Wooden frame mirrors: interesting shapes

Certain elements are integral to the interior. One of them are mirrors. They are used in a variety of decorative directions and perform many functions besides the main task. Mirrors act as tools for zoning and visually increasing space. Models in exquisite wooden frames add a touch of sophistication and luxury to the decor.

Features and benefits

Mirrors clad in wooden frames may have different shapes and dimensions. Their design can be varied.

Products of this type have a number of features that differ from other similar products:

  • A variety of colors (natural wood color or other options).
  • The choice of the type of painting wooden frames (using special enamels, patina, oils, varnishes).
  • A wide choice of design (most models are decorated with carvings or have a more strict and uncluttered form).
  • The shape of the mirror can be varied.

The choice is, indeed, varied. Moreover, customers have the opportunity to use the service "to order". The result will be a unique decorative element.

The advantages of choosing a mirror in a wooden frame:

  • Each type of wood has a specific texture, texture and color. Also, rocks differ in performance: density, hardness, stiffness, and so on. Natural material is not necessary to paint, because the natural color looks great and attracts the attention of buyers. In the field of production, various varieties with a multi-faceted palette are used, from light and monochromatic canvases to wood in dark and saturated canvases. Certain breeds have an extraordinary ebb.
  • The special texture of the raw material is revealed in all its glory thanks to the skillful hands of the craftsmen. The splendor of natural material blends harmoniously into the interior, complementing it.
  • The tree creates a special, lively atmosphere. This material represents the sun, nature, earth. Today wood is the most popular and widely used raw material. It will be pleasant to be in the room decorated with wooden elements for hours on end.
  • Wood is wonderfully combined with other materials, such as metal, glass, stone, and more. They complement and emphasize each other, resulting in a special duet of textures and colors.
  • Masters love natural raw materials due to its plasticity. The frame can be given any shape and configuration. Carving and other volumetric elements add expressiveness.
  • Another advantage is a long service life. With proper care, the models serve for centuries without losing their charm and refinement. Despite the durability of the material, wood is vulnerable to the formation of mold and fungus. Moisture and high temperatures also affect raw materials. To cope with this problem will help the special substances that are processed wood.


Mirrors in the frames of natural wood are very popular. They decorate homes around the world.Given the high demand, manufacturing companies offer a huge range.

All commercially available options are divided according to the following parameters:

  • The form.
  • Dimensions.
  • Colour.
  • Location (type of accommodation).

It is worth noting design models that have a special appearance. This may be a wide frame, decorated with a huge amount of three-dimensional parts or a product in an unusual form: a window, animal and plant world, geometry, and so on.


Given the huge variety of models, problems with the choice of the shape of the product should not arise. Manufacturers offer both classic versions (round, rectangular, oval mirror), and non-standard models that attract attention with a special silhouette. In large stores you can find mirrors that copy the figures of people, insects, animals. Also in the fashion of abstraction, letters, numbers and a variety of characters.

When choosing a mirror for a standard room, it is recommended to choose a round or oval shape. This is a win-win option that will easily and harmoniously fit into the decor. Such models are placed in the center of the room or any of the walls.

When choosing a mirror in a rectangular frame, consider the size of the wall on which the item will be placed. It should not occupy more than half the entire area.


The color of the wooden frame that adorns the mirror can be varied. Designers highlight the most basic options.

  • Natural color. To preserve the beauty of the tree, the material is coated with clear varnish and other protective agents that do not overlap the color of the variety.
  • White. Classic color that blends perfectly with other shades. Gilded and silver elements look especially impressive on a light background.
  • Beige. One of the most widespread colors in the classical and modern directions. Saturation and density of color can be different.
  • Brown. Natural and natural color. Most varieties of wood have this color. Shades are varied, from light brown to dark.
  • The black. Strict classic color. Such an element will add to the interior chic and nobility.


According to the location in the room there are such models: mounted, wall, table, ceiling and floor.The titles of the classifications speak for themselves.

Each type has certain features:

  • Models designed to be placed on the floor or wall are equipped with special anti-shock insulation. Such elements are actively used for zoning rooms.
  • If there is a lack of lighting in the room, pay attention to the ceiling options.
  • The most common models are wall mirrors. They are placed in almost all rooms of the house.
  • Many mounted mirrors have moving parts.

How to choose?

To choose the right mirror, you need to decide where it will be used and for what purpose. It is also worth considering the interior design and type of placement of the product. A compact mirror on a stand is ideal for a compact room, and a model with a voluminous and expressive frame will be a great addition to the living room.

In various rooms

Consider which models are suitable for different locations of residential premises.

  • Living room. In this part of the house, the mirror plays an important decorative role. Most often it is placed above the table, fireplace or sofa. The room is more spacious, the model can be more.The color and shape chosen for the style of decor.
  • The entrance hall. In the hallway set high and wide mirror, suitable in order to assess their appearance before leaving. This element is especially necessary if a woman lives in the house. Ideal - wall or floor option in full growth.
  • Bathroom. In this room without a mirror anywhere. Standard accommodation is above the sink. In the spacious rooms the mirrors are also placed in the shower cubicles or near the bathroom. The product must be treated with special means that protect the tree from moisture and high temperatures. The element of this type is also suitable for a bath or sauna.
  • Bedroom. A large mirror will not only decorate the bedroom, but also make your stay in the room more comfortable and visually increase the room. To make this element key, place it on a free wall.
  • Kitchen. In order to visually increase the size of the room, designers recommend placing it near light sources or opposite the window. In this room mirrors are rarely placed, so choose a more compact model.


Mirrors in wooden frames are ideal for a variety of decorative items.

  • Modern If you choose a model for this style, pay attention to the models with soft and smooth lines. Ideal options with floral elements and three-dimensional patterns.
  • Provence. In this decorative direction will look great mirrors in white frames. Floral designs that are characteristic of this style are welcome. The models decorated with the decoupage technique will harmoniously fit in.
  • Loft. For industrial styling choose mirrors in a strict, concise frames. The decor uses natural materials, so the mirrors in wooden frames will fit perfectly. The appropriate form is a square or rectangle.
  • Classic (Baroque, Rococo, Empire). For the above areas are characterized by chic, luxury and elegance. Frames with gold-plated elements, expressive carvings fit perfectly. Most often choose massive models. The carved frame will bring an exquisite interior.
  • Classicism. A large mirror in a simple frame is a suitable option for classicism. This is a classic trend, but more restrained compared to the above.
  • Country The basis of style - the use of wood in large quantities.Wood is used in its natural form, without paint, patina and other additions. The frame for the mirror in the style of "country" can be made of rough boards or textured branches. The best shape is a square or rectangle.


Experts from the sphere of design note that mirrors are those things that only get better with time. Old models acquire a special gloss and elegance, which modern specimens lack. Elements such as divorces, scuffs on a wooden frame, and black dots make antiquarian mirrors particularly attractive. Old mirrors are valued especially. Rare models, whose age is several hundred years, are very expensive and are available only to wealthy buyers.

Antique items are often chosen for classic decorative styles. In order for the mirror to retain a special charming appearance, obtained over a long period of time, and, moreover, perform the main function, professionals are engaged in the restoration of antiques. The restoration procedure is necessary so that the product gets better over time, and does not deteriorate.

As noted, old mirrors are a rarity, and their price is several times higher than the cost of the most expensive modern models. In order for ordinary buyers to have the opportunity to host elements of this type in their homes, stores offer buyers artificially aged samples. For this purpose, special techniques and various means are used to give special beauty to the products.

According to external signs, only professionals can distinguish a real antique from an artificial counterpart.

Stylish examples in the interior

It is better to visually evaluate the various options for mirrors in wooden frames. Consider the classic and interesting forms.

Magnificent mirror of a round form in a carved wooden frame. The model is decorated with a silver patina. This option is great for classic styles.

Rectangular mirror of textured wood. The board is decorated with natural dark patterns. The product will harmoniously fit into the country style or loft.

Neat mirror with a floral pattern. This model is recommended to choose when designing the French style Provence.

Luxurious carved mirror in gold color. Excellent choice for the style of the Empire, Baroque or Rococo.

For information on how to choose mirrors in wooden frames, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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