Children's wooden swing: types and tips for choosing

Swings are as old as the world; every generation of children enjoys riding their favorite rides. They never get bored, even if they are in their own garden or apartment. Having a swing for personal use is the dream of many babies. It is quite possible for parents to make them a little happier. One has only to get the desired swing or make it yourself.

Design features

Swings can be made of metal, plastic and wood. Each material is good in its own way, but it is the tree that is eco-friendly, pleasant to the touch, beautiful, able to harmoniously integrate into the surrounding environment of the garden. Wood - malleable material, those who are engaged in wood carving, create real masterpieces. If the budget allows, you can order carved wooden swings with sculptures of fairy-tale heroes at the base of supports from such craftsmen. Even greater investments will be needed if the whole site is decorated with carved benches, a gazebo, a canopy.

Not every tree is suitable for a swing device, only hardwoods: spruce, oak, birch. All wooden parts of the structure must be durable and well treated to a state of perfect smoothness, wood is dangerous with splinters and sharp cuts. It is necessary to make sure that the wood has no knots and cracks, the poor-quality material will crack and crack over time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Personal Swing have a lot of advantages:

  • if the child in the country has nothing to do, the swing will help him have a good time;
  • parents can go about their business and not worry about the kid, as he is within sight;
  • if you make the swing bigger and stronger, they will entertain several children or even adults at once;
  • babies who do not fall asleep will be helped by indoor swings, started in the rhythm of monotonous swaying;
  • working with wood is easy, the design is quite affordable to do yourself;
  • wooden swings are eco-friendly, they will organically fit into the landscape of the garden.

The disadvantages include factors relating to all wood products: Wood should be treated with special means, since precipitation, insects, rodents, fungus and mold are harmful to it. A good canopy and antiseptic can solve the problem.


Swing can be divided by type of construction, location, age category.

By location

The design can be built on a personal plot. In such conditions, a growing tree will serve as a support if you are lucky to find in the garden a sprawling specimen with a strong branch at the required height from the ground. Otherwise, you will have to install supports. All parts made of wood should be painted and treated with antifungal agents.

Swings for the house, you can buy ready-made or do it yourself. For models with supports, a large room is required. The easiest option is to hang the swing in the doorway, securing it at the bottom. This method is suitable for kids, you need to monitor the weight of the child, so as not to miss the moment when the loot ceases to withstand the extra load.

By design

Structurally swing are divided into:

  • mobile, which can be moved to another place;
  • stationary, fixed thoroughly;
  • single, in the form of a small wooden plate;
  • look like a chair with a back and handrails;
  • lounger in the form of a sofa or bed;
  • bench bench;
  • balance weights or swing scales.

According to the age

For very young children, a backrest, handrails, and a seat belt with fastening between the legs are provided so that the baby does not slip down. For children over ten years of age, one board on hanging brackets is enough. Models for children and adults for four seats are called family, parents can ride with them.


Difference of a swing swing from frame consists in lack of special support. They are hung, where possible: on a branch of a tree, horizontal bar, ceiling hooks. Suspensions are ropes or chains. Any seat can be a seat: a board, a chair with sawn-off legs, a car tire or a wooden pallet that you can throw pillows on to get a comfortable hanging bed. Hammock can also be attributed to a variety of swings.

Site preparation

Swing for children set in the house or in the fresh air. For the room you can buy a finished model on the racks. If there is not enough space for the supports, the structure is suspended from hooks to the ceiling bar or in the doorway.

There are a lot of requirements for choosing a place on the plot.

  • The place is sought even or leveled in the process of preparation for installation. Riding, the child should not cling to the bushes, hills and hummocks.
  • The playground can be located only where fences and buildings are located at a safe distance. They can not be touched even with a strong swing, and even more so to hurt when careless falling.
  • If there is no shady tree, you should think about a canopy. Carried away by the game, the child may not notice overheating in the sun.
  • The selected place should be clearly visible from the places of frequent stay of adults.
  • It is necessary to check that allergens, honey plants and toxic plants do not grow near the playground, their taste may be of interest to the baby, and honey plants will attract stinging insects.
  • It is better not to install a swing in the valley and in other places with high humidity, wood products will quickly become worthless.
  • On the playground there should be no drafts.
  • Soil under the swing is better to fall asleep with sand or sawdust, which will help soften the blow from the fall. For these purposes, and suitable lawn.

How to do?

Swings in the country will bring a lot of joy to children, and make them easy on their own. It is only necessary to properly distribute the workflow. Before you start making the design itself, a number of preliminary works should be carried out. It is necessary to determine the place for the swing, then make a drawing, back it up with dimensions and estimates, prepare the necessary material and working inventory.

When the place is prepared, you should choose a model, draw a sketch, make calculations. It is necessary to draw every detail, think through every detail. Exit to the prepared playground and once again check whether there is enough space for rocking. When choosing supports and fixtures, everything is calculated and checked more than once, the health and safety of the child depends on it. Swings that can withstand the weight of an adult will be ideal.


If there is no perfect tree at the dacha for a swing, you will have to build a frame and supports yourself.

There are four types of frames.

  • U-shaped - in appearance the simplest design (two supports and a crossbeam). But such a framework is extremely unstable. To make it reliable, supports must be concreted or strengthened with braces (metal cables).
  • L-shaped The frame is more reliable. It consists of two pair of supports, connected by ends to each other in the form of a letter L. A crossbar is laid between the pair of supports, on which the swing is attached. Such supports can become a small ladder or slide.
  • X-shaped the frame is similar to the previous one, only the upper ends of the supports do not join, but slightly overlap. The design allows you to lay the crossbar between the two tops of the logs, and if you want to put one additional support on each side.
  • A-shaped the frame has a small crossbar between the supports, which makes them look like the letter A. This frame is very reliable, it allows you to keep the swing for adults or family multi-seat.

Swings do for growth so that they do not have to deal with them every year. For children's structures, the frame is better to choose with A-shaped supports, as it is the most reliable.Pendants in the form of chains will allow to change the height annually, adjusting it to the height of the child.


For children over ten years old, you can limit yourself to the simplest option in the form of a wooden rectangle or oval. It is important that the end of such a seat is gently rounded. For smaller children, a compact chair with a backrest and handrails should be made, with a belt fixing in front and an emphasis between the legs. Family swings can be in the form of a long, well-crafted board or in the form of a bench with a back and handrails.


Begin installation with markings on the ground. Next, you need to dig holes and insert support into them. Concreting can not only U-shaped frame, any support with concrete will be more reliable, especially if the swing is designed for the weight of an adult. Fasteners (chains, ropes, ropes) are selected according to the weight of the child. They are connected to the seat, and then hung from the crossbar. Ballast is carefully leveled and skewed.


There are two types of canopies: directly above the swing and more voluminous - above the playground. The canopy over the swings is fixed with the help of the upper crossbar, on which the frame is made of timber and sewn up with boards or plywood. You can use polycarbonate or tarpaulin.A canopy over the entire playground requires the installation of supports (pillars), on which a tent or camouflage net is pulled from above.

Technical requirements

Child seat should be comfortable and safe: wide, deep, with a high back and handrails, for kids - with a front protective bar. The height between the ground and the seat is about eighty centimeters. Props deeply and firmly buried in the ground. The plot under the swings should not be concreted or laid out with paving slabs, it is better to plant grass or lay it with rubber street plates intended for sports grounds. Carried away by security, one should not forget about aesthetics. Swing can be painted or made multi-colored. Decorate the area around them with flower beds, install a table, benches and a sandbox at a distance. It will turn out a beautiful and favorite area for children to play.

Operating rules

It seems to many that they are familiar with the rules of safety at the level of instincts, It will be useful to remind them again.

  1. You can not leave alone on the swing of children of preschool age. Falling and trying to rise, they can get hit by a moving structure.Even if the playground is well visible, it is impossible to manage to prevent a traumatic situation.
  2. Older children swing the swing strongly, risking a fall. During the installation, the design for long-term active swinging with increased weight must be checked.
  3. It is necessary to periodically conduct a technical inspection, with long-term operation, even the most reliable design is capable of loosening.

There is nothing difficult in the rules of operation of a swing. If they are performed, the attraction will last a long time and will give only positive emotions.

To learn how to make a children's wooden swing with your own hands, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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