Children's suspended swing: features, types and ways of production

Modern families, despite their dependence on urban comfort, on weekends try to go to quiet places, for example, to the country. Spread a blanket in the garden and just lie down, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of nature. But for a small child, silence and tranquility cause complete dismissal. It is important for him to jump higher than his head, tumble and have fun in all sorts of ways. This amount of energy can not be ignored, especially in the country. It is required to create comfortable conditions for children's games, and it is necessary to begin with a swing.

Advantages and disadvantages

First of all, the swing is considered as a way of entertainment for the child. But besides the game features, swing designs carry a number of features that contribute to the development of the child.

  • Regular use of swings replaces morning exercises for the child.Coordinated body movements while swinging strengthen muscles.
  • The vestibular apparatus of the child’s body develops and strengthens.
  • In the process of rocking the child begins to study in detail the possibilities of his own body.
  • Dexterity and ability to control their movements develop.
  • On the psychological side, the child learns independence.

Swing is one of the few types of entertainment that has no flaws. The main thing is to acquire models for the child according to age, so that he feels cozy and comfortable.


In past centuries, children's swings were designed according to one standard pattern, the products had the same shape and were made of the same material. But today, technological progress has made great strides, and now children can use the swings right in their room.

Modern versions of a swing are presented in several forms: wicker, metal, wood and plastic.


These swings belong to the group of the easiest products for children's leisure. For their manufacture, you can take any material from which you can weave mesh patterns.This product is suitable for an apartment, as well as for country use. Parents need to consider that for this model, the suitable age of the child is from 7-8 years. The wicker swing seat is supplemented with a soft pad to avoid stiffness and discomfort from the process of use.

An important quality of woven models is to use only high quality materials that do not cause allergic reactions. It should be noted that the service life of woven products exceeds all expectations, even after ten years they will look like new.


This is a more familiar version of the product. Immediately it becomes clear what is at stake. Modern developers offer consumers an extensive range of metal structures, where the most popular are autonomous swings for outdoor use.

For metal models there are a number of qualities and features for which they have been valued for several centuries.

  • They are the most durable. With proper care they are not covered with corrosion and rust. It is enough to wipe and tint in time.
  • They are the most reliable.Parents do not have to worry that the design of the model will fall apart at the most crucial moment.
  • They are safe for small children. The main thing is for parents to observe all precautions.
  • This is the beauty of metal construction. Whatever the garden or garden, forged swing will complement the site with aesthetics.


One of the most common models that require careful maintenance. Especially if they are located in open space. Moisture has a negative effect on the quality of the wood used. When choosing a model in this case, it is important to pay attention to the number of mounts and security system.

  • For babies suspended swing should have four support mounts, back, front crossbar and seat belts.
  • For older childrenable to balance themselves, double swing swings are available.
  • For the convenience of parents There are compact models of wooden swings that you can take with you to rest. It is enough to hang the structure on a massive branch of a tree.


These swings are more suitable for home use.They can be made in various forms, even in the form of a chair. And color solutions have no boundaries.

Unfortunately, plastic, in its structure, does not have an increased level of strength., therefore swing from this material intend only for small children. In addition, each model is equipped with a number of sonorous toys, so that the child’s time on the swing proceeds with great pleasure.

It is worth noting that in the design of a plastic swing there are seat belts, and the front part is equipped with a protective bumper.

A distinctive feature of these models is the ability to transport the structure over long distances, for example, to the garden.

    In addition, the suspended swing is divided by type of attachment: chains and ropes.

    • Chains made of durable metal, so they hang heavy construction swing, for example, metal. Chain fastening system with proper care can last for a long time.
    • Rope fasteners more common in everyday life, but for massive designs of swings are not suitable. Thin weaving of the rope can be used for plastic swings, and the rope is suitable for hanging wooden structures.


    At production of a children's swing only the high-quality material which is not causing an allergic reaction and irritations is used.

    In the manufacture of plastic models used polymer material. It is completely harmless, does not cause negative effects after touching baby skin. In the production process, plastic undergoes a special certification for the identification of harmful substances, and after that, a swing is made from it.

    In the production of wooden swing uses only environmentally friendly material. According to its characteristics, the wooden base successfully fits into any interior of the suburban area. In the manufacture of wooden base material is thoroughly processed, and then varnished in several layers.

    For metal swings, a special metal processing technique is used.

    It is mandatory to clean the corners to protect the child from injury. The metal surface is covered with a special substance that prevents the occurrence of rust and corrosion.

    Tips for choosing

    Before you buy your child a swing, parents should pay attention to several important aspects.

    • If the swings are purchased for home use, it is necessary to choose a place to place them so that there are no obstacles in the surrounding space, dangerous household items and just sharp corners.
    • For children under one year, parents should pay attention to models in the form of cradles with adjustable backrest. The material used in the production of these models is made of natural textiles.
    • Models with a swinging device are best used for babies up to four months. Older children from untimely motion sickness can disrupt sleep patterns.
    • For the crumbs, beginners to do the first conscious steps, the best standing swing type. Thanks to their use, the child gets used to the horizontal position much faster.
    • For an active one-and-a-half year old baby, you should choose a seated swing. Their design is made taking into account the anatomical features of the structure of the child.

    The choice of a swing for an adult child should be approached very carefully. It is very important that the fastenings of the structure are reliable and durable. Some models offer three-point and five-point seat belts.

    Swings should bring only joy and pleasure to the child, so the kid should take an active part in choosing a model.

    How to make?

    Nowadays, buying ready-made swings is much easier than making them yourself. And yet, home-made designs look more natural, and the process of work brings only pleasure.

    It is very easy and simple to make wooden models of a suspended swing. It does not take a lot of time. From the materials you need only a wooden base for sitting and strong rope.

    • First you need to handle a wooden surface with a grinding machine. The wooden base should be extremely smooth.
    • Further notches are made for fastening the ropes on the underside of the seat. It is enough to use a hammer and a thin chisel for this.
    • The rope is wrapped around the seat, locking in the recess. Now you can hang on the crossbar.
    • For kids, the design of the model is slightly different. The wooden seat should have a back and side rails. To do this, you need to make the basis of several rails. On them to fasten a landing surface and a back.Side rails can be made from the same bars.

    It is very important to pay attention to the mount. For kids, four-point suspension is necessary. That is, from every angle the construction of the swing should be firmly tied.

    The manufacture of a metal structure carries a lot of subtleties and nuances, respectively, The production process takes a long time.

    • First you need to set the foundation. According to the technology and safety, it should be in the form of the letter "L" with a crossbar at the top point.
    • Hooks are welded to the crossbar for hanging the seat.
    • Next is made the landing block itself. It can be in the form of a stool or a direct support.
    • If the chain is supposed to be hung up, the installation hooks must also be welded to the seat.
    • The seat needs to be processed and rounded off all available right angles.
    • Then work begins on the suspension of the seat. If chains are used, they must be inserted into prepared hooks and connected to each other. For strength required to use a welding machine.
    • The model with straight pipe fasteners is welded to the landing block.Their upper part is threaded into the prepared hooks of the base. The ends are bent and welded together.

    In order to make a metal swing with your own hands, you need to use the design drawings, where the dimensions and dimensions of the result are painted.

    How to make a swing with their own hands, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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