Cottages with beautiful trendy landscape design

Many people dream of having a country house with a beautifully decorated territory. A lot of attention is being paid to landscape design now, and everyone is trying to highlight his cottage with his help. Indeed, it can be interesting to decorate the house territory of a private house, making it not only beautiful, but also in the spirit of the times.

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When making a cottage plot, designers use three main styles:

  • Formal style. Its distinctive feature is rigor and proportionality. Here the whole area is divided into symmetrical sectors, which look quite laconic. This style is mainly applicable in areas of large area - about 45 acres.
  • Landscape design. Here, on the local territory, the natural landscape is recreated using ponds, large trees, various stones.This style is quite complicated in execution and requires the mandatory participation of professionals.
  • Thematic design. Here a certain idea is carried out, for example, a garden is made out based on a fairy tale.

Design Elements

Whatever style in the design of the house adjoining territory is chosen, there are several basic elements around which landscape design is created.

Here are some commonly used parts:

  • Tracks. They not only provide convenient movement on a site, but also bear decorative function. Having a different coverage, they can set any style throughout the garden.
  • Lawn. You will not find almost a single landscape design project that would do without the use of lawn grass. It is with the help of this attribute that the area is divided into zones, and also they give the territory a neat and aesthetic look.
  • Water. Quite often used as the main focus of landscape design. It can be a huge pond, a small lake with a fountain, a waterfall and much more.
  • The facade of the house. This element plays, perhaps, the main role in the design of the local area of ​​the cottage.The stylistic decision of the landscape design of the site depends on his style.

To look at the house adjoining area is finished, the facade must be given a presentable appearance. Here you can use decorative plaster, tile, platbands, all kinds of lianas that will braid the walls of the building.

Most often in the design of the exterior of the cottage using Japanese, rustic or classic style. No matter how your facade is decorated, you need to know the measure in the decoration. An unnecessarily large number of details may spoil the entire appearance of the decoration of the local area.

  • Gardening - large-sized trees and hedges, flower beds and flower beds. This is a rather important element, when using which it is necessary to take into account the fact that the plantations should have a beautiful appearance at all times of the year. Even in winter, without leaves, trees should play with colors, creating an original composition. When designing the landscape with this element, you need to ensure that the seasons change in your garden like the paintings in the exhibition.

For this, plants are planted in groups, combining varieties, which bloom occurs in a different period, thereby creating a year-round composition.

  • Lighting. It is quite important to correctly highlight the garden.From this will depend on how it will look in the evening and at night. Design lamps are often used here.
  • Pergolas and terraces. Here not only the appearance of the buildings is important, but also how they are located. It is very important that where the recreation areas are located there are no winds, and you are comfortable on the terrace. They should also carry the functionality of protection from direct sunlight and precipitation, if necessary.

On the plot to create a composition can be used several elements at once. The most important thing is that everything should look like one picture and not get out of the general style.

Where to begin?

It is necessary to begin the design of the landscape around the cottage with a clear design. For this it is better to go to the place and not to miss any of the features of your site.

Remember that when planning is very important that the site was not only beautiful, but also quite practical.

It is necessary to highlight the decorative and functional areas. So, you should consider a number of paths that will lead to recreation areas, to play areas, and the paths should be comfortable, and not go around the garden.

From your budget depends on the number of elements used in the composition. You do not need to include in the project an expensive design of ponds and fountains, if your financial capabilities do not allow it to build. But if you decided to organize them on your site, it is necessary at the planning stage to take into account the passage of all communications, so that they do not spoil the appearance of the landscape.

Now, when equipping the site near the cottage, perennial and self-seeding plants are mainly used. They do not require an annual update, which reduces the burden of landscape care.

Do not purchase plants from unknown people. To do this, it is better to contact an organization that is professionally engaged in the cultivation and marketing of plants for landscaping.

When buying lawn seeds, it is necessary to take into account not only the load on the glade that you are going to arrange, but also the weather conditions in your region, as well as the type of soil. So that your lawn always looks good.

For the construction of communications is better to use plastic pipes. They do not corrode. And their lifespan reaches fifty years.

When performing works on registration of a site it is worth starting with the organization of a reservoir. To do this, we lay pipes for water supply and drainage. Then the paths are laid, communications are laid out for irrigation, and only then are they transferred to the planting of trees, bushes and flowers.

A well-planned future landscape design and well-performed work will make your cottage plot fashionable and beautiful for many years.

Interesting ideas

There are a lot of ideas for the design of the local area of ​​a private house. Here are a few original options that everyone can apply without much difficulty in themselves.

  • Plot in a formal style. Clear lines, lights from the Middle Ages - all emphasizes the conservatism of the owners of the house.
  • Arabic notes in the design of this area can be traced in each element: the arches on the facade, stones of an abstract form in the garden, a fountain flowing in a thin stream from the wall.
  • Longline garden in oriental style - minimalism can be traced here in landscape design.

For more tips on arranging the territory of a private house, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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