Illumination for a mirror: ideas of application and rules of choice

It's no secret that proper lighting is the key to a beautiful and cozy interior. Important is the lighting of mirrors. It must necessarily be functional and aesthetic. To date, the sale can be found mirrors with built-in lights, they are very convenient and practical, have a stylish and modern appearance. We understand the intricacies of the application and the rules of choice.

Features and benefits

By installing such a product in the bathroom, you will no longer need to puzzle over how to place lights near the mirror. Mirror with lights in the bathroom - it is convenient. With it, you can perform with comfort all the necessary hygiene procedures.For example, it will be convenient for girls to take care of their skin, apply makeup, create beautiful hairstyles, and men - to shave. Beautifully look lights for mirrors in the bedroom, living room, hallway. They are appropriate in the decoration of paintings.

Illuminated mirrors have a number of advantages, namely:

  • small size, which saves free space;
  • small weight: it is easy to transport them independently;
  • a wide choice of various models of mirrors with illumination of various shapes, sizes, and styles (various types of lamps can be used as illumination);
  • they complement and underline the modern style of the bathroom;
  • very easy to use and easy to clean;
  • easy installation

Types of lamps

In illuminated mirrors, manufacturers can use different types of lamps:

  • halogen;
  • LED;
  • neon;
  • fluorescent lamps;
  • fluorescent lamps.

The halogen backlight by the principle of action is similar to standard incandescent lamps, but at the same time inside the bulb is filled with gas. The advantages of halogen lamps lie in their durability and efficiency.They consume less electricity, help save the family budget. Products tolerate high humidity, so the mirrors with built-in halogen lamps can be used in bathrooms.

Neon lamps have a high degree of light output. They are often used as decor. Fluorescent lamps have a fairly diffused light, but such lamps have a significant and negative - flicker harmful to the eyes.

Mirrors with daylight bulbs provide real daylight in the room. They make the room more spacious and visually, but not suitable for small rooms. Most often they are used in hotels, spas and other establishments.

Widespread popularity among customers have mirrors with LED illumination. LED strip, which is used in such products, has an intense bright glow, as well as minimal power consumption. Another plus of this type of lighting is its environmental friendliness, safety for the environment and the health of households.

LED backlight is very comfortable, durable and reliable, it has an attractive, stylish and modern appearance.

A wide selection of colors of LED strips is available: they are yellow, green, blue, red, white and purple. There are models that can change color. You can adjust the color change using the special remote control that comes in the kit.

This type of lighting can not be classified as low-cost options, but the money spent will be fully justified, since the acquired mirror with LED lighting will serve you for many years without any problems and other troubles.

Lighting colors

Illumination in the area of ​​the mirror should be bright enough, while necessarily scattered and not irritating eyesight. To do this, you can use white plastic lamps or transparent glass varieties of products.

If the mirror is equipped with a frame, the appearance of the lamp must be selected in such a way that it is combined with the design style of the mirror. For example, product design can be made under bronze or chrome. Products with a matte, colored or tinted surface are very popular.

Of considerable importance is the color of the lighting device.In most cases, all light sources are divided into two large groups: cold and warm light. Cold light lamps allow you to get a display in the mirror with high sharpness, accuracy and detail. Warm light provides warmth and comfort, but it can be a little dim.

Accommodation options

There are several options for placing lights for mirrors:

  • external;
  • internal;
  • decorative.

Let us dwell in more detail on each of these options.

With external illumination

Products with outdoor lighting options are very popular today. This type of lighting can illuminate not only the mirror, but also the area around it, which will make it more convenient to use any cabinets, shelves and hygiene items. These models of mirrors are equipped with connectors with mounting for different types of fixtures. Some models are equipped with mounts to place the lamp near the mirror.

Products with outdoor lighting will be the best option for performing makeup and shaving. The best option would be a model of a mirror with point lights on the sides and a long lamp from above in the middle.

With internal illumination

Interior lighting is often implemented using LED strips. It is desirable that they be placed under a frosted glass surface: so the light will not be too intense, it will not hit the eyes. This type of backlight provides high detail reflections.

Another important plus is a modern and stylish appearance that will perfectly fit into any modern style of interior.

With decorative lighting

The main task of this type of lighting is to perform a decorative function in interior design. The quality of lighting is relegated to the background. Using this lighting option, you can add a romance and sophisticated style to your bathroom interior.

Light sources can be located around the perimeter around the mirror. They can have a variety of shades, which can be controlled using a special remote control. So you can visually change the aesthetic perception of the room in which the mirror is placed.

Backlight Switches

Equally important is the location of the switch of all types of lighting. The ability to quickly and conveniently access the light depends on this.Today there are several options for switches. Considerable popular is the backlight for the mirror with a switch on the body (usually buttons). More popular and convenient switches are considered to be touch sensors or control panels.

Thanks to the motion or touch sensors, you can turn on the mirror illumination as quickly and simply as possible: to do this, it is enough to perform only one movement. Control panels are usually equipped with those models of mirrors, in which the backlight can change its color and work in different modes.

How to choose?

To buy a mirror with illumination today will be very simple. Available in a wide range of models. In order for the product to be pleasing to the eye, it would look stylish with the existing interior styling and work for a long time; when choosing a product, it is necessary to take into account many important nuances, namely:

Mirror dimensions

This criterion is determined depending on what goals and functions the product should fulfill. For example, if you need to see your reflection almost to its full height, purchase a mirror longer than 100 cm. To get a reflection at the waist, you will need a mirror at least 60 cm.In the mirror size of 40 cm, you will see the reflection on the chest. If you select a product for a bathroom, a mirror with a length of 40-60 cm will be sufficient, since in this case the most important thing is the ability to see the face in detail.


Different models of products may have in the configuration a variety of different accessories. For example, there are mirrors for sale, complemented by small cabinets or shelves, which also have a backlight. This option is quite comfortable and allows you to comfortably place personal items in the bathroom. However, to install this model will need more free space. The choice of the best option in this case depends entirely on your personal preferences.

Manufacturing materials

The best options are models with silver or aluminum coating. Their cost will be somewhat higher, but such products are more durable, resistant to high humidity and temperature differences, and also not susceptible to corrosion. The frame of the mirror should also be durable and resistant to moisture, so the best options are plastic models, as well as stainless steel products.

Design and appearance

The design of the illuminated mirror should fit harmoniously into the overall interior of the room. For example, round-shaped mirrors are excellent for an interior in a classic style, for modern interiors it is better to choose rectangular models. The color and design of the frame products are also selected in accordance with the overall style of the interior.


Types of lamps used in the backlight mirrors are also of great importance. It is important to choose the option that will be optimal for you. Most often, the choice stops on LED backlight models. At the same time, users try to choose a shade of luminous flux, close to natural daylight.

Beautiful interior solutions

And finally, we want to present you some successful and stylish solutions for different interiors.

How to make a mirror with lights with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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