Mirrors in the interior of the living room to expand the space

It has long been known the magical property of any reflective surfaces to turn even the most ordinary apartment into bright, luxurious apartments. Each living room must have at least one mirror. Masters of design and decor will be able with its help to update even a small or ugly room. Mirrors are truly able to improve and ennoble any interior.

Mirror Features

People are not the first century admire their reflection. Beauties, many centuries ago, had already used polished stones as ancient mirror surfaces. In the course of its evolution, mankind began to make good mirrors from various precious metals. Having a mirror at any time was prestigious. It was a matter of pride and envy.

For the first time in the history of mankind, the industrial production of our usual mirror was started by craftsmen in Italy around 1407. Venetian mirrors are still considered the best in the world. They are very expensive and look gorgeous.

The masters of modern design love to use various mirrors in their creative work. These reflective surfaces are capable of creating an unexpected optical effect, an optical illusion.

Mirrors save us from designer concerns - poor lighting, flaws in the planning of the apartment, a small living space. Today it is difficult to imagine the interior of a room where there are no mirror surfaces. With their help, it is easy to carry out the most daring design experiments and implement creative and very bold ideas. A dark and uncomfortable room will be easily beautifully presented to guests simply by placing a mirror in it correctly.

Accommodation in the interior

Above the sofa

People are accustomed to put chairs and sofas in front of their window openings. Thanks to this arrangement, guests will be bright and cozy in your room. To reflect and increase the intensity of natural lighting, you can hang a mirror surface over the back of the sofa.A mirror, which consists of different parts and decorated in the form of some kind of pattern or picture, can give the living room enchanting and chic.

The mirror on the wall of your living room, among other things, will visually increase the number of things that are there. With the help of a mirror it is easy to adjust the shape of the room. Very convenient is that the reflective surface is invisible, as it is hanging out of sight of the guest. People will notice only the light, space and beauty of your wonderful living room.

Over the hearth

You can freely hang the mirror surface over the fireplace in your room. The living room looks very elegant if there is a hearth in it, and above it is a beautiful frame with a mirror above it. On the sides, place the floor lamps in retro style on the floor. This will make your living room very romantic.

The presence of mirrors and a fireplace in the interior of your room will make the living room glamorousbeautiful and cozy. Arrange the original antique trinkets and other decorative elements on the fireplace shelf. Let them reflected in the mirror. Your guests will see them perfectly from everywhere. This will allow them to appreciate the wealth of the owner’s collection and its good taste.

Over the dresser

Another good design idea is to place the decor above the dresser in the living room. It should be noted that the mirror in the room is better to choose a narrower one. Let the dresser be wider than your mirror. It is necessary to do this for a harmonious combination of the mirror surface with a chest of drawers. Thus, you will bring a good mood and improve the design of the room. This arrangement of furniture will be very popular among women of fashion, because it is very convenient to get a dress from the dresser and immediately try it on near a mirror.

Remember that when hanging a mirror in the living room, you should avoid reflecting on it big things. This gives the room an untidy look. Designers believe that placing a mirror surface over different furniture is a good interior design option.

It is known to all that this design technique will help to visually make even the smallest living room.

On the cabinet door

In childhood we saw the closet of our moms or grandmothers with reflective surfaces inside on its door. They were installed there so that you could inspect yourself at full length, but such a mirror was imperceptible to prying eyes.Nowadays it is proposed to install a mirror in the living room and show this item of decor to all our guests. Designers install mirror surfaces on the outside of the cabinet, and this has become a regular part of decorating.


It so happens that you can not create an interior with large mirrors in your home. Then trellis is perfect for you - a tricuspid mirror with a cabinet. This furniture is very popular for classic style. First you should make sure that you have free space and such a cabinet with mirrors will look good in your living room.

In some small apartments there is no special place where a girl can calmly and comfortably make up in the morning. In this case, you can buy and install a trill. Designers are advised to put such a mirror in the bedroom or in the corridor of the apartment.

A mirror is a very important item that is appropriate to apply in every room. They give people a sense of lightness and flight. They will certainly ennoble any room. Furniture with mirror surfaces is practical, multifunctional. Furniture manufacturers use the most advanced technology. The interior is solid, reliable.You can use such furniture for many years.

Mirror room design

First, it is worth considering where the mirror will hang. Then you can choose its shape, size. It is necessary to think about the style in which it will be decorated.

Consider the options for how to look at the mirror surface in your room:

  • Mirror in the frame. This element of decor is very important. It is necessary to responsibly approach his choice. If your room is decorated in a classic style, then you can safely hang a pocket mirror in a carved antique wooden frame. If you have country style, then buy a rattan frame. Art Deco style will be well combined with the frame in the shape of the sun, and in the room in the modern style hang a pompous frame with curlicues and abstract patterns on it.
  • Mirror without frame. Minimalism implies the absence of details that are not needed. Frames are also included. A round, rectangular, square mirror or several mirrors that make up a single panel - this is what you should hang in such a room.
  • Facet mirrors in the room - this is what will surely give your room a sense of bohemianism and style.The tile with a fatsety will embody the most different design imaginations.
  • False mirror. Experimenters and originals will surely hang such a mirror at home. You cannot not laugh when you see your twisted face in it. Such mirrors can be seen in the style of high tech, modern or minimalism. Such mirrors are advanced design solutions. Someone might like this design.

For a small room

If you have a small apartment or a tiny room in a hostel, do not despair. There is always a way out. Designers advise owners of small rooms to hang a full-length mirror. Such a large reflective surface will visually expand the space of the room. It will be useful to apply when designing the design of narrow and small apartments of the 60s.

A set of rectangular mirrors that hang behind the sofa opposite the window will make the living room visually much larger.

Round-shaped mirrors can also be hung in the living room. However, remember that this cannot be a single mirror. Create a combination of several different in size and placement of mirrors. And do not despair if you have only one mirror.Let it play a major role and become the central reflector of solar and artificial light in the room. The mirror should visually increase the size of a small living room.

In the big room

Do not think that if the room is rather big, then you can not hang a mirror. This is a deep misconception. The mirror does not just increase the space. It also decorates the room. The mirror will emphasize the design and style of the living room, as well as highlight the necessary items. A small mosaic tile will become just a minor decorative element. You need a small mirror near the desk. So you can see who enters the room, and you don’t need to turn to the door.

There are design options where the mirrors are just really needed. In the classic-style living room, a mirror is a tribute to style. The size of the living room is not so important. Designers recommend placing mirrors over the hearth or symmetrically on both sides of the furniture or the window, complementing such an ensemble with beautiful rare vases and other pleasant knick-knacks.

Another style that is impossible without many mirrors is high-tech. Metal, which glitters, glossy furniture and a mirror of irregular shape - this should be present in modern design.You can embody all the design ideas, having a large living room.

In the combined kitchen and living room

Modern designers offer a project of a combined living room and kitchen. The mirror in the room can be hung on the columns, which act as a separator for the two rooms. A mosaic of mirror fragments looks very stylish. You can place it on the wall of your room. In this case, your interior will be very interesting and harmonious.

Feng Shui Mirrors

People always gave mirrors a special, sometimes even mystical meaning. They are used during divination, predictions of the future. Mirrors are charms and amulets from evil spells. According to Taoist practice, a mirror brings a person equally as well as a benefit. It should be very careful to make out the walls of the room with reflective surfaces.

If you see a pleasant picture outside the living room windows (lake, forest, garden or park), then feel free to invite him to your apartment, reflecting the landscape in the mirror. However, if the landscape is very ugly behind the windows of your house (for example, construction, trashcan and others), then do not pull this in - the reflective surface should be turned in the other direction.

The mirrors in the room will perfectly hide the void. They will bring into it good energy from the flame, which is reflected in the hearth. This is possible if you place the mirror surface over the sofa, which is opposite the fireplace.

Taoist practice forbids us to hang mirrors in front of the entrance doors. Never hang mirrors in front of the place where you sleep, and in those places where you have long-term eye contact with the mirrors.

Wall mirror will help you achieve expansion of space. It certainly should be included in the interior.

Each living room needs significant changes and renovation of the room design. It is in this room that we receive many guests and spend a lot of free time with friends and family. In the living room often hang mirrors of different shapes and sizes. Approach the process of placing mirrors creatively. Just fantasize and create yourself. Modern designers and specialty stores will become your loyal assistants in this matter.

Tips and tips for placing mirrors in the interior can be found in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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