How to make out flowerbeds: beautiful flower beds with their own hands

Bright and fragrant flower beds are able to decorate any territory. Each hostess should know how to make out the flower beds and create beautiful flower gardens with their own hands.

Special features

In Russia, dacha culture is actively flourishing. Many spend weekends and holidays in the countryside. It is possible to grow not only vegetables on the backyard territory, but also to realize your floral ideas. Each hostess wants to make her small natural island not only functional, but also beautiful. Designers offer numerous ideas that differ in style, design materials and color combinations.

A well-designed flower bed is able to deliver aesthetic pleasure to everyone.

To make a flower garden correctly, you should study the main features of flowerbed design:

  • After planting seeds in the ground they will need to constantly care. Before creating a flower bed, you should consider its shape and design, think up a type of composition fencing and color;
  • Before work is required to determine their desires. In order for the flowers not to look chaotically and not to look like a motley coverlet, think over the design of a flower garden, select plant varieties;
  • Vegetation should be selected according to the height and size of the bushes, as well as the degree of growth. If you neglect this rule, you will need a transplant next year;
  • All flowers should be combined in color. This does not mean that the garden should be monotonous, just do not use more than three main tones in one planting. You can dilute the flower beds white, shades of green or different variations of the basic tone of vegetation. By following this rule, you will make your garden harmonious;
  • Before planting seeds should be familiar with the features of plants. Examine their growth rate, future size, external data, and flowering time. Such information will help you decide on the future composition and create original flower beds on your site;
  • Planting flowers should be free. No need to crowd all the plants at one point. This will lead to an incomprehensible design that will ruin the whole composition;
  • For flower beds need to care. Cut the plants and add top dressing to the soil.

Having studied the features of flower beds, you will feel more confident and be able to choose the most suitable option for your summer house.

Each flower bed has its own nuances, which are in the features of irrigation, fasteners and location of vegetation.


Beds on your site should have an attractive appearance throughout the summer season, so pick up vegetation, which is characterized by prolonged flowering. Also, flowers should retain their decorative qualities after flowering. A flower bed can act as an independent figure in gardening or be combined with more complex compositions of flower beds.

Before arranging the flower bed should determine the types of flower beds that exist in the design. Each species has its own characteristics, shape and location on the site.


This is a common flower bed on which annual or perennial flowers can be grown.Since each flower has its own characteristics, which are in the irrigation system and feeding, it is very difficult to care for such a flower garden. When choosing this model should be prepared for the constant financial investments. The very procedure of creating a flower garden, as well as the final result of effort, can bring real joy to gardeners.

A regular flowerbed differs from other types in that it only allows strict geometric patterns. Each drawing should have its own unique shade. Vegetation should be planted in a specific pattern, so that there is a clear border between the flowers. For the desired effect, choose flowers with identical flowering period. You should also take care of proper lighting. The presence of a shadow is not allowed, as it will spoil the look of the flower garden.

Most often, these beds are located in the city park, alleys and gardens. Arrangement of a flower bed of this type in the country can be done only if your site has a sufficient area, because such compositions are considered the largest.


Irregular flower beds are easier to maintain than the previous flower garden. For this reason, they are in demand among landscape designers and ordinary gardeners. For such a bed does not require the choice of different types of flowers that match the flowering time. Usually experts recommend picking up varieties that bloom at different times. When one part of the flowers fades away, a new batch will replace it.

This quality allows the flowerbed to please their owners throughout the season. With the help of an irregular flower bed, you can show the natural beauty of flowers along with a variety of color choices. These flower beds do not have clearly defined geometric shapes.

The layout of the flower bed should be done in an open area with plenty of sunlight. This is due to the fact that most flowers do not like penumbra. Large varieties of plants should be planted in the central part so that you can admire the composition from all sides.

If access to your flower bed is on one side only, tall flowers are planted on the far side.

To create such a flower bed, you should choose different sort plants. Most gardeners choose perennial varieties, which include roses, peonies and phlox. Popular annual species can be added to the composition: balsam, asters, snapdragons. This list is optional, you can plant any flowers depending on your preferences and fantasy.


This type of flower bed is rarely used. Sometimes urban services during urban greening resort to a similar composition. Externally, flower beds look like a panel, which includes low-growing plants with a bright appearance. The composition of the flower beds should be selected so that the flowering time of all varieties approximately coincides. In the design, there is a cunning interweaving of patterns, due to which an attractive ornament is formed, similar to the pattern of an oriental carpet.

Creating and maintaining an attractive form of such a flower bed is accompanied by considerable difficulties, but the result is capable of striking everyone. Guests or passers-by at the sight of this beauty will admire your talent.If you decide to place a carpet flower garden on your plot, be ready to take care of it every week.

Faded and lost plants should be removed, and growing plants should be pruned. Make sure that there is a clear border between different varieties of flowers. Do not allow a violation of the figure. Many gardeners are planting plants directly in pots. This solution leads to rapid drying of the soil and the need for intensive watering.


Raised flower beds are currently popular. They received their name due to the fact that the flower bed is located in special containers that are elevated from the ground level to a height of 20 cm. Due to this decision, you will be able to plant vegetation on areas where it cannot be done in a simple way. For example, in the design of stairs, on soils with a poor composition, in areas where communications take place. Raised beds are considered to be an expressive component of the decor and allow you to make the interior of the site original and unusual.

Raised flower beds may have different shapes. The material for creating the walls may also vary.Used models are versatile and suitable for a garden decorated in any style.

It is easy to care for flowers that are in these beds. When choosing such products, remember that the soil will dry out more often than in traditional flower beds, so frequent watering is required.

Vegetation in such structures will develop better and bloom faster, since it does not need to be afraid of frost on the ground, the ground heats up more quickly and is sufficiently ventilated, and the water does not stagnate. Pests do not often attack raised flower beds.

In the raised flower gardens you can grow plants that will delight their decorative qualities for a long time. Choose several varieties of plants to make the flower garden varied. Many gardeners planted petunias, lobelia, nasturtium and other types of flowers. On flowerbeds of large size, decorative cereals look good.

If your flower bed is at a height of 50 cm, perennial varieties can freeze. Therefore, plant in such products only annuals. At the bottom should be a drainage of pebbles or gravel.


Vertical flower beds are able to act not only as a beautiful decor for any landscape design, but also to become a functional solution while saving space. They amaze with their unusual appearance and diverse forms. Such flower beds are suitable for growing many varieties of plants, among which can be identified petunia, begonia, vervain and bakopa.

Usually vertical plantations are used for landscaping the city., but in the suburban areas such flower beds also fit well into the interior. With this solution, you will create an unusual screen that will accentuate an unremarkable corner of your garden or hide certain objects from prying eyes. When creating such a flower bed, you should choose a solid frame on which flowerpots with flowers will be mounted on the floor by floor. In the end, you get a solid flower column, which looks attractively paired with ampel varieties.

You can give the frame any shape, thereby giving the flower bed the appearance of any fairy-tale hero or animal. Such solutions are often used for decorative dilution of the territory and thematic design of certain areas.


This flower garden is different from the simple one in that it surrounds a certain object in the estate. In the role of the subject can be a fruit tree, sculpture, gazebo and other interior components.

Most summer residents decide to arrange such structures by placing beautiful vases with flowers or an original statue in the central part. When choosing plants, be guided by the height of the variety: high representatives should be planted on the inner radius, and lower ones - on the outer one. Due to this decision, you will receive an unusual pedestal of flower plants.

You can plant flowers in different ways. If you are planning to create a specific pattern, choose plants of the same height.

On round flower beds, which can be viewed from any direction, high flowers should be placed in the center.


This flower garden should be located in the center of the lawn in the open area. This solution allows a good view of the flowerbed. You can make a flower garden small or medium size. It will contain about 3-5 original varieties of flowers. Often planted peonies, garden chamomile and delphinium.If desired, you can make a large flower bed, placing more plants in it.

Lawns near the flower garden will create a bright and juicy environment in which the flower garden will be an accent spot.


This solution acts as an interesting decorative component, which is often used by landscapers when working in urban environments. The flower bed combines elements of carpet and regular flower beds. Designers decorate such solutions with different images, starting from portraits, ending with calendar inscriptions. Instead of paints, experts use low-growing varieties of plants.

Panels can be created from flowering and non-flowering plantson which there is bright foliage. Such decorative components create before the holidays in a certain category, but you can create a similar flower garden at your dacha on your own. The choice of pattern and colors will depend on your imagination. When arranging the flower beds, select plants that bloom in one season and the same amount of time.


In appearance, this type of planting is no different from the standard flowerbed.However, the vegetation that is present in this flower garden should be selected taking into account the color change during flowering. You will be able to choose the combination of flowers by examining the timing of flowering plants you like.

For example, in the autumn season in the flower garden you can plant a daffodil that in the spring will decorate your garden with white. In spring, pink petunias can be planted to modify the appearance of the flower bed. Use for these purposes grown seedlings. To petunia bloom after the daffodil immediately, plant seeds in late March.


Monoclumbus are a flower garden in which there is only one type of plant. Usually gardeners choose the snapdragon, salvia and sown dahlias. This solution looks good in the garden and is used to divide the site into functional areas.

It is best to place flowers near the main entrance to the territory, near the door or in the recreation area. Bright flowers will attract the attention of your guests, so determine the place under the flower bed so that it looks through from each side.


Floral border is used as a decorative fence.The width of a standard flower garden is no more than 60 cm. When planting flowers are used that are combined with each other, as well as shrubs. You can use the longitudinal and transverse symmetry.

Most of the principles of the curb equipment have become known from the popular well-known gardener and designer Gertrude Jekyll. She equipped her personal garden, which impressed others with its originality and artistic solutions.

To make your flower garden as rational and decorative as possible, you should use several rules:

  • If the border has its own color scheme, it should act as a contrast with the flower garden, for which the flower bed will be a frame;
  • When choosing undersized perennials, keep in mind that they will grow in height and width. You will need to take a larger area for them;
  • Gaps in the edging look unattractive, so place the same flowers in two rows;
  • The standard border size should be no more than 50 cm in width and up to 40 cm in height. Choose a stunted flower frame;
  • Make sure that the frame does not look in different directions and has a neat and attractive look.To comply with this condition, you should buy small plants, characterized by a low growth rate;
  • Decorative qualities of flowers should not depend on weather conditions. In any weather, your bed should look attractive. Pick for the curb unpretentious plant varieties, which are characterized by endurance, even in a limited area.

The choice of flowers for such a flower bed is a key principle of arranging a quality flower bed.


These free flower beds are familiar to many gardeners. This solution is considered the most popular component in landscape design. They gained their popularity due to the fact that you can easily create a mixborder from perennial plant varieties, and you will enjoy admiring your creation for several years. Arrangement of a flower garden of perennial flowers consists of several steps, after which you will receive a picturesque landscape that fits into any style.

Mixborder can be located on the outer and on the inner border of the territory. Some designers plant flowers near the lawns and even between the beds.By its appearance, the composition resembles a sinuous ridge, in which there are randomly planted green plants and flowers.

If you want to create a flower bed that will attract attention with its flowering from early spring to the last days of autumn, choose plants competently. You will need to purchase varieties of flowers that will gradually replace each other during the flowering period. Such a decision can decorate individual beds and the entire area as a whole.

When choosing plants, consider not only the flowering period, but also the soil features, humidity level and type of lighting. Due to the correct selection of vegetation, you can get continuously flowering mixborders, which will please the eye not only during flowering, but also in the winter season. In winter, perennial varieties of herbs and coniferous shrubs can be used as bright strokes.


The word "rabatka" has German origin and is translated as "bed". In Germany, in the beds they grew vegetables, therefore such a flower bed has a long and narrow shape. However, the discount has changed its purpose and is now used only for decorative purposes.

This flower bed is represented by a strip, the length of which reaches 15 meters. The width of the flower bed can be 0.5-3 meters. Long and narrow ridges are usually located near the footpaths, fence and decorative fences. They are able to decorate boring garden paths and hide the unsightly foundation of buildings.

The decorative features of the rabat include its geometric strict lines. There is a repetition of colors, shades and shapes. The complexity of repetitions depends on the parameters of the flower bed and the author's ideas. At the simplest composition may be a couple of bands of flowers. You can alternate the groups of the same color, which are planted across the width of the flower bed or use chess order. For wide rabatok use of flower sections with different forms is provided.


Rokkarii is considered one of the most beautiful ways of decorating a summer cottage. It is a stone flower garden on flat ground. Before arranging such a flower bed, you should study the features of roccaria so that it does not turn into an ordinary alpine slide.

In such a composition, attention is paid to additional components. The basis of the flower bed create large boulders, which can be arranged evenly or in any order. With them in the flower bed must be small flowers. Preference is given to creeping, climbing and heather bushes. You can consider other representatives of the plant world, which fit the style of flower beds.

If you choose high varieties of plants, then arrange a high curb. For example, if you have red dahlias growing in your flower garden, you can use white gables or snapdragons as a beautiful flower border.

Also, flower beds may vary in their color scheme.

Flower beds are:

  • Monochrome. In this type there are flowers that have the same color but different shades;
  • Contrasting. In such compositions are plants that vary greatly in color;
  • With the scheme of approximate colors. In the flower bed there are 2-4 colors, which are located in the adjacent color circles.

Fashion trends and new items

In modern landscape design there are many compositions from which you can create original flower beds.With the help of ready-made options or your imagination, you will be able to equip your summer cottage and surprise guests with floral arrangements.

The main advantage of the flower garden can be attributed to its unlimited forms. You can add to the composition with the help of available tools. For example, in the central part of the flower bed at a small elevation, you can install a tire in which the climbing plant grows. The stem should twist the tire. There are many similar options that will help create an original design, even on a small area.

Flower garden butterfly

If you are the owner of a big country house, you can arrange a flower garden in the form of a butterfly on your plot. It can be placed on the lawn. Such a flower bed has the shape of a rectangle, in the corners of which grows green vegetation. In the central part of the composition should be placed a butterfly. The original design is created with the help of numerous plants and rich colors. The boundaries of the wing need to be shown using the same vegetation.

Other relief can be identified by different varieties of flowers and compact shrubs.You can improve such a flower bed if you add a little volume to it.

For this you need to raise the head of the butterfly over the body. You can achieve this effect with the help of the earth.

Small bridge

Since flower beds do not have a clear form, you can depict any shape. The hinged bridge on which flowers grow is originally looked at the cottage. To create such an element, you need to draw a plan. First of all, the frame of the structure is assembled, which will have a curved shape. Most designers recommend making a wooden bridge using a multistage system. At the boundaries of the steps, you can organize the bumpers that will prevent the soil from shedding.

At the final stage, it will be necessary to fill the bridge with soil in such a way that a smooth slide appears. After that, should be planted plants. Choose undersized varieties of flowers, with small roots. On the border of the design, you can land plants that can hide the bumpers.

Improving a flower garden like this is a complicated task that requires a lot of energy.However, the end result will delight you and your guests with its unusual appearance and original idea. Also, to create such a bridge does not require a lot of space, and under it you can arrange shade-loving vegetation.

Rose garden

If you like decorative components in the country, pay attention to the rose garden. In most cases, it is created from red roses. Choose a lighted area to place the flower beds, as the roses bloom well in these conditions. Make sure that no objects obstruct the flow of sunlight and take care of the absence of drafts.

If you wish to install a bed of gorgeous roses on your summer cottage, stop your choice on the south side of the plot. On three sides, the flower garden should be protected by trees that will not create a shadow for it. To create an original composition, choose decorative variations of violet, white or red. The rose garden can be decorated with the help of minor plants that will act as a supplement.

Roses require a large amount of attention and increased care. These flowers are dependent on the weather, but the blooming rose garden justifies all the energy spent.Arrangement of such a bed can be the highlight of any problem, regardless of its area.

Vertical compositions

Vertical flower beds are popular. You can fix them on the walls of buildings and arrange bright flowers in them. Such a solution is able to decorate even the most boring corner of the territory, and petunias arranged in pillars will turn a usual plot into a voluminous colored garden. Some summer residents planted near the old trees clematis, which will cover the trunk with flowers and decorate the site for the whole season.

Choice of colors

Every summer resident wants his home entrance to look attractive. You can decorate this area with the help of a composition of continuous flowering. To correctly create a flower garden, you need to know what flowers you need to buy and how to properly plant them.

Rules for choosing plants for a flower bed:

  • the composition should contain perennial and annual varieties of flowers. You can dilute the flower bed with shrubs;
  • choose plants with identical requirements for humidity, type of lighting and the need for watering;
  • do not plant aggressor plants. These include the periwinkle, recruitment.Discard perennial varieties with light insemination (poppy, lupine);
  • Draw a plan where the borders of the structure with a list of perennials and the arrangement of colors in the composition will be displayed.

As an approximate list of perennial plants by season, the following representatives can be considered:

  • in the spring you can admire the flowering of a snowdrop, crocus, Pushkinia, muscari, hyacinth. Tulips, daffodils, primrose, hellebore, daisies and erantes will delight with their flowers;
  • for the summer season there is the largest list of colors. During this period, aquilegia, poppies, lilies, chamomiles, peonies, carnations, irises, phlox, cornflowers, euphorbia, bluebells, geykher;
  • for the fall, you can purchase seeds of aster, chrysanthemum, sunflower, coriopsis;
  • There are also non-mesonics, which retain their decorative qualities for a long time. These plants include conifers and shrubs, ornamental grasses and ferns.

The final list will depend on the size of your flower garden. However, even in large flower beds you should not plant many perennial plants.Plant a few flowers, each type of which will occupy a sufficient area.

With this solution, you can eliminate the excessive diversity, which negatively affects the perception of the flower garden.

The resulting list of vegetation can be divided into two categories:

  • the flowers possessing the small vegetative period. These include spring bulbous varieties. Instead, you can then plant a few annuals. Choose vegetation that forms a significant green mass from a single root. Petunia is best suited for this role. Vertical petunias can decorate not only a flower garden, but also any unremarkable object of your site;
  • in the second category are perennial varieties. They will not spoil the appearance of the flower garden after flowering.

Once you have decided on a list of perennial plant varieties and their characteristics, you can proceed with the planting. Number each plant and place according to the designated plan. When you finish making a plan, some places may be empty. To remove emptiness, use annuals.Give preference to unpretentious vegetation, among which can be attributed asters, petunias, nasturtiums, dahlias.

Every self-respecting hostess lands on the site of a rose. These flowers are considered the "queens" of the garden and require special care. If you are not afraid of problems and experiences because of unsuccessful attempts, you can make beautiful flowerbeds from roses, decorating your estate with them.

You can create a rose garden or rabatka with roses, which will be located along the garden paths or decorate a specific area. If you like single representatives, choose the most vivid and juicy types of roses, so that they act as an accent spot in the country.

How to make a waste material?

With the help of waste materials you can create original landscape design, saving money. From such raw materials you will get unusual beds, which will successfully fit into the interior of the site and will attract the enthusiastic eyes of your guests.

In addition to decorative qualities, home-made flowerbeds made from scrap objects can become a unifying component for green spaces in a garden with residential buildings.Some gardeners embody inimitable themed designs, turning unremarkable wooden carts into fabulous carriages with “flower horses” or planting blue flowers in the form of a stream that runs from a jug buried in the ground.

Wood is considered to be quite a cozy and warm material that looks good in the countryside. It does not heat up under the sun and does not act as a reflector of the sun's rays, which makes it safe. Many craftsmen love to create various objects of wood, as the process is interesting and exciting. However, wood has a flaw that is fragile, which can be slightly compensated with the help of special impregnations and tinting. In the work, you can use any wood: cut branches, lining, picket fence or slab.

From stones obtained affordable and simple flower beds. If you create a composition in the same style, the territory will acquire a neat and attractive appearance. Stone constructions are attractive because they are an organic part of nature, and the curbs created from them are perfectly combined with any type of landscape design.

Creating a fence, remember that his "fence" should have a homogeneous structure.You should not choose stones of the same color and shape. It is best to make borders of slate, limestone, granite and sandstone.

The easiest way to create a flowerbed of stones is to simply lay out a row of stones around the garden bed. Many summer residents resort to this method, but you can make the design more complicated by adding two tiers. Such a composition will look good with slate, as it is similar to the layering of several stone layers of stone. At the expense of a couple of tiers, you can create a decorative flower bed, emphasizing the style of the site.

If you have accumulated a large number of plastic bottles, do not rush to throw them away. They are able to become the basis for an interesting structure on the plot. Bottles can be used in different interpretations, based on the dimensions of the material.

From the large capacity you can come up with a beautiful flower bed. You will need to put the bottle on its side and cut one wall. This part will be the top of the flower bed, and the container will become a container under the ground. With the help of several bottles you can make an original composition in the form of a train or other figure. Due to the colors you can turn the bottles into funny animals that will delight your children.In such beds should plant unpretentious flowers that can grow on a limited plot of land.

Also from plastic bottles you can equip high beds, which are framed with plastic necks dug into the ground. You can paint the frame with different colors or fill with colored powders. Such fences are durable and aesthetic appeal. With this method, you can decorate not only flower beds, but also the garden itself as a whole.

Flowerbeds made of brick are considered the best option for the suburban area.

The easiest way - flowers, surrounded by perimeter bricks in an arbitrary arrangement. Some summer residents refine and lay bricks at each other at a certain angle, slightly digging them into the ground.

You can create complex and original flowerbeds from bricks.

To do this, you need to follow a few recommendations:

  • similar structures should be laid out according to a previously thought-out project;
  • you will need to mark the contour of the future object;
  • then you need to dig a hole and fill it with drainage;
  • The next step is to build brick walls.The first row does not need to be sealed with mortar. This is required so that excess moisture can flow freely from the flowerbed;
  • subsequent rows must be paired with cement;
  • if you decide to make a high flower bed, tilt the clutch slightly inward so that the ground does not “pull” it out;
  • the finished structure should be left for 7 days for the masonry to be fixed.

Similar flower beds can adjoin to walls or stand separately. When choosing the second method, you will need to plant the plants so that the flower garden looks attractive from any vantage point.

Almost everyone in the country can find an old iron pot, which is long overdue. Do not rush to get rid of unnecessary things - from the pot you can make an original flower garden. With the help of an improvised flower bed, you will be able to decorate any suburban area, giving it a rustic touch. In the style of Provence or Country, such a decorative decision will be indispensable.

To make a flower bed with your own hands, you will need to clean the surface of the future "vase", make a hole in the base. With the help of several cast irons, you can create original compositions that will amaze your guests.

In addition to these materials, you can use other unnecessary things that are on your summer cottage. For registration of an interesting composition, your imagination, earthy mix and colors are enough. As a decor you can use simple paints and other related items.

Master classes in design

Anyone can make a flower bed near the house.

To avoid mistakes and reduce time costs, you will be helped by step-by-step instructions with a description of actions:

  • First of all, you need to create a project that will help you decide in which part of the site ready flower beds will be located. Decide on the type of fence, the shape of the design and the type of flowers that will grow in the flowerbed. This knowledge will help you to make a list of the necessary materials, seeds, care products and decorative frames;
  • Sketching scheme will only draft your work. You can solve the problem of optimal placement of vegetation only at the time of planting flowers;
  • For a flower bed should choose a well-lit area. The soil should be fertile, so choose suitable fertilizers for it.The selection of a plot has an impact on the varieties of flowers that can grow in a new flower bed;
  • If you are new to gardening, start with unpretentious plants. In the future, it will be possible to try more difficult care flowers to create a more refined design and realize original ideas;
  • With the help of a painstaking choice and a combination of beautiful colors, you can come up with numerous compositions that will delight those around you in early spring and late autumn. There are ready projects of flower gardens that help simplify the arrangement of flower beds;
  • Based on the type of landscape and the area of ​​the territory, you can make the composition in the form of a flat construction or create slightly raised flower beds framed in the form of stones or decorative tiles;
  • If you have the opportunity, arrange stone beds in front of the terrace or in another part of the garden. Such a solution will help to make attractive compositions even from simple plants;
  • It will be necessary to plant similar varieties of flowers. Think over the schemes with which you get an organic combination;
  • When planting plants do not forget about aesthetics.You can use the principle of multi-tiered, where in the foreground there are low-growing flowers. They will act as a frame for medium-sized plants with beautiful flowering;
  • Low vegetation will act as a central link in the composition and attract all the attention. Solitaires will look beautiful against the background of tall plants that have decorative foliage or contrasting colors;
  • No less successful is the composition, which combines high perennials with medium vegetation. For maximum effect, you will need to observe harmony in color and shape of flowers.

Many designers suggest replacing flower beds with decorative beds in a regular style. With the help of an aesthetically equipped garden, which is located next to the house, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape, enjoying the pleasant aromas of flowers. Laying out such flower gardens in the yard will take a little time and help you decorate the plot.

You can start creating your own flowerbeds right on the beds. The device of the flower bed are raised beds of uneven bars, thick boards,on the upper perimeter of which there is a casing. As an alternative, you can use the calculation of the walls of tiled stones.

To equip the paths among the decorative flowerbeds, you will need to put the ground in the beds and carry out the planting of garden plants. When planting, you can simply choose a straight line or diversify the design of geometric patterns. Contrast in the composition can be obtained by combining different varieties of lettuce, basil and ornamental cabbage. A rectangular breakdown of radishes or dill will act as the border of the flower bed.

Beautiful ideas

There are many ideas that will help break in the country beautiful and unusual flower beds. It is possible to create flowerbeds from any material, even from the one that you would like to throw in a landfill. As an example, you can consider a few common ideas that are suitable even for novice gardeners.

Everyone saw a flower bed in a car tire. As a rule, the courtyards of apartment buildings are decorated in this way. You can use this idea for a garden and add it with your own strokes.You will need to paint the tire, add a little decor to it and plant the varieties of flowers you like.

To make the tire unusual, cut it in half and bend it to the shape of a vase. The resulting "pot" should be painted in a bright shade, fill with earth and decorate with your favorite flowers. Externally, this flower garden will look like plastic designs. Tires of different sizes can be made multi-tiered compositions that add originality to your suburban area.

If your site has untrodden stumps, they can be a good basis for a flower garden. For work you need the stump itself, the working tools, the earth and the flowers.

Arranging a similar composition, do not forget about drainage and additional watering so that the plants do not die from thirst and excess moisture.

Anyone can create a flower garden from old furniture. This option is suitable even for a private house. As a base you can use unnecessary beds, dressers, tables and chairs. No limits on ideas. Each item can be used and turned into an original flower arrangement.

Vertical flower beds in cans, located on the outer wall of the house, will help to make the interior unusual. Having once made such a flower garden, you can transform the look of your home forever.Use charts with center drawings to correctly select a place for future flower beds, and think over the irrigation system.

With a well-designed system, you can use water from the roof. Such solutions are suitable for moisture-loving plants that are not afraid of excessive moisture. In addition to cans, you can use simple beds in which cucumber and other climbing crops will grow.

A flower garden in a bicycle - this option will suit those gardeners who want to stand out from the rest and are looking for original ideas. You can create a flower bed with your own hands from an old bicycle. As a basis, use the three-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles.

To give the future flowerbed a decorative look, proceed to painting the bicycle. You will need to purchase several containers under the ground (you can use the old pan, canister, box or basin) and fill them with earth. The last stage is planting plants.

With this simple solution you will get a stylish decoration of your garden. Such a flower bed can be located in any part of the garden.

When arranging flowerbeds at the dacha, you should remember that you need to be able to correctly select the flowers and place them in the flower garden. Original flower beds attract attention, but well-groomed and beautiful flowers are in the first place, as they are the central link of the whole composition. Responsibly take this issue and select varieties that are combined in their style and color.

How to create a beautiful flower bed with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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