Trendy landscape design rectangular area

 Trendy landscape design rectangular area

Each villa owner wants to see his garden plot comfortable and beautiful. The division of the site into functional zones will help to achieve this, each of which is allotted for a building or a flower composition. Not always the area of ​​space allows you to translate all ideas into reality. It may seem that in the area of ​​an elongated rectangular shape it will not be possible to equip the garden according to all the rules of landscape design, but this is not so.


The stretched rectangular shape of the plot should not upset the owner, because there are many different techniques and ideas for its landscape design. With the help of some methods you can hide the disadvantages, while at the same time emphasizing the advantages of the garden.

There are ideas for a visual adjustment of the space, but it is sometimes quite difficult to put them into practice, therefore it is important to assess your strength in advance and not to take on too labor-intensive projects.

Their implementation is better to hand over to professional designers. Making out the garden area of ​​a rectangular shape, inexperienced people often focus on the geometrical lines.

Creating paths, organizing flowerbeds or smashing a fruit mini-garden, amateurs usually duplicate the configuration of the site, which is absolutely impossible to do.

Often, the owners equip a straight path that runs along the entire garden. Therein lies a big mistake, since in this way the path conditionally divides the garden into two parts, visually narrowing the plot. Placing shrubs or flower beds of regular geometric shape along the path only aggravates the situation, emphasizing the straight line. The same applies to lawns or flower beds located along the perimeter of the garden grounds.

Making out the space of a rectangular or square garden, you need to use a minimum of smooth lines, as they visually “eat up” precious meters. It is better to resort to oval or round motifs.

If straight lines are used, they should be arranged diagonally or at an angle to the boundaries of the section. You can make flower beds in the form of a diamond.

Ways to expand the garden visually

To change the perspective of the site and visually enlarge it, you need to divide the area into several parts. Each of them should be fenced with a hedge or stream, depending on what the owner wants to see. You can place a lawn, a playground, a resting place, and so on in selected areas, but this should be done so that not all zones are visible from one point.

Zoned space can be with evergreens or climbers. The gaze must “hit” an arch, an alpine slide or a tree. So, for a full inspection of the territory, it will be necessary to go through all the zones, as a result of which the visual perception of the garden will change.

The paths must be made winding so that the person wandering around them could not easily navigate the site. The unevenness of the lines allows you to use a variety of ideas for landscape design to fit as many important details as possible. A small rectangular area involuntarily makes it necessary to focus attention on its size, therefore it is necessary to use elements that will attract views.

It can be a mini-waterfall or a garden figurine located in a corner of the garden. To show the garden in a favorable light, you can use optical illusions. With the help of garden sculpture, pond, flower garden or shrub, you can expand the boundaries of the garden. Such improvised obstacles will force a person to look behind the object to look at what is behind it.

Use bright accents

You can make the site more interesting with the help of wall images that create three-dimensional space. 3D-paintings visually expand the area, and even the most uncomplicated fence is turned into a fabulous object. Bright colored elements will help to attract attention, but they should be located in different parts of the garden.

To enhance the effect, you need to set catchy objects on a dark background. Planning a rectangular area should occur and taking into account the light and color. If you plant bright flowers or trees in the background, you can visually bring them closer to the person who is looking. It is better to place there plants with a dark green color, and the variegated elements should be located throughout the area.

Expand space can a variety of reliefs.For example, vertical living retaining walls can add volume boundaries. You can organize terraces with different flower arrangements, which will create the illusion that a person, being in different parts of the garden, sees a new design every time. The result is that each piece of the site will be perceived in its own way.

There are many ways of landscape design for arranging a rectangular garden plot. There are examples that show that zoning of elongated areas not only adds functionality to the area, but also visually expands its boundaries. You can make a site beautiful, spacious and cozy with your own hands if you follow the advice of professionals and use unusual tricks. The main thing is to avoid straight lines and an abundance of objects that will fill in all the free space.

How interesting it is to plan a rectangular piece of land, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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