Which mattress is best to choose in the crib for a newborn?

Children's sleep is the key to the proper development of the baby, which is especially important in the first years of life. In order for the baby to grow up healthy, it is necessary from birth to ensure a good sleeping place where the main role is played by the mattress. Today, there is a huge selection of products on sale, so parents are faced with the important task of selecting a mattress of appropriate quality, size and design.


Preparatory activities prior to the birth of a baby are priority issues for parents. Priority in the nursery has a sleeping place. Calm and sleep of the child will directly depend on its location and configuration, therefore the selection of a mattress is extremely important.

For a long time it was believed that a soft bed - the best option for a babyHowever, thanks to medical research, it became obvious that a child, especially an infant, needs a tough place to sleep, because only in this case the spine of the child can form correctly.

Before proceeding to the study of the degree of rigidity of products, it is necessary to consider in detail the types of mattresses that are used today for the crib.

Springless Products

Such orthopedic products are the most popular among the entire list of mattresses. This is due to configuration features, where there are no springs inside, which makes them safer. Various fillers act as the inner layer, the type of which determines the degree of product stiffness. Orthopedic mattresses allow you to properly sit in bed without unnecessary sagging of the body, which eliminates the risk of curvature of the spine of the newborn.

Children's products are made from hypoallergenic raw materials, in addition, mattresses have dense covers from natural materials. Products possess property to keep warm and take away moisture.

Spring mattresses

Similar products include two subspecies - classic products and models containing independent blocks. The first type of product is not recommended by modern pediatricians for arranging a children's bed, since they bend under the body weight, and the children's spine is bent along with them.

The second option can be used in the nursery, since the products are able to repeat the curves of the body and perfectly support the back. However, they have age restrictions - experts recommend purchasing such products for children over 12 years old.

Double sided products

Universal options for children, because they can be used for a long period. A more elastic side is used for infants, upon reaching 3 years old the mattress can be put in a children's bed by another side.

Two-season mattresses

Such products are made in such a way that one side better accumulates heat, so it is used during the cold season, and the other, on the contrary, provides good air circulation.

This avoids common skin problems in newborns in the summer, such as prickly heat.

Cocoon mattresses

Modern products that have a few non-standard design. The product is made in the form of an oval with a deep inner area. Such a structure provides the baby with conditions close to those in which he spent 9 months.

This bed has a multifunctional purpose., because most often it contains special locks and handles that make the mattress quite mobile. The product can be used up to the age of four.

According to foreign pediatricians, for the infant it is better to choose such an option.

An important point regarding the classification of mattresses is the type of filler used.

For springless products the following materials are used.


Semi-synthetic raw materials, which has some similarities with natural wool. Treats products of medium hardness, does not cause allergies.

Foam rubber

Cellular synthetic material, due to its structure, is breathable and differs in that it is able to restore a flat surface after operation. When using such a mattress, the level of rigidity concentrates on important areas of the body of the newborn, which helps to correctly form the spine of the infant.

Coconut filler

It is a natural raw material, which is distinguished by a good density, and at the same time, elasticity, which is important for removing muscle tone and the possibility of a good rest of the child. Such a product does not provoke allergic reactions, in addition, it is well breathable and blocks the development inside harmful microorganisms.

However, the products belong to the goods of high value category.


Can be used in spring products. Most often, this raw material is used as a filler together with other materials. Such products are distinguished by long service life and elasticity.


Fully natural raw materials, this filler is hypoallergenic and hygroscopic, the material is also able to control and create a microclimate corresponding to the season.

Standard and custom sizes

As for the size, then as a basic standard unit is considered to be a children's mattress 60x120 centimeters. However, foreign products, especially European ones, offer slightly different sizes - 70x140 centimeters, and even 65x130 centimeters.The height of mattresses usually varies within 10-15 centimeters.

For non-standard beds, manufacturers additionally make products for these sizes. Parents should pay attention to the fact that the size of the mattress should correspond exactly to the crib, otherwise there is a risk of traumatic situations, as well as the formation of cavities and creases on the product, which can harm the child’s spine.

Criterias of choice

Since modern brands offer parents a large selection of mattresses for newborns, When buying, you should pay special attention to the following important qualities of the product.

  • Hypoallergenic. Children's products must have quality certificates, since the harmlessness of the material will directly affect the health of the baby, the condition of his epidermis and respiratory tract.
  • The level of product stiffness. In this matter, you must comply with the measure, too soft surface will lead to a curvature of the spine, in addition, excessive softness is dangerous for infants, because it can suffocate in sleep. Products that will have medium stiffness will maintain the baby’s immature body in the correct condition, combining benefit with a pleasant springiness.
  • Orthopedic effect. This is a prerequisite, which must meet the children's mattress. Such products will allow you to maintain a physiologically correct posture in a dream, as well as eliminate the likelihood of problems with posture and back in the future.
  • Breathable properties of materials. The raw materials used for the production of mattresses for newborns can be made of artificial and natural materials, however, they must pass air well.
  • Dimensions. The permissible deviation from the size of a children's bed should be no more than two centimeters.
  • Convenience in the care of the product. It is necessary to select options that are easy to clean, in addition, withstand frequent contact with feces or dairy products. The best choice would be a mattress with a removable cover, which will be made of a material that tolerates frequent washings.

The above characteristics are considered most important during the selection of a mattress, however, there are still such important moments as design. Today, manufacturers offer a huge selection of colors, from standard monochrome models to colorful items that will delight the baby.

We consider age

As for age, up to one year old baby’s bed should be as tough as possible. From a year to three the degree of rigidity of the mattress can be reduced. Babies with contraindications from an orthopedic to bed in a soft bed fall into the category of exceptions.

What mattress to fit?

For the children's mattress cover is required.

To choose the right product, you can follow these guidelines:

  • it is best to use mattress covers with a rubber band around the edges that will not roll down from the mattress;
  • fabric with a waterproof layer will be optimal for a newborn;
  • As a cover, water-repellent diapers can also temporarily be used.

Popular manufacturers and reviews

Among the large list of brands involved in the manufacture of children's products, it is worthwhile to dwell on manufacturers who, according to reviews, deserve the highest marks for product quality.

Afalina Bai-Bai

Domestic products, which are completely missing glue. Mattresses can be made on the basis of natural and artificial materials, most often products include several layers,which ensures the correct position of the body of the baby while in bed. In the basic configuration there is a mattress cover.

Italbaby jolly plus

Recommended by pediatricians for newborns prone to allergic reactions. For the manufacture of foam boards are used, which are well pass dust and water.

Included is a mattress topper.

Lapsi cocolatex lux

The product is manufactured using latex and coir or cotton. The mattress has an ideal level of rigidity, as well as a very comfortable removable cover.

Taumeland snowflake

Universal mattress that can be used from birth to four years. Cold foam acts as a filler. The product has elastic sides and high-quality case.

All of the above companies have received excellent reviews from their parents.


    After purchasing a suitable version of the mattress, it should ensure its durability.

    To do this, you must follow a fairly simple rules of care for the product.

    • The specific use of products involves the contact of the product with a moist environment, so the mattress should be regularly dried and aired, regardless of the materials from which it is made.The best moment for this will be a sunny day. However, when performing these tasks it is necessary to take into account that the product can only be positioned in a horizontal position, sometimes changing the direction on which sunlight will fall.
    • It is forbidden to beat the dust out of the mattress. In order to clean it from accumulated particles of dust and dirt, it will be sufficient to vacuum the product from all sides once a month.
    • For greater convenience, you should additionally purchase several pieces of spare covers, so that there is always the opportunity to wash the soiled and quickly replace it with a new one. Mattress covers with ties, on a lightning or on an elastic band are very convenient in use.
    • Double-sided models with different levels of stiffness are reversed when the child reaches a certain age, the rest of the products should change position from time to time.
    • Transportation of products is allowed only in a horizontal state. As for the options with springs, it is forbidden to fold them, because in such a position it is possible to damage the structure.
    • Stains on the surface must be removed with special children's products that do not contain chlorine.
    • Coconut mattresses can not be cleaned by a wet method, the care of such products involves airing and dry cleaning.
    • Mattresses with a wadding filler can be dry-cleaned, but cleaning should be done with minimal moisture.
    • Models where only one side is rigid should be turned over, changing the position of the mattress relative to the head of the child.

    Opinion of Dr. Komarovsky on children's mattresses - in the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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