What are the sizes of duvet covers?

For a good sleep and rest, you need a comfortable bed with suitable linen. It often happens that the dimensions of the blanket and the duvet cover do not match, the blanket is crumpled or, conversely, creeps away, which cannot bring comfort to sleep. To avoid this, you should understand their size. To do this, there are domestic standards for duvet covers and foreign ones, which do not quite coincide with the Russian parameters.

Types of sets

Consider what items are included in bed linen and their dimensions.

  • Single bed the kit includes a duvet cover 135x200 cm, as well as a sheet 145x200 cm, two pillowcases 70x70 or 50x70 cm. It is not often on sale.
  • Half-sleeper may contain: a duvet cover 143x210 or 160x230 cm, as well as: a sheet 160x220 or 180x220 cm, two pillowcases 70x70 or 50x70 cm.These sets are chosen for beds up to 1.5 m wide.
  • Double the kit contains: a duvet cover of 175x210 or 180x220 centimeters, as well as a sheet 220x220 or 220x240 cm, two pillowcases 70x70 or 50x70 cm (Russian values). The duvet cover can be 200x220 or 215x220 centimeters in size, a sheet 220x230 or 230x240 cm, pillowcases 70x70 or 50x70 cm (euro meaning). Suitable for spouses who prefer to sleep under one blanket.
  • Family (with two duvet covers): duvet covers 143x210 or 160x230 cm, sheets 210x240 or 230x240 cm, pillowcases 70x70 or 50x70 cm. Convenient to use if you sleep under different blankets.
  • Royal size includes: a duvet cover 220x240 or 240x260 centimeters, a sheet 220x240 or 270x290 cm, two or four pillowcases 50x70 cm.
  • For newborns: duvet cover 110x140 or 115x145 centimeters, bed sheet 95x140 or 100x140, pillowcase 20x30 or 35x45 cm.

Russian standards

The size of the duvet covers of domestic and foreign manufacturers differ. The table shows Russian standards with a rather large variation in values:

Bed linen

140x200, 140x205, 150x210, 150x200, 150x215, 150x21, 150x220 160x200, 160x220

Double bedding

172x205, 175x205, 180x210, 180x215, 200x220

Double bedding (European standard)

200x210,25x225,225x245 200x200

Family linens:


Baby bedding

100x120, 100x140, 110x140, 150x100

Foreign parameters

Now we give the standards of foreign manufacturers:

American sizes

European sizes

Baby bed / crib



Single / Twin



Double / Full



King / Queen





Note: Baby bed / Crib corresponds to infant sets, Single / Twin - single and one-and-a-half, Double / Full - double, King / Queen - to royal size or European standard.

Tips for choosing optimal dimensions

In order not to get confused in the variety of sizes of duvet covers, you need to take into account some points. For example, single sets are rare for sale, as manufacturers ignore these sizes.

In addition, when choosing duvet covers you need to know the following parameters:

  • mattress size;
  • the size of the blanket;
  • blanket thickness;
  • Couple preferences: sleep under the same or under different blankets.

Most prefer to take cover with blankets with a reserve, so manufacturers are less likely to produce single sets. And if you still need a single duvet cover, it is easier to pick one without a set.

    The size of the mattress is taken into account when buying a blanket. You can choose the right size for it, for a more comfortable dressing with a veil or with a reserve - then your blanket will frame the bed without a bed aesthetically.After that, find out the size of the blanket.

    The blanket is measured with a conventional measuring tape or tape measure.

    What sizes are blankets?


    • one and a half sleeping with 140x205 and 155x215;
    • double 172x205 and 200x220.


    • one and a half-sleeping 160x205, 160x215, 160x220;
    • double 180x210, 195x215, 200x200;
    • royal: 220x240.

    The thickness of the blanket must be taken into account in order to add 5–10 cm to the size indicated on the duvet cover label when choosing a duvet cover.

    Some spouses prefer to sleep under one blanket, so they are advised to buy at least a large one-and-a-half, and for greater comfort - a double duvet cover of the Russian or European standard. There are such couples who are more comfortable to sleep under different blankets, in this case, the most suitable would be a family set with two duvet covers.

    And one more tip. Carefully read the labels on the clothes: sometimes manufacturers do not "bother" matching the names of sets and sizes. In this case, be guided by the size, not the name.

        Choose the right duvet for you and enjoy a healthy and happy sleep.

        How to sew a half-sleeping blanket, see the following video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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