Wallpaper in the nursery with the stars

 Wallpaper in the nursery with the stars

Children's room should look beautiful and elegant. But time-tested solutions sometimes look dull and monotonous. An interesting solution is the use of scenes with the stars - but they need to be applied flexibly and skillfully.

Selection features

How correctly selected decor in the room, Where children live depends on:

  • stability and usefulness of their development;
  • emotional condition;
  • academic performance in kindergarten and school;
  • full formation of the worldview;
  • education aesthetic and cultural preferences;
  • individuality or primitive conformism.

As practice shows, children and even adults alike adore “star” motifs.Depending on personal preferences, you can choose a variety of options. But in any case it is worth looking at whether the materials are safe, whether they are sufficiently protected in environmental terms.

Wallpaper in the nursery with stars are divided into types:

  • universal type;
  • coating designed for girls;
  • decor for boys;
  • wall coverings for preschoolers;
  • design rooms for older children.

It is necessary to focus not only on their own tastes, but also on what the interior colors are, how the furniture in the children's room is designed. In the absence of adequate certainty, or if there is a need to harmonize different styles, it is necessary to resort to the help of designers. It is necessary to observe in any case the balance between the intensity of the backlight (the room should be bright) and the calmness of the situation. The older the children, the more calm the design should be.

Starting from 8–10 years old, you can already safely take into account the personal tastes of children.

How can you "file" the stars?

The number of options to do this is very large. The undisputed leadership for many decades keeps the space theme. That it contributes to the creation of a calm and harmonious atmosphere.Being surrounded by such walls, children can indulge in dreams. And if there are no special dreams or you have your own deep feelings, then self-perception in distant cosmic spaces allows you to distance yourself from the sorrows, it is easier to experience them. To make the feeling even deeper and more pronounced, it is useful to choose coatings with a phosphorescent effect.

In the bright hours of the day, they look like ordinary wallpaper. But it is necessary to thicken twilight, as you can already notice a slight glow. And at night it attracts attention immediately. A similar effect is achieved through the use of special pigments that absorb the energy of daylight. Important: experts recommend to require safety certificates for such compositions.

It is allowed to use wallpaper with such subjects not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls. However, this excessively spread such motives should not be. Otherwise, overflow of space may occur, and the feeling of enchanting charm will disappear. There will be another boring and oversaturated visually interior. The good side of such plots is their extraordinary romance.

Depending on personal preferences and aesthetic requirements for the room, you can vary:

  • size of stars;
  • their coloring;
  • the ratio of the magnitude of different stars;
  • invoice.

Space Plots

It is not necessary to be limited to stars alone. A very good idea is to show also the planets and their satellites, comets and other celestial bodies. It is equally good when spacecraft of various kinds are used to complement. If you demonstrate not conditional, but quite real stars, you can instill in children a taste for knowing the world around them. Let them not become astronomers or researchers, but remain for a long time curious people. As for the practical implementation, it is not necessary to be limited to a black or deep blue background.

When it is decided to create not the most realistic design, but an attractive and romantic look, other colors can be used. Bluish and white, azure colors can look very attractive. Do not use excessively dark background: it can lead to a strong visual narrowing of the room.

However, to avoid this effect is easy,it is only necessary to apply contrasting colors in different places of space.


With all the romantic appeal of star plots, they are not suitable for everyone. It is extremely rare to be delighted with them by children who do not have a particular craving for space and similar motives. It is strictly impossible to use the wallpaper with the stars, when children are very shy or alert, when there is an unresolved psychological trauma. But the advantage of this type of wallpaper is the ability to enter them into an arbitrarily chosen style. In addition, they very well tolerate pollution and are quite practical.

For kids who still go to the nursery, you can choose pink and bluish wallpaper, decorated with stars in different places. Some companies supply intricate compositions, where, besides the evening sky, you can see horsemen and various animals, buildings. Since the stars are a romantic plot, it is logical to complement them on other walls or on the ceiling:

  • ships;
  • seascapes;

For those who could not find wallpaper with stars for the nursery, there is an alternative in the form of luminous stars, stickers, which can be viewed in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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