Designer mirrors in the interior

Mirrors are an integral part of any residential and non-residential premises. And it is not surprising, because of them so much benefit. Such products are created not only to admire, but also they are very often used as interior decorations. With the help of mirrors, you can visually expand the space of the room, make it more cozy and comfortable to find.

Today, many domestic and foreign brands produce a wide variety of mirrors, which differ in shapes and varieties. Designer models that always look expensive and luxurious are also very popular. You will learn more about what design options of products of this type exist, as well as how to choose them correctly in one or another interior.

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Special features

If you are not very pleased with the mirrors in the interior design, then you most likely simply do not know how to choose them correctly. This is the opinion of many experts who claim that the interior is not complete without mirrors. Especially when it comes to the bedroom or hallway.

Everyone knows that first of all products of this type are purchased in order to admire themselves, for example, before leaving the house or at important gatherings. Mirrors are most popular with women who spend a lot of time with them. And it is ladies who know a lot about the fact that a mirror should be not just a reflective surface, but also a beautiful element of the interior.

Today you can find a lot of a wide variety of mirror products from Russian and foreign brands. In addition, designer items that are often hand-made from expensive and valuable materials are especially popular. That is why many expensive mirrors are handed down from generation to generation and represent an incredible artistic value.

A mirror, like a painting, can be a luxurious addition to any classic or modern interior.With the right selection, the mirror will most likely become the highlight of the room where it will be placed.

Where to place?

Many people ask questions, where is the best place to place designer mirrors. However, there is no specific and specific place for this, since mirrors are placed on the basis of what functions they will perform in the first place.

If you place a mirror to look into it, then the hall, bedroom or bathroom is ideal for this. If you need this kind of product to perform exclusively decorative functions, then it can be placed in the kitchen, in the hall or in the living room.

Now about each room in more detail:

  • Hallway and corridor. The most relevant mirror surfaces in these rooms. And the mirror can be located on the cabinet or separately from it. However, to maximize space, it is better to place the product as close as possible to the front door. Some tenants hang mirrors right on the door for convenience and to save space, if, for example, it is more important to hang pictures on the walls.
  • Living room. The most advantageous in this room look floor mirrors in an unusual frame, however, you can find nothing inferior in beauty and originality and wall options.With the help of such a beautiful product on the wall you can form a special composition, supplemented, for example, by family photos.

It is recommended to place mirrors as high as possible in the living room and the hall; it is best to acquire round and semicircular shapes.

  • Bathroom. For this room it is very important to acquire moisture-resistant, wear-resistant mirrors that will serve you a due time. To realize the most unusual dreams of the royal bathroom, decorate the entire wall with a mirror or mirror tiles. No less expensive will look and a mirrored ceiling.

For a given room the mirrors can be of various forms, however, large and even huge models will look most advantageous. But do not forget about the proportions of the room: too large mirror in a very miniature bath can ruin the look of the interior, so be careful.

  • The mirrors in the expensive design of the handmade best place in the bedroom. Particular attention should be paid to mirrors in frames of leather and other textiles. Mirror product should be perfectly combined with the interior.

For classic styles, choose models in wood or textile.framed, but for modern styles it is better to pay attention to the mirrors in plastic or metal frames.

  • Mirrors look no less interesting on the kitchen. Of course, this is not the usual place to place such products, however, designers often use mirror coatings to create a fashionable kitchen arm. Be sure to pay attention to such interiors. They look just great.

Expert advice

Some important recommendations from interior designers:

  • To complement the original mirror surface, you can use different patterns. However, it is better not to do such a trick with the design options, because they already have enough. But for children's rooms it is quite permissible to place different butterflies, birds, flowers on expensive mirrors.
  • In order to choose the desired size of the mirror, it is very important to consider all the parameters of the room. Also, do not forget about the interior: a mirror product should not be inappropriate. It is worth considering where the furniture, various accessories and decorative elements will be located, and only then choose a place for a mirror.
  • Choosing expensive models, it is best to purchase them in proven stores that have already managed to recommend their products from the best side. Be careful with shopping on the Internet. It is best to purchase and inspect your chosen product directly in the store.
  • If you are not sure that you will be able to choose the right designer mirror model for your interior, use the services of professionals, who will surely be able to help you with this.

Be careful with the installation of dimensional models. Very often they cannot be installed by hand, which may also require the help of specialists.

Original options

In the modern world there is a huge variety of materials with which you can very unusually diversify your home space.

Mirror surfaces are no exception:

  • If you like glitter, chic and glamor, then why not create a club atmosphere in the guest room or in the hall, which will please not only all households, but also guests. Very often, to make the room shine in all its glory, designers use special mirror tiles of various colors,which are stacked on the wall as the main cover. This way you can arrange one wall or the whole room.

Of course, such a repair will require a decent cost, but the result will be simply stunning!

For mirror walls it is very important to provide the correct basic and additional lighting. Mirrors of this type create a kind of kaleidoscope or mosaic. They do not fit in order to consider themselves, and are used solely as a decorative finish.

  • To visually increase the space in the bathroom, you can use a simple technique and buy a ready-made cabinet under or above the sink with a mirror instead of the door.
  • If you have not enough windows in your room, why not use a mirror? To date, very popular are the arches of the mirrors, which are most often installed in the studio. However, modern women of fashion often order them from designers to diversify the decor of the bedroom. Mirror arch looks luxurious and visually increases the space. A winning option would be its location in front of the window.
  • Mirrors of various shapes and sizes can be placed all over the wall, thus expressing an unusual design idea. The most popular option is to use a variety of small round mirrors next to the stairs.
  • The mirror ceiling can look very expensive and futuristic. And it can be installed in the bedroom, in the bathroom or in the living room. Wherever the soul desires. However, it is very important that the installation is carried out by real professionals, who will take into account all safety requirements.
  • Large floor mirrors framed with expensive wood or metal can be an excellent addition to the bedroom in a classic style of execution. Designer mirrors with wrought-iron elements or woodcarving are ideally combined with baroque, rococo, gothic and modern styles.

Do not be afraid to choose the most courageous decisions from the mirrors in order to make your home memorable, spacious and as comfortable as possible.

How to position the mirror in the interior, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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