How to make a lawn with your own hands: installation features

 How to make a lawn with your own hands: installation features

Among summer residents, fewer and fewer remain those who would not use a lawn on their plots. All approach the solution of the problem in different ways: some break a green lawn near the gazebo, others fit the lawn for children's games, and still others consider it adjoining the flowerbed beautiful. We will understand how to carry out work on landscaping the site with his own hands.

Special features

Seed and roll - these are the main varieties of lawns. The first is usually more beautiful, durable, lush, but it also requires a lot of money. The second is more modest, but simple when creating - it should be ready to buy and properly put.You save yourself from waiting for grass shoots, care, watering, although at the same time you lose the joy of creating it. Your lawn is ready after laying, though it will cost you quite a lot.

Before making a decision, you need to decide on the type of lawn. The options are as follows: ground floor, sports, park, Moorish, universal.

  • Parterny lawn - exquisite, silky grass, bright emerald color. The front cover, as a rule, the owners do not allow them to walk, because the plants are very delicate and susceptible to damage. Such a lawn is located in the country near the house, flower beds or alpine slides for decorative purposes.
  • Sports - on the contrary, quite practical option. It is seeded with vegetation, which tends to recover quickly. Serves for children's games, located near the gazebos, benches, country fountains. The load on the grass is not afraid.
  • Park lawn not as durable as sports, but not as naughty as the ground. The grass mixture, which makes up the lawn, is selected so that you can walk along it, if you don’t run and roll, then walk barefoot.In this case, the grass is not particularly affected.
  • Moorish lawn - this is an elegant meadow. The herbs here are picked blooming. So you get a fragrant, lush color carpet: cornflowers, California poppy, laureate, daisy, zhivuchka. On Moorish splendor it is good to sunbathe.
  • Universal - lawn of wide application. It is not erased, the grass is not wrinkled, at the same time it is also a beautiful area with special vegetation. Can be used both in the shade and in the sun.

Types of design

To make an even lawn, you have to look at ordinary green grass creatively and with imagination. Convincing the lazy that the lawn is vegetation, which only needs to be mowed sometimes, will immediately wipe out the whole thing. Tune in to the serious care of the green lawn, which will become beautiful only after careful care of it.

Luxuriously looks lawn in front of the house, if in the middle of a green lawn to arrange a flower garden. Green grass background will be a great framing of the flower bed and set off its elegant palette. In this case, the flower bed should border a strip of bare ground or a decorative border so that the lawn does not grow into a flower bed.

In general, summer residents need to work very responsibly with the edge of the lawn. It is cut by a shovel, and it is better, if on a pattern. A groove of 3 cm is created at the undercut, which is filled with mulch. The lawn should have its own clear configuration. Well-groomed edge makes the lawn more decorative, solemn.

Masters of landscape design offer to taste dilute the "green lake" with bright accents. For example, to form spots of daffodils, hyacinths, forsythia. Many owners of acres like single specimens of ornamental trees or shrubs on the lawn. It can be thuja, juniper, mini-cypress, spirea, hydrangea. Here you need to pick up copies that would be combined with each other.

On the lawn, it is good to put a graceful path along the edge or center. The path will emphasize the aesthetic individuality of the lawn. Cutting out various forms on the lawn — circles, squares, or complex patterns — has become a fashionable trend. Admirers of unique figures mow on grass lawns, leaves with garden beds, stars, and more subtle patterns.

What grass to plant?

In order to get a healthy, sophisticated lawn, several generations of breeders filtered different varieties of vegetation to create the perfect lawn.

Lawn grass requirements are:

  • they must grow in one place for many years;
  • be resistant to cold;
  • have a dynamic, measured rate of growth of young leaves;
  • do not suffer from permanent haircuts;
  • have a low, near the earth, center of tillering;
  • do not produce hard long shoots.

It is these properties that thin and red fescue possess — a perfect combination for an emerald, tender parquet lawn.

For a sports lawn, they harvest cereals, which are accustomed to grow without moisture, as well as fescue and bluegrass.

To get a park lawn, they sow sheep fescue, reed fescue, plant poge, rye grass, timothy. These are all shade-loving, slow-growing herbs that do not require frequent cutting. In a universal lawn, a mixture of different varieties of red fescue and bluegrass is well established.

Accommodation options

When choosing a place for a lawn in the country, it is important to think not only about yourself, but also about your green lawn. After all, it has to grow, so you should take into account the structure of the soil and the "requests" of herbs. For example, it is logical to break the English lawn in front of the house, it needs a well-lit playground, a shaded one will not work.In general, any grass will need the sun, even if periodically, otherwise crops will not give a saturated green color.

It is perfectly acceptable to sow lawn near a private housejust do not bring crops close to fruit trees. Large plantations suck all the nutrients from the soil. The grass does not have enough of the required set of elements.

If your site captures lowland areas with high humidity, it will also be a problematic choice for a lawn. We'll have to arrange drainage. Grass mixtures do not tolerate wet soils, their roots begin to rot.

Terraces and other elevation changes at the dacha are not very suitable for lawn lawn. They will reinforce, smooth. And, of course, you should not form a lawn at the place of parking a car or between the gate and the house, where there is a constant movement of people. He will simply die, because even the most hardy grass does not imply a load at which it is trampled endlessly. As an exit, you can consider the option of paving tile paths along the route through a lawn.

A fountain in the middle of a green meadow will look charming.A lawn fountain will shake your guests with an emerald perspective and spurting water streams. The sparkling drops falling on the young green of the lawn is a delightful accent for decorating and refreshing the site.

The originals adapted to sow lawns even on the roof of garden houses. For this purpose, a special stand is constructed and low-growing herbs are selected. Environmentalists believe that greening roofs is an additional source of oxygen and has a beneficial effect on human well-being.

Lawns on the roof are practical in those latitudes where precipitations are frequent. Nearly 70 percent of moisture is absorbed by the roots of plants that you sow in your head.

How to grow your own hands: step by step instructions

The technology of growing lawn by hand is quite simple, but it is very important to fully follow all the rules. Bookmark perform carefully digging the soil on level ground. In the process of digging the soil under the lawn to be perfectly aligned, cleaned of stones and roots, as well as weeds. Fighting roots on the ascended grass will be much more difficult. All unnecessary shrubs uproot. If you want to leave some kind of tree, carefully dig it around.

Digging is carried out to a depth of 15 cm. If the soil is completely sandy, dilute it with loam. If clay is the opposite, add sand. Well "mix" under the lawn sowing compost. The next step is to further fertilize the soil. Add as much of the special composition as indicated on the universal lawn food package. Calculate the concentration depending on the area that you have planned to equip. Then take a skating rink and well tamped up the dig site. Do not put extra effort - just pass them on the surface.

A very important stage - sowing grass. If you still grow a lawn, and do not spread on the prepared soil ready roll. It is better to sow the seeds in calm weather, so that they lay down in the ground evenly, rather than fly to neighboring beds or flower beds.

The best time to bookmark the site is April. Make it important, until the earth is dry. At least five weeks should pass from the laying to seeding (taking into account the fact that herbicides were used), so the deadline for planting is the first two weeks of May.

The surface after preparation is loosened with a rake. For optimum arrangement of a lawn apply special seeders.If such a necessary device is not stocked, then you can think of the tin can itself with holes. Seeds should lie down thick, dense layer.

Above the seeds, the soil should be carefully poured, leveled, rammed again and watered with “light rain” with a weak pressure of water. The first shoots usually appear after a week. When the grass rises to 5 cm, it will be necessary to hold the first haircut. Then you will mow the lawn regularly, during the rainy season - more often, otherwise the green will lose its charm.

In the summer and autumn the lawn is fed. This can be done by spraying fertilizer. To supply the air with densely growing grass, it is pierced, producing aeration.

Grown author lawn does not get tired to please you throughout the season. In order to aesthetic effect it can be decorated with flower beds or alpine slide. The original element of the design will be a statue or a pot.

Also try to smash a vegetable garden next to the lawn with beautiful green ingredients - lacy lettuce leaves, terry basil, decorative cabbage of violet-lilac shade.


Reviews of lawn contain a variety of opinions.Romantics like what is where to rest the eye. Practitioners praise the lawn grass, which clogs weeds well. Most agree that the lawn is not for the lazy, it always requires some work to maintain a modest lawn in an aesthetically pleasing state.

It is believed that it is better to choose the usual green herbal mixture, because flower lawns do not carry that peace as a homogeneous emerald platform. However, in this case, you need to somehow arrange the lawn.

Experienced landscape designers offer around the edges of the meadow to make a border out of bulk material. Granite rubble, pebbles, special chips will do. In this form, the lawn will have a finished and emphasized cultural appearance.

Those owners of the site, from whom the soul asks for bright blots in the overall picture, we recommend small flower beds with elegant plants. Well illustrate the theme of cineraria, marigold, saxifrage, ageratum. In the trend of small ponds near the lawn - water and grass give rise to a unique feeling of peace.

It is fair to say that negative reviews about the “character” of the lawn also take place on the forums.For example, in case of insufficient soil tamping, the lawn often sinks. And with too aggressive irrigation, part of the clearing “leaks”, after which irregularities are formed. Then it is necessary to replant the lawn, practically starting everything from scratch.

A certain category of summer residents complains of domestic mowers that do not grab the grass badly. But the perfect lawn mowing - the main process for its maintenance. Forum participants come to the conclusion that imported lawn care equipment is better used. And certainly with the function of collecting grass, so that the clipped tops do not collect sweat across the lawn with a rake.

The participants of the comments clarify that constant lawn mowing and walking on it, even in the most hardy grass mixtures gives rise to fatigue, the grass begins to take root worse, the root mass "shrinks". Therefore, the authors of reviews emphasize that rest is sometimes laid to any lawn. For this purpose, it is quite possible to allow the ground part of the grass to grow to 12 or even 15 centimeters. After all, mowing is always a huge stress for plants.

Beautiful examples and options

There are an indescribable variety of variations on the theme of original breakdown of lawns. Fantasy natures are very impressed, for example, by such an exquisite style as the Japanese.Stones are laid out on the emerald surface. There is an imitation of perspective space in the foothills. If you also install low lights, it will give the mystery and charm of an ordinary grass area.

The alpine meadow on the place of a lawn, covered with gravel looks very bright, festive. It resembles a certain fragment of a fairy tale, introduced into the ordinary garden-garden reality.

A homogeneous lawn in front of a house of low-growing boxwood or other shrubs, rather than a “battered” grass mixture, looks unusually. Landscape designers characterize this option as a manifestation of the French style.

The mini-park on the lawn looks attractive: benches, flower beds, garden figures. It turns out the alley of the city square, on which and pulls a walk.

Fans of lawn-carpet planted grass of different colors on them and achieve its ideal volume. Then, original shapes are clipped over the surface of the vegetation.

Justified pretentiousness - this is the name for a lawn, along which carefully groomed shrubs in the shape of teddy bears, towers, huge balls are built.

Effectively decorate the lawn is not ordinary flowers, and exhibited in pots or other containers.Each element can be decorated with pottery, the composition is changed by moving the subjects.

Wins grass cover and from vertical flower beds in the background. For example, a screen made of lingering roses or just a support for curly curly grass looks amazing.

Follow the guidelines for caring for a heavenly carpet, and you give yourself an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort, which will cause only good emotions.

How to sow the lawn according to all the rules, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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