Interesting ideas for giving: plot decoration

Dacha plot for many people - already familiar and an integral part of their lives. Someone used to grow plants from year to year and harvest, and someone just to relax in nature in pleasant company. Regardless of where the cottage is located, what area it occupies, each owner thought about how to refine it. A lot of effort is being made to improve and decorate the site.

Many simply go to the store and buy everything they need to create coziness and comfort. But it is much more pleasant and interesting for this to apply your imagination, especially when all the necessary material can be found at hand.

Special features

Now objects made by hand are more popular. There are many interesting ideas for decorating the dacha. With their help, a place to rest will be truly unique and inimitable.The beauty created by you at the dacha will attract the views of neighbors, surprise with its originality guests who visited your cozy corner of the city.

To create most of the scenery will be enough minimum cost, basically the embodiment of ideas comes with the use of scrap materials. If you ask for help from specialized organizations, the price for services will be very high.

Recreation areas

The modern pace of life exhausting us on weekdays, everyone tries to come outside the city on weekends, to get some fresh air. Having a country house, it is difficult to do without a recreation area. To be here should be comfortable and calm, as the cottage is, first of all, a place for your rest from everyday fuss. After working in the garden and in the garden, I want to relax somewhere, to be filled with new forces and energy.

If the usual situation is already boring, you do not need to do repairs, it is enough to find fairly simple solutions in this matter, to show maximum imagination:

  • Swings, which can please not only children, but also adults, can be hung in the shade, unusual pillows of fancy colors and shapes will surely make this place a favorite.
  • A simple device from an old barrel can be made an excellent brazier.And in the evenings to admire the flames under the trills of forest birds.
  • Set a table, benches or chairs in a designated place, lay a tile with a tile and decorate it if you wish, you can make flower stands with which to decorate this area for rest.
  • Self-made pergolas look very nice. And any material can be made for production: remains from construction, plastic bottles, twigs of trees or simply climbing plants perfectly play the role of living walls.
  • Hanging in the garden comfortable hammock, you get great pleasure from the rest, there will be new strength and you can continue to work.
  • Each summer resident dreams to establish a decorative pond. It is not as difficult as it seems, you need to choose the size that is suitable for your site and pick up the tank. Fill it with gravel, pots with water plants and fill with water. Lying stones around your pond will resemble a stone necklace, but do not be zealous, everything should be in moderation.

We make flower beds

Arriving at the summer residence, you begin to beautify the beds, firewood, too, do not put themselves in the woodshed, but much of the time is always given to the cause for the soul. Flowers are the most favorite plants of the yard for summer residents.This is a decor, without which no plot can do. Of course, some separately planted plants look good, but the flower bed always fascinates with its magnificence.

Making out a flower bed, everyone wants it to look unique, but it is not necessary to acquire and plant rare plants, you just need to show imagination. Of course, the traditionally decorated flowerbed will not surprise anyone, then you should use unusual objects to create it, even if they have nothing to do with landscape design.

Crafts made of plastic

Dachnitsa know different tricks, how to make a flower garden much more beautiful, resorting, for example, to handicrafts made of plastic. Plastic is one of the most readily available materials.

He has very attractive qualities:

  • Strength.
  • Flexibility.
  • Durability.

Very often plastic bottles are used to make flowers for decoration, palm trees, gnomes, animal figures. Then these handicrafts complement the composition of flower beds. It always looks very nice and attracts attention.

It is very good to make the fence of the flower garden of plastic of various shapes and colors.Plus curly beds from bottles in that they can easily change their shape. If you wish, at least every year, change the shape and size of such a flower bed. In winter, such a flower bed is not afraid of frost.

Stones in landscape design

The use of stones in landscape design has always been popular. Stone decor for giving can be made with your own hands. Even if it is simple, but harmoniously fit in, this is already a huge plus to its creator. Flower beds can be lined with smooth white pebbles. You can buy it in the store or go for a walk on the river, in its search. It will be a small journey for the benefit of business.

A clever solution: put a pitcher turned upside down on the lawn, deepen it into the ground and pour small stones next to it, and then decorate this composition with low tonal colors, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere of magic.

An interesting idea for giving with the use of stones in the decor is the creation of an alpine slide or rock garden. Decorative garden composition made of stones of different sizes and dwarf plants, complemented by a dry stream, also made of stones, is one of the ways to expand the space.Looks great and will not leave you and your site without guest praise.

Painting on stones is also a very good solution for decorating the suburban area. Apply with acrylics the picture you have chosen and interesting pictures will decorate your garden and garden. The choice of ornaments is quite large: a ladybug, bugs and spiders, houses and fish, emoticons and simply colored pebbles, with all this you can complement the image you have planned.

Decor from old rubber

Creative homemade from old rubber is now widespread among gardeners. Design of children's playgrounds with different animal figures, sandboxes, swings from car tires, paths between rubber beds, artificial ponds and, finally, various decoration of flower beds - all this looks very original in private territories.

The instructions with a detailed description will help to make wonderful flowerpots for flowers from tires you don't need. Of course, it is necessary to apply masculine force here, since you simply cannot cut rubber. Especially, if you want to cut something figure, you will have to resort to special tools, such as Bulgarian.

Small tires are made miniature beds, standing alone on the lawn or along the path, painted in different colors. By fantasizing, you can make a multi-tiered flowerbed, using rubber of different sizes and diameters. And dug into the ground tires can serve as fencing sites.

We use wood and twigs

If we talk about ways to update the suburban area, its decoration, you should pay attention to such material as wood and twigs.

The tree can be used for many of the most original crafts for the dacha and garden:

  • The tree chosen as a production material, provided that it is specially treated, will be pleasing to the eye for a long time. Wooden decor has a low cost and is quite simple in processing.
  • You can make original paths from a bar, which will add comfort to the site. Curbs made of wooden chocks are very popular, but are labor-intensive process. The fence from a wooden round timber looks very interesting, with the help of paints it is possible to turn the fence into multicolored little people or into colored pencils. Such fences can fence the territory on the site, for example, a playground.
  • When creating a wooden decor on the site, you can use mosaicking. The mosaic will give your crafts individuality and creative originality. It is possible to decorate beautifully the cut of the stump with multi-colored glass pieces or tiles fragments remaining after repair. Beads and bright stones also look very beautiful in the overall mosaic composition.
  • A wooden fence can also be decorated with bright glass beads and beads. To do this you need a drill with drills, glass and the fence itself, of course. It is necessary to make holes in the fence, placing them in a chaotic manner, then place already prepared glasses and beads in the holes. It now remains to observe the charming modulations and the play of light reflected from your fence.
  • You can make an interesting bird feeder from a birch stump, it will be a wonderful decoration for your garden. It is necessary to make a small hole for delicacies, and the visor will be protection during rain. With a bird feeder, birds will often visit their dacha, and adults and children will be able to admire the beautiful birds.
  • If you have no place for beds on the plot or simply do not want to spoil the lawn,find several felled tree trunks of different diameters, with their help and your imagination you can easily make a steam locomotive. From above it is necessary to make holes with a chisel and a hammer and to plant the flowers you love, timely watering will provide an opportunity to admire their beauty all summer.
  • Flowers can also be planted in a wicker basket, made independently of the twigs of trees that grow near your plot.
  • Rods, and in particular, braided structures, the most economical material for making jewelry on the site. It is possible to fence a pond and a fountain, weave a support for climbing plants, and for more experienced ones, those who have already tried themselves in this difficult task are weaving arches, benches and arbors.
  • Quite beautiful and very common is the fence of twigs - wattle. You can fence them all suburban area or select a recreation area, garden, playground, you can show imagination, and serve such a fence for about 5 years.

Useful tips

Equipping a country site, you can do almost anything with your own hands, the main thing is to plan all stages of work.

Some useful tips on how to apply old or unnecessary things, creating a decor on the site:

  • Furniture that you have not used for a long time, you can apply to your estate and give it a new life. Pre-clean it from old paint, re-paint or simply varnish and now - the decorative element is ready. If you do not want to create a new flower bed, then this option is perfect for you. You can remove seats from old chairs, install drawers in their place and turn them into portable beds. You can also do with the bed, in this case it can serve as a fence for the flower bed.
  • Surely the summer residents have inventory that is no longer required in the work:
  1. Shovels
  2. Chopper.
  3. Sickles.
  4. Garden shears and many other tools.

They can also be used in the dacha decor. For example, paint them with lacquer or paint of a suitable color and hang them on hooks in an economic block or decorate a garden gate with them.

  • In the garden trees, you can install not only feeders, but also birdhouses. Bird houses should be made as comfortable as possible, and at the same time special. Birds will gladly settle on your plot and protect your crop, and the trees will look more beautiful outwardly.
  • Wooden stairs, which served faithfully, are increasingly being replaced by modern dacha aluminum structures. But throwing them is not worth it, they are perfectly play the role of support for climbers. Of course, you need to check that such an assistant could still fulfill this role and did not collapse under the weight of the plants.
  • Do not throw away the old dishes. If you paint a metal kettle, make a mosaic of multicolored glass pieces on it and plant a flower in it - this will be the highlight of your garden. Also, pots, basins and anything else, do not be afraid to use what is already at hand, you just have to be creative, and your suburban area will turn into a paradise from which you do not want to leave.
  • Shoes, carts - all this can also be used as flower pots, of course, after having cleaned it of dirt and repainted in the colors you like.
  • If you have patience and gather up a large number of caps from plastic bottles, they can also be used in decorating the cottage. They can lay out a path in the garden, decorate the facades of buildings on your site or show artistic ability and make drawings on a wooden fence, here you will need a screwdriver and screws to help.

Beautiful ideas

If you place such a log near the house, it will certainly delight you with its unique look. Such a bed can be of any size and be in any place convenient for you. To make it, too, will not amount to great labors: to make a hollow with an ax, to fill in the ground and plant any flowers.

To decorate the landscape of the suburban area with a dry stream is a very interesting idea. A dry creek can be made by anyone, even a novice gardener, and this is his main advantage. So that the stream does not seem empty, unfinished, it must be decorated with plants. Plus the fact that they can be any, to your taste.

Interesting crafts for the garden can be made from tires. It can be flowerpots for flowers, swings for children or just funny animal figures. A creative approach, a little patience and skill - and now original products flaunt your country house.

New, exceptional ideas arise from summer residents when creating different things from plastic bottles and caps. How a non-standard vertical bed for greenery looks or how extraordinary the furniture looks. For such ideas, you must be patient and have a sufficiently large number of bottles.

Even in order to put firewood in a woodpile for the winter period, you can use a creative approach and achieve excellent results in decorating the dacha territory.

How great is the recreation area with a pergola. Laconic and at the same time amazing place for a family dinner or for rest. It is nice to just sit down after a hard day’s work and drink tea in nature.

How to make a pond of tires, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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