The design of the house facing brick

 The design of the house facing brick

A very popular and worthy solution that has been pleasing people for a long time is the finishing of the facade of a building with bricks. This option is particularly successful for private homes. There are a large number of different colors and brick models that have good aesthetic properties and can compete with other lining materials, since such a method of finishing is much easier and more convenient.

Special features

Bricks are made from high-quality materials that allow building owners to be confident in the reliability and safety of such cladding. Also, various technologies are used in manufacturing: the brick is fired, extruded and subjected to hyperspressing.This greatly improves its quality as well as aesthetic properties.

    This front material has many advantages.

    Brick is a porous material, therefore it allows air to enter the house without any problems. Due to this moisture does not stagnate in the room.

    • In the manufacture of material manufacturers use dyes resistant, so the brick has a high resistance to ultraviolet rays.
    • The facade will look attractive and aesthetically pleasing for a long time, it will not be affected in any way by the aggressive influence of the environment.
    • The material is not afraid of temperature fluctuations outside or inside buildings.
    • If the masonry was made qualitatively, such a facade will serve the owner up to one hundred and fifty years.
    • Does not require special care, when contaminated easily washed with water with a hose.
    • It is environmentally friendly, will not emit harmful substances into the air, it is completely safe.
    • You can choose the perfect option for any design, lay out any architectural element, create an acute-angled or curvilinear shape. You can make an interesting pattern.
    • If necessary, these facades are easily and quickly restored, because if one or more bricks are damaged, they are easily replaced. It is only necessary to choose the material of the same color.

    It is important to remember that before using a brick it is necessary to strengthen the foundation. This facing material has a high cost, as it is really reliable and has an attractive, aesthetic look.

    Brick types

    There are several types of bricks, so everyone can choose for themselves exactly what is suitable for any particular design and building. Natural brick is the most popular and reliable way to cladding the facade of a building, but It is worth considering other types of bricks, having learned about their features and characteristics.

    • Silicate brick - A popular option, which is often used by owners of private houses. It has adequate value and a classic, aesthetic appearance. The main feature of this solution is that silicate has good thermal insulation, therefore, it is able to reliably protect the house from the various vagaries of nature: storms, temperature drops, strong gusts of wind and rain.

    It is easy to install silicate material, most often it is used when the area is refined independently.

    • Hyper pressed brick - more expensive, crushed limestone and shell rock are used as materials for its manufacture. This option allows the owner not to worry about the severe frosts in winter, as this building material has a high frost resistance. It fits well with a changeable climate, is very durable, serves for quite a long time and is able to maintain an original, beautiful look for many years. Another advantage in the piggy bank of the positive qualities of the material is the variety of forms of brick performance. There are many different sizes and colors, so everyone can choose for themselves something worthy and suitable.
    • The most sought after view - ceramic brick, which is often used to create a creative and unusual decoration of buildings. It has bright aesthetic properties. It helps to create incredibly beautiful houses, attracting the views of others. The main advantages of the masonry, made with the help of ceramic bricks, are decent practical properties, interesting appearance and variety of surface textures.

    Types of masonry

    To make a good and reliable brickwork yourself, you need to know about the variety of ways. There are many interesting options.

    • Spoon laying: elements are stacked with a spoon part. It is necessary that the upper row of cladding is shifted to any particular distance relative to the bottom line.
    • Tychkovaya - popular masonry, in which the bricks should be laid with the ends offset by half of the element.
    • There are two types of cross laying. With this option, it is necessary to alternate between the spoon and bonded laying. The first type of masonry involves the placement of the parts located at the ends in such a way that their inner side is adjacent to the middle of the spoon row element, while the outer one is at the junction. In the second embodiment, the elements of the tychkovogo series must be laid so that of three consecutive fragments the two extreme ones are at the same distance between the joints of adjacent lines.
    • With chain clutch bonded and spooned methods should be combined in the same row. Two elements must be laid in length, one - butt. It is necessary to mount the fragments in such a way that the end face is between the junction of spoon elements.
    • The easiest way is chaotic laying. You should place the fragments without any exact sequence. Perfect for those who have no experience (for self-facing facade).

    But you need to ensure that adjacent rows do not match the joints of the elements.

    And also there is a patterned masonry, in which designers can get the original, pre-designed drawing on the wall. An interesting idea that can greatly decorate the building.

    Tips and tricks

    If the finishing of the facade with such material is carried out independently, it is necessary to take into account some recommendations so that the decoration will last for many years and retain its positive characteristics. Stacking should be done only if the temperature is above zero and in the absence of high humidity. There are a few more rules of styling, which is useful to know.

    • You should not perform the calculation of more than six rows, as you should wait some time for the composition to seize. This is necessary to avoid deformation.
    • If you need to select the window openings, you can arrange them with fragments of a different shade.In such places, bindings should be made along the entire perimeter.
    • Elements must be moistened so that they slowly absorb water from the solution.

      Interesting options

      Manufacturers try to diversify the facing material and make special bricks of various colors and shades, so designers can create incredibly beautiful and spectacular building designs.

      The best design options and interesting ideas:

      • The visual perception of the house is easily changed by using one or another color. In order for a “heavy” building to appear airy and light, it is necessary to lay it out with light sand brick.
      • If the roof, windows and doors of a one-story house are brown, you need to combine them with a yellow brick.
      • The black or dark gray roof is adequately combined with a white brick. The building looks extremely modern. Suitable for minimalism style.
      • If the owner of the building wants to make the design of the facade traditional, you should pay attention to the red and brown material. Such a finish will give the owner a feeling of comfort and tranquility.
      • Style "Melange" - the original version, which uses both dark and light materials.

      The building looks unusual and creative, but at the same time aesthetic.

      • On brick houses you can see a combination of materials of various colors. For example, walls are made lighter, and the corners and frames of doors and windows are laid out with dark material.
      • Quite an interesting idea - to use textured brick.

      It remains only to choose the best option for yourself from the above and start planning the construction.

      Beautiful ideas of facing a brick house in the video below.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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