How to choose a jacuzzi for the street?

 How to choose a jacuzzi for the street?

With the onset of heat I want to spend in the fresh air as much as possible. Gentle sunshine, warm air and water - that was what was so lacking in winter. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to go to the sea or go swimming in the river. You can solve this problem by installing a jacuzzi in the country or in a country house, and you can also put it not only indoors, but also outdoors.

History of

Many believe that the Jacuzzi invented in Japan, judging by the name, but this is not true. The Jacuzzi brothers from Italy invented the hot tub. In 1943, a small child fell ill with one of the brothers, then Candido Jacuzzi decided to cure him himself.For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, the baby needed massage and water treatments. The Italian began to work on the invention of the device, the use of which could relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

This device can be called a prototype whirlpool bath. After some time, after the modifications, they began to produce the first models of whirlpool baths. Many people found out about the novelty thanks to a television show in America, where celebrities were invited, and a whirlpool bath was played as an incentive prize. After the show, thanks to reviews and advertising, this product began to enjoy great popularity.

At first, the jacuzzi was installed in the spa and fitness centers, where visitors could use them. For home use, only the owners of expensive private properties acquired a whirlpool bath. More recently, a jacuzzi was considered a luxury item that few could afford. Fortunately, the situation has changed, and now almost anyone can buy such a bath.

Special features

Using the jacuzzi you can:

  • relieve fatigue;
  • improve the general condition of the body;
  • relax the nervous system;
  • reduce pain;
  • improve joint mobility.

Considerable popularity especially recently began to use the model of hot tubs, which are installed on the street, this is due to the fact that Outdoor pools have the advantages:

  • just take care of them;
  • can be equipped with audio and video systems;
  • possibility of operation throughout the year;
  • compact and roomy;
  • have different shapes, a large selection of colors.

Many buyers are interested in models that could be used not only in the warm season, but also in winter. Agree, it is very unusual to take a bath when there is snow at a distance of an outstretched hand, therefore manufacturers offer models that can be used even in very harsh climatic conditions.

Judging by the reviews, many owners of the jacuzzi prefer to take the procedure all year round, but get special pleasure from the winter swimming. Whirling bath with rising steam looks very tempting, and I want to dive into the warm water from the cold.

When conducting spa treatments in the winter, you should choose the optimal water temperature in the jacuzzi.Modern models have a special insulating protective cover-case, which will play an important role when used outdoors. If it is not planned to use a jacuzzi in cold weather, it should be prepared for wintering outside.

The maintenance of the equipment consists in its regular cleaning and disinfection. For cleaning the bath should choose non-abrasive detergents. Fatty stains and limescale are removed with edible acids. Disinfect the bath should be at least once a month.

Product selection

Put a jacuzzi in the country or on a plot of a country house is a snap. Moreover, you can choose as the simplest option, consisting of a conventional metal bath with a stove and heated, and a multifunctional improved design.

Currently, manufacturers provide a huge range of products for every taste with different prices. A large selection of Jacuzzis produced by both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Whirlpool baths from China, for example, are of good quality and have an affordable price. Considerable demand are products of Italian and Spanish manufacturers, which are designed to find one, two or more people in them.

You can conduct spa treatments in the jacuzzi of various shapes and sizes, made of different materials. A large number of buyers opt for acrylic or polypropylene products.

The size of the design should be chosen depending on how many people will be in the jacuzzi. If the family is large or there are a lot of friends who are not averse to soak in warm water with bubbles, it is better to choose models for 4-5 seats.

When choosing a model, you should pay attention to thermal insulation, since it determines how comfortable the temperature of the water in the bath will be.

It is worth choosing models with a body thickness of 3-5 cm with a thickness of an energy-saving cover of 5-7 cm, and it is with these parameters that the heat will remain as long as possible.

Baths for the street can combine two zones: in one, an artificial counter-current is installed, which serves as a simulator, the second is equipped with a hydromassage system. Outdoor Jacuzzi can be used for strength training, teaching kids swimming, water aerobics training, etc. The hot tub will be the best place to relieve fatigue, and will help recuperate.

Modern manufacturers offer models in which different types of massage will be available:

  • turbo;
  • jet;
  • bubbly.

Choosing a jacuzzi, each user should be guided by their preferences. For large lovers of spa treatments, you can choose a model that provides features such as:

  • aromatherapy;
  • aero massage;
  • hydromassage;
  • back and foot massage;
  • full body massage;
  • backlight.

Thanks to the backlight can give the whole structure a rather unusual and spectacular image.

When installing a jacuzzi at the dacha, you can greatly improve its landscape design. With the successful placement of the product, you can not be afraid that the neighbors will watch you from the street.

Interesting ideas for installing a jacuzzi in the country, you can see in the next video.


Hot tubs for the street are easy to install, it does not require additional construction or other work. When installing a heated jacuzzi, the main thing is to correctly connect it to the power supply. Connection, installation and connection must be carried out by a qualified technician.

You should not save and do it yourself or ask inexperienced masters, because the wrong connection is fraught with a malfunction of the system, a closure can occur.

For the installation of the structure should prepare a special place. The platform for installing a Jacuzzi with a hydromassage should be firm and level, a concrete base not less than 10 cm thick will be better. A special non-slip platform should be made near the Jacuzzi, which will prevent from falling after exiting or entering the pool.

If it is planned to install a structure larger than 3 meters, it is necessary to provide convenient access for its transportation, often using a truck crane for transportation. If the purchase option is not suitable, you can make your own personal pool. To do this, you need to install a large bowl in which you could float and install massage nozzles.

Jacuzzi construction options are very many. Some craftsmen offer a variety of ideas, for example, to use a device with a hose with drilled holes connected to it. When lowering it into the water, a kind of massage bath will be created.Jacuzzi body can be made of different materials, any size or shape. You can install the container either with a burial in the ground, or without burial.

Instead of self-made devices, you can buy an inflatable pool, which will be an excellent option for recreation. You can use the heated swimming pool from April to October, they are not used in the winter. Inflate the pool, using the pump, which should be included.

With proper operation, the outdoor pool can bring maximum pleasure while in it. Although the pool has a dense fabric, it is less practical than stationary, so you need to be careful not to accidentally cut the material or siphon the product while it is being inflated.

Beautiful examples

Consider examples of the use of a jacuzzi, which will completely transform the site and make it a heavenly place for a good rest.

  • A great place to relax away from the bustle of the city.
  • Spectacular and original version - a jacuzzi on the roof.
  • Design of spa baths on the street.
  • Jacuzzi - a great idea for a romantic evening.
  • A backlit bath at night looks really magical!
Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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