How to make a mirror with lights with your own hands?

Without a mirror in our life can not be. In shopping centers it is possible to find hundreds of modifications of this necessary interior element. There are, among others, samples with numerous varieties of illumination.

What is the backlight?

Highlighting is generally considered to be solely a decorating component. However, in special cases, the backlight plays a useful role. Decorating lights mounted in the mirror. Multifunction - illuminates the faces represented in front of him.

Reflective glass industrial production cost is quite expensive and rarely meet the tastes of buyers. In this case, it is possible to make a mirror with illumination on your own, and such work will save you from unnecessary expenses.

How to do?

Make-up and mirrors of another direction with an integrated rear LED backlight are increasingly gaining popularity by combining many factors: futuristic design, comfort of service, lack of obvious (outdoor) light bulbs.

To make a mirror with built-in LED lighting yourself, you will need:

  • A mirror made on the basis of a silicate glass with an alloy produced by special order at a glass-making studio by sandblasting and, if necessary, with holes to install a mirror on the wall.
  • LED (LED) tape required length, power and degree of protection against moisture.
  • Power supply for LED strips with optimal output data and external dimensions.
  • Mounting cables cross-section of approximately 0.5 square. mm in order to connect the tapes to the power supply and a prepared plug with a wire for connecting the power supply to a 220 volt outlet.
  • Metal U-shaped profiles for the installation of light fluxes, in addition, a strip of white plastic or aluminum that make up the screens that reflect light.
  • Superglue type "Titan" or a special, non-destructive alloy.

Prepared sandblasted reflective glass is most often sealed behind with a PVC film (self-adhesive).

In case the film is glued loosely, it must be removed and the superglue which does not destroy the amalgam should be used.

Backlight Varieties

There are a number of lighting options:

  • Installation of external spotlights in the form of spots. A spot is a multi-point electric luminaire that can rotate in all directions on the support of a particular device. These can be single controlled lamps, lightweight lamps of not very large volume. They can illuminate the face of a person at the mirror, a certain part of the bathroom.
  • The light illuminating the face of the person looking in the mirror. There are often the work of electric lighting devices carry out the current LEDs. Their lighting is softened due to matte glass mounted in the mirror. Often, such highlighting is arranged in reflective glass, made like a small cabinet.
  • Backlight device behind the mirror. It is set for beauty. LEDs illuminate the glass of the mirror, making its image extraordinary.At the same time, mirrors with highlighting of this type are intended as an element of decor for the interior decoration of a bathroom.

It is possible to make a mirror with illumination using numerous other methods.

A large number of homeowners simply reinforce the wall of a series of light bulbs with different configurations and structure. They are determined above the mirror, along its borders. In the role of lighting components, LED strip is often used. It looks very impressive, fits into the design of the room and adds freshness to it due to 2-3 color variations.

Such a highlight is very easy. For this purpose, it is necessary to buy a special profile made of aluminum, install an LED strip in it and place it with it on the mirror from the required edge. Then the tape is connected to the galvanic system through a special power source. The mirror can also be attached to the wall with liquid nails or other glue suitable for mirrors.

To achieve a multifunctional result, it is possible to buy and fix spots. Thanks to them, targeted lighting of the necessary zones of the room is provided.

Similar methods may embellish cosmetic mirrors, located on the dressing table. They will certainly appeal to women who care about their appearance.

Installation steps

Based on the dimensions of the mirror, it is necessary to make a frame from the 90-mm-wide and 20-25-mm-thick panels for glueing out the components. The ends of the plates with the support of the sheet should be gash at an angle of 45 °. All contacts are additionally fixed with iron corners. Reflective glass must fit easily in the frame, keeping free space at the edges to place the spotlights. At the border of the frame, holes are drilled according to the volume of cartridges that are glued with glue.

From thin rods going frame according to the scale of the main frame. She will be obliged to close the cables with the outer edge of the craft and fix the reflective glass in the main frame.

Furniture corners are fixed to the main frame thanks to small screws. They will fit a mirror. All components are connected to a common system, and the necessary tone of paint is applied to them with the cartridges. The mirror in the frame is also fixed with small strips.

The cartridges are combined with one another according to the synchronous scheme with galvanic wires. The power cord is connected to the cables and goes out through a deliberately perforated opening.

At the end you need to screw in the light bulb and control the workflow. Behind the whole system it is possible to cover the plywood with a shield. It can be fixed using small nails or screws. It turns out a very spectacular product - a mirror with light.

Reflective glass do it yourself

The mirror of the required shape and volume can be made by yourself. The procedure consists of the subsequent stages.

You should choose a flat glass and bring it to the desired form. Then thoroughly wash and remove the fat with a 15% solution of burning potassium.

Place the cooked glass in a bowl with non-cold purified water. Make a mixture of 30 g of purified water and 1.6 g of silver nitrate. In this mixture, a 25% ammonia solution is added dropwise. Already after the disappearance of the precipitate, it is necessary to interrupt the dripping of ammonia and add purified water to the mixture in a volume of 100 ml. Then you need to take 5 ml of 40% formalin and mix it with the previous mixture.

The glass is taken from the purified water and transferred to a cleaned vessel filled with previously dissolved chemical solution. A reaction will appear, which will end approximately two minutes later. After its completion, the mirror is rinsed with the cleanest purified water. And after bathing it is determined in a vertical position and dried. The degree of heat drying should be 100-150 ° C. After drying, a lacquer is applied to the reflective glass.

A mirror, especially with a backlight, can visually make the space larger and larger, improve its illumination, add completely new qualities. Such a mirror design is suitable for any room, but most often it is arranged in the bathroom.

This very significant and necessary household object can be supplemented with shelves of glass and other used materials. The location on them of various cosmetic accessories gives the desired comfort in the use of these funds.

Dimensions of the illuminated mirror in the hallway can vary from very small up to occupying the whole wall. In many cases, they are fixed, including on the ceiling.An unusual type of mirror is ready to make neon and LED lighting, exclusive frames and other devices. LED strips of different colors are ready for a long time and function thoroughly with a significant saving of electricity.


Depending on the flight of fancy, a previously trimmed mirror may be embellished with a drawing or a sticker, and in addition to arrange the spotlights in one form or another in an intricate form.

Curiously look mirrors, equipped with perceiving panels that respond to touch.

It is easy to make a mirror with light around the perimeter with your own hands. This will create a bright atmosphere around, especially if there is a heat.

For this reason, the independent production of the illuminated mirror can give you an excellent component of interior decoration, which will become not only an adorning element, visually enlarging your room, but also illuminate the room with the soft light of diode lamps.

To learn how to make a mirror with the lights with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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