Citrus Juicer: tips on choosing and operating

Citrus fruits have a huge variety of useful trace elements that strengthen the immune system. Therefore, there are many fans of fresh juice. Now you can find a lot of models and variations of various devices that allow you to squeeze the juice, but to determine which one will be more convenient and suitable is quite difficult. Before purchasing such a device, you should learn about the types and characteristics of each model - only then you will be able to buy a decent option that will please the owner with a useful and tasty drink for a long time.


There are many manufacturers offering a huge selection of such devices. Juicers are extremely popular and in demand, because in the freshly squeezed juice, prepared personally, all the necessary minerals and vitamins are preserved, as the drink does not heat up.

The simplest and not too expensive device requires great effort in order to get a drink from fruit. Below are some variations of juice production devices.

Mechanical model - the most popular of all. It has a fairly simple and convenient design and mechanical control, therefore, squeezing the juice with it is extremely easy. It is intended for citruses, but you can get juice from tomatoes, pomegranates and other fruits and vegetables.

The portable version or mini-press does its job pretty quickly. He is able to squeeze the drink from lemon, orange and grapefruit. The design resembles the one that is designed for the pressure of garlic.

To get the juice you need to put half of citrus between two metal or plastic plates. Released juice enters the prepared container by dredging. After receiving the drink, the device must be rinsed under running water. This option is convenient if you need a small amount of juice (fill up a salad or make a cocktail).

The spray device was designed for the same purpose as portable models.With the fruit should be cut a little peel. A spiral tube is placed in the hole. On the device there is a spray head, clicking on which fresh juice will come from the dispenser.

A hand press that looks like a drill is a cone. A similar option may be made of metal or plastic. The fruit is screwed into the cone, and the drink enters the bowl with a groove.

The screw juice extractor - the real universal assistant for hostesses. This design has a similar design with the meat grinder device. Fruits should be cut and placed in the neck. Then they are scrolled with the help of auger and fed to the grid in the form of mashed potatoes. After that, the press squeezes the resulting mass, resulting in a juice.

The device can squeeze not only citrus fruits, but also pomegranates, as well as berries. The press has an adequate price and is a reliable option. But there are also disadvantages: it becomes polluted rather quickly, therefore it needs washing after operation.

How to choose?

When purchasing it is important to consider some aspects described below.

  • The body can be metal and plastic. The first option is more reliable and durable, but is problematic during operation, especially if it is necessary to wash the device. The second material is quite fragile, but easier to clean.
  • It is necessary to carefully examine the equipment. It will be better if it includes some types of attachments for a variety of vegetables and fruits.
  • It is important to pay attention to the material from which the rotator is made. Stainless steel is ideal.
  • It is necessary to take into account the size - because if the kitchen is small, then it is better to buy a small model that takes up a little space and is easy to clean.
  • If the device has a high price, it is not always of high quality, so you need to study its characteristics and understand whether it is worth overpaying for it.
  • In order to know how much a freshly pressed beverage a device can deliver, you need to look at the volume and shape of the body.
  • The best devices have an elongated spout, so that it is convenient to pour the drink.

To purchase a practical thing, you first need to decide for what purpose a juicer is needed. If you need it in order to squeeze a small amount of juice for orange juice for breakfast, you should buy a cone-shaped model.

There are many popular conical structures that have a special filter that cleans the drink.Also, this filter plays the role of a lid for the bowl, which is poured juice. It is extremely convenient and practical, so these models are popular.

You can, of course, give preference to an electronic device that will not make much effort to get the juice, but the manual version retains the beneficial properties of fresh fruit, which has a positive effect on health. If you need to prepare large volumes of drink, then you should buy an electric model.

Some believe that the more complex the filter design, the better the juice will be. However, it is not. You can choose a less complex filter, which is a double mesh with different shapes of holes. The upper mesh will hold larger pieces of fruit, and the lower one - what's left. If the owner needs to squeeze the juice from fruit of various sizes (lime or grapefruit), then you should use a device with interchangeable tips that fit each of the fruits.

Rating models

The most popular and comfortable in operation options are presented below.

Manual Ucsan Juicer has a volume of 600 ml.At its production shock-resistant food plastic which is absolutely safe and reliable is used. The device has a small size. There are many variations of colors. For example, you can purchase a yellow or green device.

It is easy to take care of such a device: it can be washed in a dishwasher without any problems. Lightweight, roomy design will last a long time, has a stylish and aesthetic appearance.

Citrus zinger - a small, comfortable model that you can easily take with you for a walk or a job. The bottle is made of food grade plastic or silicone.

It has an original, attractive design. On the neck and bottom there is a threaded connection. Includes colorful packaging, bottle, cap with hole. It is an ideal option for people leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Sana citrus press - Press juice extractor, most often used in a cafe, bar or restaurant, as it produces quite a lot of drink.

The materials used in the manufacture of - cast iron and stainless steel. Differs in stability in work and stability. Below are special suckers.It is extremely easy to clean, serves for quite some time. The handle is comfortable, has a vertical direction. The model is resistant to various mechanical damage.

It is easy to choose a good option - you only need to take into account tips and recommendations, as well as examine the reviews about the devices that the owners of juicers leave.

It is important to treat the choice of the device responsibly, to use it with pleasure.

A few more tips on choosing are waiting for you in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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