Floor mirrors: design examples

The magic of mirror-glass, fortune-telling at the mirror, a distorted mirror image still surprisingly affects the human psyche, forcing you to think about yourself and your loved ones. Mirrors are used by people everywhere: from technology to the make-up room of the great artist, from the mirror in the girl's makeup bag to the mysterious illusionist mirrors in the circus. A special place in our life is occupied by home floor mirrors.

Distinctive features and features

Floor mirrors in many ways stand out among the huge number of other home furnishings:

  • They provide an opportunity to realistically assess your image and make the necessary amendments in a suit, hairstyle, shoes.
  • For home, floor mirrors are an important connecting element of the interior, making it coherently combined with other necessary items at home.
  • The framework design of floor mirrors often becomes a work of art and emphasizes the high artistic taste of home owners.
  • Floor canvas expands the visual space of the room, increases the illumination of the room.


Despite the fact that the basis of such mirrors are two parts (glass with amalgam and frame), A variety of floor mirrors can be found:

  • A mirror with bulbs around the perimeter, which is used in make-up artists of theaters, cinema and circus.
  • A folding mirror allows you to see your own reflection from several angles at once.
  • The handheld has special parts for conveniently moving to any part of the room.
  • Swivel floor execution makes it easy to change the slope for a careful examination of the details of clothing and body, this performance is called "psyche."
  • Mirror-box. A beautifully made box, the front wall of which is floor-sized opens the back with many compartments for storing all sorts of useful and useless expensive stuff.

There are other types of sandblasted drawings on the glass surface, the same drawings can be made on the amalgam,creating a deep image effect. Glasses are cut out in the form of figures - an oval, a rectangle and other geometry. There are technologies for cutting mirror glass of complex configuration.

The surface can also be decorated with color drawings, various stickers of plastic, glass mosaic. Often decorated with ceramics and metal, make up combinations of several canvases of other shades. Often floor mirrors complement the original lighting.


The philosophy and teachings of Feng Shui imply the existence of such canvases in all residential areas of the house, and preferably of a floor type. A person should see his reflection in full growth and there should be no upper cut of reflection. Above the head in the reflection should be a space that, according to Feng Shui, makes it possible not to limit the inner growth of the personality of a person who looks at himself in the mirror.

The mirror should be big, domestic manufacturers make it about 170 cm in size. Most often it is a high oval model. There are other options, it depends on the physical data of adults, and the possibilities of the residential premises of a house or apartment.And the geometric forms of the floor option are selected, in accordance with the overall interior.


The quality of reflection largely depends on the materials of glass and amalgam, and the main element that gives beauty to the whole mirror is the frame. The most common type of floor mirror continues to be mirrored glass, placed in a wooden frame. A tree in such a frame can be represented in simple and complex forms of carving, with gold-plated and silver-plated coating. Particularly expensive is the frame, carved from solid wood, then you can make a thread on all sorts of subjects, including fabulous.

The mirror in a metal forged frame is also expensive. There are options for using a leather mirror frame made of genuine leather of high quality manufacture.


Color design mirrors can not be divided only into white and black. It all depends on the style and overall design of the living room. The reflecting surface of the mirror has its own halftones, which generally do not affect its main function, but the color of the frame and its design determine the overall impression of the valuable object of our life.

The color of the frame also matters. It is brought under the finish of the floor or walls and under the set of furniture. So, for a living room with parquet, a canvas in a wooden frame of a similar color is well suited. For the bathroom the best option would be a white frame, and for the bedroom with strict contrasting lines a large mirror with a black frame will do.


Floor mirrors must maintain their working position in a stable manner so as not to be in danger of being broken. This mainly applies to homes where there are children, and adults can create a dangerous environment. The task of the stable position of the mirrors is performed by the supports. The mirror in the frame and on the stand is an already completed piece of furniture, corresponding to the chosen design and style.

Stands on legs look the most elegant, even pretentious, especially in antique versions. Sometimes the support is made on a special stand, which has the appearance of a drawer, a locker, a beautifully designed solid wood board. To make it easier to move a massive mirror canvas in a heavy frame, legs are made on wheels with castors.

Different styles

Floor mirrors, like other home furnishings, can be presented in numerous styles from different eras andcountries.

Four directions most often repeat:

  • The performance in the style of Provence delights with ease, pastel beauty. Such a mirror of large dimensions and weight, but it seems almost weightless, airy. Of course, such a creation will cheer up people of any age;
  • Antique or "antique" supports the style of the past years, as a reminder of the fleeting human years and longevity of art.
  • Antique strikes the ability of a person to make a complex and beautiful work of art out of a mirror frame.
  • A loft-style mirror should liven up the somewhat simplified housing environment, but it performs mostly work functions.

Tips for choosing

Mirrors affect the formation of the image of a single room or the whole house, so the question of their choice must be approached very responsibly. Dimensions, shape, material, design and design should, along with the implementation of the main functions, become the main selection criteria. People with creativity can sometimes do their own hands with floor mirrors, combining their functions and designs with a clothes hanger, drawers and sections for storing accessories.

Special attention should be paid to security when buying and installing a child’s mirror; for this, there are a number of techniques for limiting the safe distance from the child to the mirror surface. When purchasing a mirror for girls and for a girl, you need to take care of placing in front of him or her a section for storing accessories or putting a mirror-box with a compartment for decorations, which are always quickly recruited and fill all shelves and compartments.

It is possible for a girl and a woman to put a swivel structure with shelves at the back and with lamps around the perimeter or part of it. Mirror canvases can be enclosed in a baguette, made in a luxurious baroque, and installed on strong legs with wheels. When choosing expensive floor mirrors, one should listen to design advice and read reviews, because such purchases can affect the family budget. But beauty requires sacrifice, including financial.

How to place?

The bathroom is very appropriate to place a luxurious floor mirror. It will be an excellent creative solution in both functional and design sense. To preserve its properties in conditions of high humidity, the surface is covered with a special anti-fog film. There are models with built-in heating system.Of course, such mirrors with additional elements of protection against moisture are much more expensive than simple options, but their service life while maintaining the main properties is more significant.

When placing in the bedroom should adhere to certain recommendations:

  • Above the bed headboard you can put a large mirror as a decorative element. In this case, there will be no discomfort, but you will not be able to look at yourself in full growth and try on outfits.
  • Prefix to an empty wall. Here the set completely fulfills its mission. In this position, the mirror allows the hostess to fully assess their appearance and gives the bedroom more comfort and beauty.
  • For small bedrooms where there is no space for large linens, the side wall of the wardrobe is used. The comfort is somewhat less, but the functionality remains.
  • You can hang a mirror cloth on the door, while not forgetting to set the opening limiter. When the door of the canvas is open, it is not visible what suits the Feng Shui supporters who are against any mirrors in the bedroom. With the door closed, you can always look at yourself in any way.
  • When placed above the vanity table, the need to purchase a trellis or a pier glass is no longer necessary; it is enough to put a small bedside table in front of a large canvas. Everything is easily consistent with the overall design of the bedroom.

Feng Shui advises not to put a mirror in front of the entrance door in the hallway; it reflects positive energy in this position and does not let it into the house. In order for the positive energy to be directed to the dwelling, the canvas must be arranged so that it reflects the corridor and the doors of the rooms.

The living room is advised to have a floor mirror at a right angle. to the window opening, if there is a pleasant landscape outside the window. The effect of the presence in the space outside the window should not be overshadowed by the reflection of the landfill and other low-aesthetic paintings. It is desirable that auspicious events and a beautiful landscape are reflected in the mirror. In the youth room, and possibly in the dressing room, you can get by with the loft style, where the focus will be on your own reflection and to a lesser extent on the interior and design of the room.

A make-up mirror has its own specifics; it should reflect a strongly lit object, face, details of a suit, and a general image.

There are several types of make-up mirrors:

  • Mirror canvas with light.
  • Floor make-up mirror.
  • Make-up tables with mirrors.
  • Desktop make-up cloths.
  • Makeup kits.

A bit of mirror history

In ancient times, reflective surfaces were obtained by polishing flat stones. Later they began to use metal - bronze and iron, silver, brass and gold. Grinding and polishing received excellent reflective surfaces. True, such objects then faded and became unsuitable for use.

The first glass mirrors were made in the middle of the XIII century, but they turned out to be concave due to the technology of their production. The vessels were blown out of glass, molten tin was poured in there, then the cooled glass was cut or skillfully smashed into pieces. The reflection turned out quite good, but still distorted.

At the beginning of the 16th century, French craftsmen covered flat glass with mercury and glued tin foil on top. This technology was further developed when Venetian merchants managed to bring French craftsmen to Murano Island, near Venice. Such products were more expensive than the paintings of the great Raphael.

Modern technologies use silver or aluminum to create mirrors. For amalgam prepare a mirror or phenolic composition, acrylic paints. Sometimes chrome or gold is used.

The main film, which gives a reflection, emit the following ways:

  • Chemical - when this occurs, the release of metal from a solution of salts;
  • Physically - the metal is melted and sprayed or applied by evaporation in a vacuum at high temperatures.

Glass for mirrors make for special technologies, providing for its distribution by grade and purpose.

Options in the interior

Floor and other paintings in a decorative application makes the interior beautiful and even more meaningful.

There are many options for this application:

  • Re-reflection can be used very carefully, so as not to receive additional psychological stress. Use asymmetry.
  • Light scattering. Subdued light, matt amalgam, polished metal accessories. Ideal for modern interior design.
  • Broken reflections and a curved mirror in the interior. Place a small gallery of crooked mirrors of the same size in the corridor,and the mood will rise in any person.
  • A luxurious view of domestic plants will enhance the mirror attached to the shelf with flowers and home plants.
  • Sconce, floor lamps and mirrors narrow strip behind them give the room the effect of solemnity.
  • Mirrored wardrobe helps transform a small room.
  • For the children's room, you can make contour mirrors depicting cartoon characters.
  • Mirrors and fireplaces. You can decorate the wall of a false fireplace mirrors in recessed contours with candles in front of them. Reflection of light will give the effect of a fireplace flame.

How to make a floor mirror in the style of a loft with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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