Secrets of landscape design

The main advantage of a country house is the ability to equip homestead territory of their own accord. Even in the garden of a small square, you can create a real paradise. Landscape design is designed to transform the territory and create a luxurious garden on the site.

Special features

Any project begins with the fact that designers inspect the site, collect all the data about it. Through this approach, you can create a unique landscape. Then a plan is created, it is shown to the customer for review, he either confirms it, or speaks about modifications.

Landscape design involves the selection of all the details, even the smallest.

All design objects can be divided into several types:

  • natural environment - this includes relief, changed by human hands;
  • subjects of natural and artificial education;
  • vegetation and architecture, as well as fountains, pools, stairs.

Landscaping of the territory implies its landscaping with the use of various compositions with plants, stones, ponds. On the site you can place a swimming pool, a dining area, but you should not forget about the garden.

Landscape design necessarily involves the use of a master plan. This is a drawing with which you can explore the available space of the family estate and design the area in any design. The plan contains all the data on the features of the relief of the garden, on the sites where the trees and various shrubs will be located.

Design includes the following stages:

  • The designer comes to the site to assess the territory. The boundaries of the yard are clarified and fit into the plan, the location of plantations and communications is determined, the type of soil is analyzed.
  • Images are created in which the types of landscaping are indicated, architecture is chosen.
  • A master plan is being created.
  • Vegetation is selected.
  • Project drawings are created.

The basis of the landscape is vegetation, it is she who connects architectural objects and nature. Today there are many ways of planting a plot with planting trees, shrubs of various sizes, flower and vegetable compositions. If there is a lot of space on the territory, you can create a winter garden or arrange a lawn.

Landscape construction does not do without systems of engineering.

Parks and gardens will be beautiful and lush only in the presence of drainage and irrigation systems:

  • automatic watering;
  • drainage and line system;
  • garden lighting.

The main thing is to design engineering systems in the same style with architecture and greenery.


Zoning of the territory implies dividing the yard into zones that perform different functions.

The main areas include:

  • front door;
  • recreation;
  • horticultural;
  • economic;
  • children.

If you do not have the opportunity to turn to specialists, you can zone the site yourself, this is not so difficult. You can remove some zones, it all depends on your wishes. Regardless of the size and conditions of the garden, there must necessarily be a ceremonial zone, which occupies approximately 6% of the entire territory. The main function of this zone is the entrance of the car and the entrance to the estate.

At this stage, you should perform work on the design:

  • platforms for vehicles;
  • convenient path to the house.

During the planning, the relief of the site must be taken into account, it will help to prevent the stagnation of water after rain, we must first think of places for collectors and drains. The path to the house should be large so that its width can accommodate at least three people. The coating for the track is better to choose tiled. Install decorative items along the fence. Lighting should be given maximum attention, it should not irritate the eyes, but at the same time it should be well illuminate the area.

If you intend to make a platform for vehicles open, then you should not plant fruit trees next to them. The parade area is great for a flower garden or any original composition.

Recreation area is made according to the tastes and wishes of each. Here make out the terrace, gazebo, barbecue. As a rule, this zone occupies approximately 15% of the entire courtyard. Even on a small platform, you can install all the necessary elements - a table, a gazebo, barbecue facilities and much more.

Thinking through the concept of a recreation area, pay attention to the following rules:

  • This zone should be connected to the house, which will provide convenience. At the table, all family members and friends will often gather for a delicious dinner, so access to the house would be appropriate;
  • the recreation area should be located behind the house, away from the front door, it will provide a calm and cozy atmosphere, you can hide from the hustle and bustle;
  • find a place with the most beautiful view.

A large part of the yard, about 75%, as well as the sunniest, is given to the garden zone. The basis of the garden decoration will be flowering plants. It is recommended to equip this area away from the recreation area.

In the garden, make paths with a hard surface, it not only looks attractive, but also convenient to use.

The focus is on the economic zone, where you can place a barn, bath, garage, greenhouse. It should be placed near the garden. In this case, more attention should be paid to practicality and convenience, rather than appearance. To fence the economic zone can be grates, roses or grapes.

If there is a play zone in the drawings, then pay attention that it must correspond to the age of the child, be comfortable for him.

When creating sketches you need to remember two nuances:

  • it is desirable that a window is visible from the window of the house;
  • Choose a soft coating, for example, from sand or a lawn option.

The game zone should be the embodiment of positive emotions, so use bright colors. What to place on the playground, each parent decides for himself, it will be enough swings, slides, sandboxes and benches. A place for this zone should be chosen sunny, but at the same time, there should be a place where you can hide in the shade. Thinking through the zoning plan of the site, keep in mind that in the future it will not come in handy, so you need to foresee its changes in the future. For example, in that area you can install a pool.


To date, landscape designers do not stop at the application of old developments, and each time they use all the new ideas. Each style involves the use of certain traditions of design.

There are such types of gardens:

  • Regular gardens - appeared more than 400 years ago in France. This style is characterized by strict forms and symmetry. The parade area is decorated with a huge number of flower beds, and topiary is also used for scenery. For regular gardens use evergreens, which will delight the owners and guests, even in winter.
  • Landscape style - as close to nature as possible, very natural. Original compositions will make you one with nature. The cost of such a garden is quite affordable, the volume of earthworks is also small. On the site must be decorative willow, boxwood, thuja.
  • Italian style - in this style a clear zoning is always provided for, the garden should be a continuation of the house. Green fences are used, in a large number there are geometrical figures. Another distinctive feature of the Italian garden is the presence of a patio and sculptures.
  • Chinese style - decorated in this style of recreation places fascinate with its magnificence, luxury and pomp. The plan must be gazebos or sheds. The site is decorated with bamboo, bronze and stone bas-reliefs.
  • Japanese style - feature is miniature and symbolism. Such gardens should create comfort and coziness for the owner, hide it from the city bustle and noise. The basis in this style is stones and water, and the decorations are rockaria or alpine slide. Together with the standard garden components, Japanese-style flashlights and bonsai are used.
  • Modern - this style appeared in the XX century. Its feature is the perfect combination of functionality with utility. It uses clear lines, geometric shapes and elements of artistic forging.
  • Country music - it is also called the rural style, which reveals all the charm of life in the village. In such a garden are appropriate bright flower beds, lush bushes, arches and canopies. For the garden in the style of the country creates a Moorish lawn and ornamental garden.
  • Dutch gardens decorated with evergreen vegetation. This style is very similar to country, but only the weeds need to be removed, and the overgrown greens cut.
  • Muslim gardens - A great choice for those who prefer a leisurely lifestyle. This style involves the unification of man with nature. The atmosphere in such a garden should be comfortable and peaceful. Each stage of the creation of the garden should be carefully thought out, in the center there should be small ponds.
  • Moorish style can "boast" courtyards, made in the form of rooms. They are divided by arches and pergolas, and covered with greenery. Plants are arranged in a free order and do not need regularhaircut.

When designing reclamation systems, the specifics of landscape complexes are analyzed and taken into account. When creating any style you can not leave without a single detail. Each style has a certain highlight, which makes it popular.


In order for the garden to be truly original and interesting, great attention should be paid to the plants. Of the entire range of existing plants, it is rather difficult to choose precisely those that will truly adorn the site. It is possible to make a garden attractive from trees, soil flowers and bushes, but they must create a single composition.

Coniferous trees are very popular, as they do not need special care. Miniature Christmas trees and pines, cypress trees tolerate climatic changes and will delight owners and guests all year round. The landscape of coniferous plants can have different forms. In addition to their beauty, they remove from the air all the pollution and fill it with resins, which have a positive effect on human health.

Shrubs add harmony to the landscape. Roses, lilac, jasmine - they are often used for hedges or borders.With the help of shrubs, you can create original compositions, and you can place them separately, for example, diluting a monotonous lawn or lawn. Also, shrubs perfectly highlighted architectural objects.

Ampel plants are the best choice for vertical decoration of various garden components. For the decoration of the walls often use climbers, such as grapes. If you want to give the garden romance and tenderness, then pay attention to petunias, geraniums, begonias.

And to create all kinds of composite forms are used ornamental flowering plants. For example, the spotlight of any garden will undoubtedly be a flower bed dotted with monochromatic plants. You can make a complex composition of different colors.

The choice of plants for the landscape depends on what zone they are intended for. For example, according to ergonomics in the ceremonial zone, mixborders are often used - a composition that combines plants of various sizes and shades. In the garden you can use a variety of herbaceous plants, which will be an excellent background for the overall composition. In search of the ideal vegetation for your garden, it is necessary to take into account not only the view, but also the requirements for their life - the ground, the frequency of watering, the tolerance of the influence of the sun.

Rules and regulations

Creating a landscape is impossible without compliance with the relevant documentation on landscaping and gardening adjacent to the house plot. A specialist who is engaged in creating the design of your garden must necessarily take into account all the requirements of the SNiP, otherwise it will have to make changes to the already existing landscape.

The explanatory note is an integral part of any landscape design. This is not a simple formality, it is a source of important data on the land. The note indicates a brief description of the main idea, as well as information such as the type of soil, vegetation and buildings that already exist on the territory, their disadvantages and advantages, the best areas.

Also, the explanatory note indicates the requirements and wishes of the customer, the interests of all living in the house. Taking into account all the principles of the landscape, its features and the wishes of the customer, the specialist must create original compositions and create a luxurious garden.

Beautiful examples

After a dusty and noisy city, you want to relax in a quiet and cozy garden, which is located on the territory of your home.To arrange a beautiful green area, it will be necessary to work well, but it is better to contact the specialists who will create a real paradise.

Before you create a sketch plan, you must carefully study the terrain, find out what the soil is here, and where the groundwater flows. You also need to find out the level of hilly in the area, find out if there are slopes.

Arrangement of suburban area should be carried out taking into account the wishes of all family members. Great attention is paid to the recreation area, because here at a delicious dinner you will often get together with friends or family. The main element of this zone is a place for barbecue and kebab. Someone will just need to install the brazier and arrange some comfortable seats, while others need a powerful canopy near the street stove, armchairs and sofas.

During the improvement of yard areas, many prefer to create a dining room in the open air. To do this, you need to buy strong tables and chairs, but remember that they should be fairly light and compact, because in the winter all the furniture is retracted into the house or under a shed. It is recommended to put a table and chairs on a tiled surface,This will provide furniture sustainability.

To give the residential areas harmony and tranquility, use water in any form. Many prefer artificial ponds that look amazing. It is also appropriate to use the pool, in which on a hot sunny day you can swim and cool down or have fun with friends. And so that the sun does not interfere with your dinner, it is recommended to choose tables with a hole for an umbrella.

The courtyard of a country house is a great opportunity to make all your dreams come true, to create the perfect place to relax. You can look at the ready-made versions of the gardens in the photographs, but if you contact the specialists for help, you will have the opportunity to create your own, unique landscape design. You can create your own corner on your own, making it not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The main thing is that everything should look like a single whole and all components complement each other.

Tips for planning a site from a professional landscape designer can be found in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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