price - as a rule, this indicates that cheap lacquers, paints and glue were used to make the product. They can emit toxic volatile substances into the air and can have a detrimental effect on the microclimate of the children's room and the health of your son.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a bed you need to pay attention to its size - the child should not be constrained, the bed should be relatively spacious.In addition, do not forget that children grow very quickly, so it is better to buy a model with a margin to forget about changing furniture for the next 3-5 years. It is important that the bed organically fit into the dimensions of the room and leave free space for games and active communication with friends.

When buying a bed, it is necessary to supplement it with an orthopedic mattress.As a rule, quality costs are quite expensive, however, this is not the case when savings are appropriate. It is up to the age of 13 that the child’s spine is intensively formed; therefore, the boy needs the physiological basis for sleep for normal growth and development. The mattress, taking into account the anatomical features of the child, provides him with a full-fledged comfortable and healthy sleep, which is the main factor in maintaining the well-being and health of the child. In addition, the mattress is bought once for several years, so if you “scatter” the amount for the entire period of use, it will not seem so big to you.

If you buy a product for a small child, then pay attention to safety issues - models with sharp corners, an abundance of small details are not suitable for preschoolers, it is desirable that the sidewall be supplemented with sides.High beds are also not suitable for babies - it is not easy for young crumbs to get into an inflated sleeping place, and even if they fall from the bed, the risk of injury increases significantly. If the budget allows, it is better to stay at the options that require the presence of built-in storage systems, this solution is convenient, ergonomic, and allows you to significantly save free space in the nursery.

Where can one buy?

The market today has a wide selection of machine beds for boys of various manufacturers - Chinese, Turkish, American and our domestic ones. However, as evidenced by numerous consumer reviews, it is better to buy goods directly from the manufacturer, if this is possible. Such a purchase has a number of undoubted advantages.

  1. Many different stocks - the manufacturer is not tied to the pricing policy of the trading network, so it has the opportunity to give discounts.
  2. Fresh new beds directly from the shop, in contrast to the store, which may have been gathering dust for years in unsanitary warehouses.
  3. In the event of a marriage, the opportunity to file a claim directly to the manufacturer.Through a dealer, this process sometimes takes several months.
  4. Sending goods in strict accordance with the stipulated contract terms. It is no secret that these terms are rarely observed in retail outlets, most often the dealer asks to wait 3-4 weeks, or even “feeds him with breakfasts”.
  5. Competent consulting support for sales. The manufacturer is familiar with his product and can competently answer all questions related to the operation of the bed. While the consultants of the store have only a superficial idea of ​​all the items of furniture presented in the outlet.
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Definitely, the purchase of a model from a manufacturer is more reliable than the purchase of goods from a reseller, however, among manufacturers there are dishonest ones, which low-quality materials are used in the work, so first we need to gather as much information as possible about the manufacturer:

  • contact information with indication of city numbers; the more, the more serious the enterprise;
  • make sure that the technical support phone is working and you can get a real consultation on it;
  • it is important to have the company's website and the presence of the factory on Yandex-maps;
  • There should be visual information - examples of work with a description of the technical characteristics.

Of course, the presence of all these items can not always be guaranteed to protect you from counterfeiting, but in most cases, such a cursory inspection can significantly reduce the risk of stumbling on counterfeit. Bed-typewriter will be an excellent option for a boy's room from 2 to 10-12 years. It will become not only a comfortable sleeping place, but also a good playing area, as well as a place to communicate with friends. This is only to her choice should be taken with all the responsibility, because not only the good mood and comfortable sleep of the child, but also the state of his health depends on it.

How to assemble a bed for the boy in the form of the car, look in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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