Tire decor: the subtleties of creating unusual elements

 Tire decor: the subtleties of creating unusual elements

When a creative person lives in a house, he finds application for different things. Take at least the old tires: from them you can make a lot of useful objects that will be useful in everyday life and will be a decoration of the landscape in the garden, simplifying the watering of ornamental plants.

Special features

Old tires are a unique diy material. It can be cut, combined with other materials, repeatedly painted. It can be given any desired shape. At the same time, tire tires are quite rigid, so the shape of the finished product will not change with time.The presence of the relief on the surface will give the craft a fancy that you can beat using paint of different shades.

However, in the manufacture should take into account the type of rubber. Not every tire is suitable for any crafts. According to the masters, to work with rubber is better to use tires imported. They are more convenient in their work, as they are thinner and are more flexible. The type of tires used for work also matters.

For example, if necessary, winter tires are easier to turn out for summer tires. When you need a more reliable material (for example, to create a chair or a coffee table), it is better to work with durable material. In this case, it is often not necessary to cut or change shape. Therefore, stiffness is especially important here.

Rubber is a good material because it does not decompose over time. The paint adheres to it well, it can be pasted over. For example, if the entire surface outside is covered with mosaic, it will change the aesthetic perception of the material. Such decoration of the garden can compete with stylish flowerpots. In this case, the choice of mosaic elements can be different, up to mirror fragments.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the properties of products from tires include several criteria.

  • Durability. Such products do not decompose, they are inert to the effects of insects and rodents.
  • They weather resistant and the temperature drop, which makes it possible to make tires of the decor not only for the house, but also for the facade and the street.
  • They are stable. Rubber will not change in size after giving it the desired shape. It does not form shrinkage.
  • These products functional. Today, craftsmen have learned to make things from this raw material that come in handy every day.
  • They are creative. Such decor, as a rule, is single and is the highlight of the place in which it is located, whether it is a plot on the street or a room.

These products are relevant in many trendy design directions. With their help, you can indicate the belonging to a specific style. They will harmoniously look in any room of the house, be it a bathroom, a joint bathroom, a kitchen, a bay window, an office, a living room or a dining room. With their help, you can equip the veranda, terrace and children's play area.

Along with the positive qualities worth noting the disadvantages of products from tires.

  • Rubber heats up in the heat of the sun. For furniture, located on the street, it is not very good.
  • The paint fades under the sun. Such products will have to periodically tint so that they look bright.
  • When an ensemble of tires is conceived, it is difficult to find a material of identical size and production.
  • For complex structures have to create a scheme. It is difficult for a beginner to make it precisely, which can affect the appearance of the finished product.
  • The problem may be the presence of the material itself. Not every household has old tires, because not every master has a car either.
  • When creating furniture, you have to think about fixings, additionally buy fasteners and plywood, if it is not available.

Tools and accessories

Difficulties in the work may be associated with a sharp tire. For this reason, you will need to add a jigsaw to the standard inventory. In addition to it, in work can be useful:

  • automobile tires of any diameter;
  • ropes;
  • paints;
  • paint brushes;
  • shovel.

Depending on the complexity of the product in the work, you may need MDF, chipboard, cement-based tile adhesive, and fasteners. If you plan to make a furniture product with a close-fitting, you should choose a strong and elastic fabric for upholstery, as well as a filler.Of these, it will be possible to build pillows for more comfortable sitting on unusual furniture.

If you need to use glass in your work, it is important to think about high-quality transparent glue to fix it.

What can you do with your own hands?

Car tires are a great material for landscape decoration. It can be used to furnish a veranda with furniture, to decorate a gazebo or a terrace. AT in skilled hands he can become:

  • flowerpots;
  • swimming pool;
  • a piece of upholstered furniture;
  • tea or coffee table;
  • frame for the mirror;
  • hanging pot;
  • mini pond;
  • pot or flower bed for flowers;
  • stylish chair;
  • the shelf for trifles or a rack;
  • washbasin;
  • slippers;
  • stand for umbrellas;
  • element of the swing;
  • part of the wall for climbing.

At the same time, the finished product will look stylish, not yielding to factory production. Old tires are a good material for creating landscape decoration, including:

  • race car;
  • by bicycle;
  • snake, dragon,
  • bird (swan, flamingo, rooster);
  • animals (elk, bear).

With the help of tires, you can decorate yard tracks on the local area of ​​the summer cottage,make a small sandbox, bedside cabinet, decorative well, a functional pouf with a secret, a column and even a pet bed.

There are a lot of options for using such raw materials. The choice of decor depends on the taste preferences of the master, his design ideas and skills of working with rubber.

The material is functional. If desired, they can beat the steps of the stairs, which will provide anti-slip marches and reduce the risk of injury during ascent (descent) in rainy weather. At the same time carpet linings can be painted in the tone of the overall concept of exterior design. You can make the stairs safe by removing removable mats from large tires. In addition to anti-skid, they will hold the dirt, not letting it into the room.

Flower beds

The most common products from old tires are flower beds. The complexity of the design depends on the ability to work with rubber, and most importantly - its cutting. Simple options do not need it: the tire is cleaned of dirt, sand, dust, then painted in different colors. When a multi-tiered flower bed is needed, the tires are placed one inside the other, while the lower tire is sometimes fixed by means of the soil.


Decorative well create on the basis of a multi-tiered flower beds. It will need tires, wooden supports with a cross section of 5-10 cm, parallel bars, roofing boards or slate. You can use the material at hand. In addition, you will need paint, through which you can give the well an imitation of brick or stone masonry, reptile skin or turtle shell.

In a simple method of manufacture, they determine the place, make holes in all tires for support. Then the lower tire is deepened 10 cm into the soil, and the support bars with the desired cross-section are inserted into the holes. Following them put on two other tires. They build a well, in the center under the roof make a hook for pots. It remains to paint the design, cover the ground, plant flowers.

Flower garden hedge

If you want to create the effect of a flower garden, the same tires are interconnected by identical tires. To do this, one tire is placed perpendicular to the ground, cutting it in one place and pushing 2 other tires into it. After this, the incision is fastened with a wire clip, solid tires are placed horizontally on the ground and covered with earth, and the split part is partially instilled into the ground in the form of a semicircle connecting 2 solid tires.

To make the flower fence look interesting, for horizontal and vertical elements, tires of different diameters are used.

Tea table

To make such a product will not be difficult. In this case, do not have to cut the tire. The main difficulty will be to trim the glass sheet of the desired diameter, which will require a glass cutter. Bottom to strengthen the table of the domestic bus need plywood, which will be screwed to the metal stable legs. To give an aesthetic look to such a table can be painted using shade of gold or bronze.

The tire should be painted after it has been cleaned and dried. Only then can you begin to install the table.


Such a product to make under the force for whom cutting rubber is easy. From inside the tire is painted with resistant gold paint and allowed to dry. On the bus create the desired pattern. To comply with the ornament without distorting the pattern, it can be pre-printed on the printer, then transferred to the tire.

The difficulty will be to painstakingly cut each hole. At the same time you need to cut a hole for connecting the lamp. Such a lamp will be the decoration of the villa.

Cache pot "Rooster"

For such a product, in addition to a tire, you will have to pick up a snag that looks like chicken legs, as well as a round piece of plywood. In this case, the support should be stable, and the tire is better to take a rounded with a minimum tread. Next, draw the markup on the tire with wavy lines. Partially cut, in front cut a wedge for the neck and head.

The back of the turn inside out, then cut into "feathers". After that, they erase dust from the surface, if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry. After that, the workpiece is glued or fastened with screws to the plywood, and then - to the snag. It remains to install a smaller tire inwards, having previously cut it on one side with a wavy line, and, removing the excess, making the bottom. Inside the soil is poured for flowers.

Stool with pompoms

You can make an unusual stool, if in the house you can find the legs from the old chair. In addition to the tire itself, you will need screws, plywood, screwdrivers, as well as threads of different shades. Initially, the tire is pasted over with a cloth, then a plywood in the shape of a circle is screwed to one of the sides of a rigid domestic tire, and then the legs are attached to the screws. A second round of plywood is screwed to the second side.

After doing upholstery. To do this, sew a case, then pompons made from the rest of the buckle are sewn onto it. They can have not only a different color, but also a size. This product will look bright and unusual.

To upholstery was practical, you can make it on an elastic band, removing in order to wash. This pattern is a circle larger than the desired diameter size.

What to consider in the work?

To facilitate the work, the masters propose to take into account several nuances:

  • it is easier for a beginner to work with the most worn tires, they are easier to bend, this rubber is more pliable;
  • it is easier to turn out tires with a worn tread;
  • cutting the tire "by eye" does not work - you need a markup;
  • for marking before cutting you can use chalk or marker;
  • if you need to cut the tire, it is easier to work with a previously prepared scheme;
  • automotive, oil, nitro and enamel paints can be used for painting;
  • no paint will last long if the tire is wet at the time of painting.

How to make a swan from the tire with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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