Popular styles and design features of curtains in the children's room

To beautifully decorate the children's room, it is necessary to consider each element. The design of the curtains plays a significant role in the interior design of the room. To choose the right curtain design for a child's room, you should take into account the style direction, child's preferences, and also rely on your taste preferences. Do not forget that fabrics should be easy to maintain and of excellent quality.

Interior features

In order to choose the right window textiles, it is worth starting from the interior. For small rooms, simple models that are not distinguished by the originality of forms and contain a minimum number of shuttlecocks are ideal. But in a large children's room, you can experiment with an unusual design or use multi-tiered canvases, complemented by lambrequins.If the interior uses geometric shapes, then you can give preference to curtains, made in the same color or decorated with bright, large-sized figures.

Pretty simple curtains fit perfectly into thematic children's rooms.Because they are used as an addition, they create an excellent background for the realization of the main design idea. In the bedroom, made in a modern style, which does not apply patterns, you can pay attention to the curtains with a small print. Often used animals or fairy tale characters.

It is necessary to take into account the preferences of the child, since the interior of the child’s room, as well as the window textiles, should be liked primarily by the owner of the room.


Modern manufacturers of window textiles offer a wide range of models for every taste, including the children's room. It is worthwhile to consider in more detail the most popular design options for a window opening.

  • Classic. These canvases are distinguished by their evenness, as well as the presence of a minimum number of folds. Usually they are hung on loops, hooks or eyelets.
  • Roman. Outwardly, this option has much in common with an accordion, because when lifting, folds are formed. The undeniable advantage of such curtains is the ease of adjustment.
  • Roll. This option is often used for a child's room, because the canvas is smooth and only covers the frame and glass.
  • Japanese This solution is also smooth, the folds are not present. To fix them often use special strips. Japanese curtains look great in the nursery, because they do not overload the interior of the room.
  • Austrian. This option is characterized by the presence of the bottom folds. It allows you to create similarities with the arch, with the window can be mowed in the right direction.

Important! The design of the curtains plays a significant role in the design of the interior of the children's room, but it should also take into account the practicality, since the child must be able to close and open the curtains.


The length of the curtains is important because it affects the overall concept of the children's room. On the length of the canvas will depend on its practicality, as well as care. All curtains for a child's room can be divided into several types depending on their length.

  • Short This option does not reach the window sill. Between the short tulle and the window sill there is free space.Curtains are characterized by ease when opening and closing, and also do not hide room space. If we consider even curtains, they accumulate a small amount of dust, and their lower part is less prone to contamination.

This option is great in the event that the window sill is used for the location of toys or various decor.

  • Long Such curtains are used to visually make the height of the room more. They are characterized by accuracy, but need careful care, because their lower part gets dirty pretty quickly, and there is a lot of dust here.

Long options can be used to decorate the rooms of teenagers, but for preschool children it’s better to give up such an idea.

Color and print

Usually for the children's room are selected curtains themed or in neutral colors. Monochrome solutions are ideal for bright children's rooms. In small rooms, models with a small print will look inappropriate. When choosing the color scale of the fabric it is worth starting from the colors that are present in the interior of the children's room. If we consider a nursery decorated for a specific topic, then you can opt for solid solutions or thematic ones.

Often for the interior of a child's room are used curtains in stripes, zigzags or in the cell. They give the interior dynamism and brightness.

Children really like different prints, so they want to see a curtain on their window, decorated with their favorite cartoon characters, animals, cars and other elements. If we consider the Japanese or classic curtains, then they can display a full picture. For example, the picture of the sea or forest glade looks great. But the starry sky, the blue sky or the sunset are more versatile, so they are often chosen to decorate a room for a teenager.


When you make a child's room should follow a certain style direction, so that all the elements look harmoniously with each other. When choosing a curtain in the nursery, it is also worth considering the chosen interior style. Today the following style directions are often used.

  • Provence - fabrics of white-blue and white-pink shades perfectly suit, and a check in a cage is welcomed.
  • Nautical - It is necessary to give preference to elements in turquoise, light blue or blue.In such an interior, sand or white tulle looks beautiful.
  • Modern - canvases with a smooth surface in a gray-blue or gray color will look elegant.
  • Chebbi chic - Usually this style is used to decorate a room for a girl, so Austrian options in light pink or white will look great.
  • Classical - a great choice will be long curtains, while it is worth choosing low-key colors, neat prints or patterns.

For the boy's room

Preschoolers are very fond of bright solutions, they like the images of animals, cars, figures and figures. Therefore, when choosing window textiles should take into account this feature. For boys of school age, it is worth picking up curtains in two or three colors, for example, sea-style curtains will look great. They will allow to stylize the room of a sailor. Curtains in blue and white stripes can be supplemented with a lambrequin, which shows the ships.

If a boy loves adventure or enjoys science, then you can use window canvases depicting a starry sky or a map. If a child loves animals, then you can arrange a children's room,conveying the atmosphere of the jungle, while the window is worth hanging textiles, decorated with images of monkeys, elephants and other inhabitants of this area. Curtains with cars will always be in the spotlight.

If you want to make a printed print on the curtain, then you should choose a classic or Japanese curtain to embody this original idea.

For girl's room

The fair sex is very fond of princesses, various cartoon characters, as well as animals, which is worth adhering to when decorating a children's room. It is better to choose curtains in pink, lilac, coral or cream shades. Fabrics decorated with butterflies, bees or flowers look elegant. Large images look beautiful, although variants look unusual when pictures are lined up in horizontal stripes or zigzags.

Among the novelties for the children's room, the curtains with vertical edging look great, supplemented on the sides with leafy or floral patterns. The perfect solution is the window textile of green color, complemented by a lambrequin with flowers. For girls of school age fit canvases, which depict fairies,princesses or castles.

The graceful fringe around the edges of the curtains at the bottom will help give the textiles originality and uniqueness.

About what to choose curtains in the nursery for the girl, look in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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