How to make flower beds and flower gardens with your own hands from scrap materials?

None of the dachas can not do without a flower bed: flowers adorn the courtyard and delight the eye, a successful composition is the pride of the owners. If you add a fantasy design of unconventional materials to the beauty of flowers, you can create unique floral masterpieces with the exclusivity of your idea. To do this, you need to take a fresh look at some of the things that we usually throw in a landfill, or they have been gathering dust for years in a barn. What can be used to create an original flower bed? Let's try to figure it out.

Special features

Flower bed is a kind of frame for a picture of natural splendor. Even the modest wildflowers and cereals, designed in the form of flower beds, become a work of art.Vases and pots with plants installed on the porch or suspended in pots, transform the entrance area, make it hospitable.

Many gardeners independently break up flowerbeds in the garden plot. To get a flowerbed beautiful, it must be properly arrange.

Garden flower beds are organized in several ways.

The most common form of flower beds is rectangular or round. Here are often planted bright annual or perennial flowers. This flower bed stands out against the background of the garden or yard with a bright floral spot. The technique of creating such beds is quite simple. A plot of the desired size or shape is excavated, the necessary fertilizers are applied to it, and flowers planted in this area are planted.

If the composition of the soil is not suitable for the selected flowers, the top layer of soil is removed, replacing it with the desired one.

A flower bed can be framed in the form of a long band composition located along the track, being its natural border and background. The laborious process of replacing the soil here will be inappropriate. It is worthwhile to dwell on varieties and types of plants suitable for the existing soil. This flower garden is called rabatka.

Recently, an indispensable attribute of the suburban area of ​​steel rockeries. Natural or natural stone spread in a certain form, in the intervals between the stones poured the ground and planted flowers or hvoyniki. This technique creates an artificial relief of rocky terrain (stones are the limiters of flower beds). Rockery is not difficult to make even a novice.

The main condition is the fact that the flowerbed must have a certain shape and sufficient size so as not to resemble a pile of stones.

In the rockeries planted any ornamental plants that like the owners of cottages.

Collectors of rare mountain plants often design their plantings in the form alpine slide. It differs from rock arias by the approximation of the composition of the soil and plant species to the natural alpine landscape. To create a rock garden get special stones of rock, the intervals are covered with fine gravel mixed with the ground. In these pockets planted flowers or miniature horsetail with a root system, adapted to such a ground.

Junipers, arabis, groundcover succulents are well tolerated in such flower beds.

Favorite type of flower garden in the suburban areas is mixborder (flower garden from different plants). High specimens are placed in the background, low in the front, so that each plant appears in all its glory. According to this principle, front gardens are arranged in the traditional styles of the site design. Mixborders decorate the entrance area and local area.

Enthusiasts add color to flower beds, using scrap materials, for example, to make a bed of tires, an old suitcase, or outdated furniture. These unusual flower gardens are decorated with mixborders, rockeries or set them in a separate accent in the garden. These compositions take up little space and can be used for vertical gardening of the garden. Support for climbers are specially installed high stumps or picturesque snags. They are treated with antifungal drugs to increase the service life.


Starting to create a flower bed, you need to stock up on a site plan, because the flower garden will be located on this place for many years. It is necessary to take into account the illumination, methods of irrigation, the presence of natural relief, the composition of the soil, the surrounding vegetation and buildings.Pick up plants, based on all of these factors. Plants are planted in one flowerbed with the same requirements for light, soil acidity and watering.

A drought-resistant plant next to a moisture-loving one will suffer from excess water, its decorative effect will decrease, and the overall appearance of the composition will lose from this.

At will, the choice is made in favor of annual or perennial plantings. Annuals bloom beautifully and rapidly, but require constant care for growing seedlings and annual spring planting. Perennial flowers, ornamental shrubs and hvoynik are a permanent design of the flower bed, they keep the composition throughout the growing season.

Flowers need to pick up on the timing of flowering, so that the flowerbed looks decorative all season. At the same time, early-flowering bulbous plants are laid, they are replaced by summer flowering plants, then autumn chrysanthemums, dahlias and gladioli enter.


Layout flower bed involves the distribution of selected plants on the area of ​​the flower bed in a certain order. High views are placed in the background (the closer to the foreground, the lower the height).Mark the place of each plant on the plan, taking into account its growth: in the early years, empty places can be planted with annuals.

Landscape designers recommend planting several plant specimens of the same species as a group to create mass in a flower garden.

A single flower will not be able to create a sufficient amount of color spot in the composition. The effect of repetition is often used (the same plants are planted in several places of the flowerbeds). When planning should take into account the color of foliage and inflorescences: they must be in harmony with each other on a limited area of ​​land. You can make a monochrome flowerbed (for example, white, blue or pink, consisting of flowers of one color).

How to do?

The flower beds can be simple horizontal, located on the ground or vertical. Vertical decorative flowerbeds have become quite fashionable in recent years, they are used when space is limited, if you need to decorate a fence or a wall of a building.

You can make such flower gardens with your own hands. This will take some time, but the result will please for many years. Designers suggest using all sorts of materials to design flower arrangements, most of these materials are in many farms.

From natural materials

A flower bed can have a smoothed transition to the natural turf cover of a plot, or it can be limited by a border:

  • A simple border made of hemp, natural stone, pebbles. Step by step this process consists of the following operations: a trench is dug along the contour of a flower bed, then a stone is laid in this trench in the form of a wall to the desired height. If necessary, the walls can be sealed with cement mortar. Well, if the material of the border and the covering of the tracks will be made in the same style. When finishing should take into account the color of stones. Rockery harmoniously looks with the paths of natural stone.
  • Another type of curb is a pebble or round stone finish. Along the border of the flowerbed, a formwork of the required height is installed in the trench, reinforced with reinforcement and poured with cement. After drying, the outer side is trimmed with stones, which are planted on cement mortar. The inside is filled with earth, then the plants are planted.
  • Recently, the gabion device for bed curb has gained popularity.. In this case, construct a pocket of the desired height and width of the reinforcing lattice, put pebbles in this pocket, which is held by the grille.The fenced part is covered with earth and planted with plants.
  • It is enough just to make a pot of concrete. This will require two pelvis of different diameters, wrapped in cellophane (cellophane layer is needed for better separation of the forms). Tazy inserted into one another, between them poured cement mortar, after drying, the pots are removed, decorating the concrete form as desired. The flowerpot is decorated with stone, mosaic, shells, sand, painted with oil paints.

Natural wood

If the terrain does not abound in stone, but there are forests around, it is better to use wood saw cuts. For the device of such a bed, wood is removed from the middle of the stump, the cavity is filled with soil mixture and the plants are planted. Stumps set in a group or one by one to decorate the garden. It is possible that the territory already has a stump from a felled tree, and hands do not reach to uproot it. It is necessary to hollow out the middle of the stump and make a small flowerbed in it.

In a few years, the stump will rot from moisture and earth itself, but for several years it will be the original decor of the plot.

An old log or log can easily be turned into a fantasy flower bed, scraping the upper part.The result is a rectangular cavity suitable for breeding flowers. Hemp will be useful for creating high decorative beds. Such aesthetics beds will replace a flower bed, at the same time they will become a source of beauty and benefits.

Various snags can become material for arranging a flower bed: their lifespan is limited by the lifetime of the wood.

The wattle fence from thin branches or a rod will become fine decorative ornament of a bed. You can diversify your pastime in winter with fascinating weaving for a curb, and in the spring you will only have to reinforce the finished bumpers on the supports. The inner part should be lined with a film or other durable material in order to avoid precipitation of the earth in the gap. A layer of drainage (broken gravel, expanded clay or sand) is filled up to the bottom. The rest of the volume is filled with earth. In such beds even vegetables are placed.

From the boards of bright color, they put together a fence of a flower bed or beds. The shape and color can be any (those that will be liked and fit the composition). Inside it is worth isolating the bumpers from moisture, fix the film on them, drain the drain and the soil into the rest of the space.The shape of the flower bed can be a source of inspiration and exclusive decoration of the site.

A flower bed in a flower bed in the form of a decorative well will attract the special attention of guests and enjoy the household.

Wood is a versatile material. All its parts are used. Do not forget about the speed of decay of wood. To lengthen the life of wood products, the structure must be impregnated with antiseptics and coated with oil formulations (paint, oil, wax).

On the metal frame

Professional topiarny art gave a lot of ideas to growers for arranging flower beds, flower beds. These include vertical beds and flower beds on a metal frame.

To perform such a miracle, you need to install a pillar of a metal mesh frame, from the inside populate it with black non-woven material or black dense film, then fill it with soil, install a pipe with watering holes in the center. Outside make cuts and planted plants. Over time, the foliage and flowers close together and form a vertical flowering column. This method is one of the most difficult to perform and maintain: it is difficult to replace and water the flowers.

Residues after repair

In most cases, after the dwelling is repaired, a pile of linoleum scrap, remains of slate, brick, pipe trimming, pallets of building materials, and packing boxes remain. All this can be attributed to the dump, but it is better to use as improvised material for the construction of flower beds.

Brick paths are beautifully combined with flower beds framed by borders of the same brick. Such curbs are laid out in the trenches along the contour of the flower bed: pour the foundation into the formwork and put several rows of bricks on the mortar. From this material, you can make a multi-level bed: the game of relief will add to the composition of decorative.

A round flowerbed around the garden tree will make it easy to water and fertilize, it will add an aesthetic decorative effect to the garden plantings. In pristvolnyh beds you can grow flowers and garden strawberries: it is decorative and has tasty berries.

Border beds are made of plastic and glass bottles. One can argue about the artistic value of this material, but with proper performance, interesting compositions are obtained.

Trimming ceramic tiles should be used to decorate the surfaces of the tracks and sidesflower beds. The base can be made of concrete and decorated with a mosaic of fragments. In the case you can start up and shards dishes. If desired, the mosaic pieces are painted in various bright colors with paint for exterior work and they are pasted over with the outer side of the rabat.

As a container for planting flowers using metal objects (for example, discs of old wheels).

Flowerbed design of old tires is no less popular than brick. This material has become traditional: it is available and relatively simple to process. The tire is filled with soil and planted plants, the rubber surface itself is painted in a bright color or painted with patterns. These beds can be placed in different parts of the site or grouped in a beautiful composition.

You can make a swan or a donkey from scraps of tires, build a real art group in the garden. More complex device in beds of tires with a curly edge.

An unattractive structure or a monotonous fence is decorated with vertical flowerbeds from wooden boxes into which pots with flowers are placed. Before this, from the scraps of linoleum lay out the bottom and sides of the desired height.Then pour drainage and soil, place your favorite plants. This type of decor looks colorful in the period of flowering plants.

The popularity of hanging beds and beds made of scraps of pipes or drains. For this, the pipe is cut lengthwise into two halves. Each half independently mounted on the wall or create a suspended structure on the cables of several parallel gutters. In these original pots planted flowers or vegetables.

Vertical flower beds anywhere in the site can be organized from building pallets. Original flower beds will be a bright decoration of the site. However, such flower beds to preserve the decorative require regular watering and timely replacement of faded specimens. In winter, these plants should be transferred to heated premises or confined to growing annuals.

Plumbing and dishes

After the repair, the old plumbing remains. She can also be given a second life in the garden. For example, an old bath can be coated on the outside with waterproof paint. A drainage layer should be put on the bottom. The remaining tank is filled with soil mixture.

Such a flower bed has sufficient depth for planting any plants that have a one-year flowering period.

Incredibly beautiful composition of climbing plants and vines. The broken pots and old basins should be decorated, filled with earth and planted a flower arrangement in them. The fantasy of a person is limitless: amazingly used household items are used in garden design.

Plumbing kit, covered with gold paint and decorated with thujas, becomes a piece of art (a little ironic, but original). It should be beautiful and with humor to paint the old rusty barrels and plant flowers or vegetables in them so that they are pleasing to the eye and uplifting.

Other popular tools

No less popular for the device of flower beds has become the old furniture. For a successful composition, it is worth looking at ideas from professional designers, having correctly copied them on your site. Otherwise, it may turn out a warehouse of old furniture in different parts of the garden.

Technologic rework old buffet in a flower garden is:

  • we paint an old case in bright color;
  • drawers are used as mini beds;
  • we establish this buffet-bed in a suitable place of a garden or the yard.

Landscape designers offer to arrange the whole room under the open sky, having issued old objects in a certain style.

For example, the bed frame is put in the garden and painted in the desired color. Instead of a mattress mounted box beds. Then fill the container with soil and plant flowers in the place of the bed. It turns out a fabulous picture. To the decor of the room is to add a chair or an old wooden armchair, where instead of the seat a tank with earth is installed and flowers are planted.

Old shoes in a room in the open air will get a second life. Boots, boots, shoes should be painted with waterproof paint, put a plastic bag filled with earth, plant different flowers: a shoe shelf of flowers is ready. If it rains, an umbrella will come to the rescue.

Flower bed in an umbrella is easy to arrange using a layer of cellophane and flowers with a shallow root system. If there is an old suitcase, it is possible to put it into action. Of course, such flower beds are short-lived, but for some time they will be bright accents of the site.

How to decorate?

Bright inflorescences of plants by themselves are the best decoration of a flower bed, but in some cases it is worth making out the very frame of the flower garden.

This should be done in such a way as not to disturb the aesthetics of the finishing material:

  • It is best to leave the wood cuts in a natural color or soak it with colored stain: this is how the beautiful fibrous structure of the tree will remain in sight.
  • Boards, pallets and boxes can be treated with wood stain of natural wood shades, or painted in a specific color. The smooth surface of the treated wood looks good in both versions.
  • Old baths, concrete frames of flower fences should be decorated with pebbles, colored mosaic of broken dishes and ceramic tiles, or painted with oil paints.
  • Plastic and rubber are painted well, but flexible material does not hold up the coloring layer well (such surfaces need to be tinted frequently or completely renewed in design).
  • The stone is usually left in a natural color, in rare cases it is necessary to paint the individual elements to fulfill the design.

The garden lives its own life, grows and changes. For such conditions it is suitable to use flowerpots made of concrete, automobile tires, wooden boxes. Flowerbeds in flowerpots can be installed in different places every year, drawing attention to one part of the garden,then to the other. For decorating suitable natural materials and artistically processed.

Beautiful landscape ideas

Unusual flower beds on the site are often created from quite ordinary things:

  • hanging flower garden from old teapots decorates the descent of the garden stairs;
  • the original design of the old boat creates a wonderful flower garden near the house;
  • a bicycle with flowering plants in pots, painted with a bright color scheme and installed in the yard in the country, will create the unique atmosphere of a provincial street;
  • a stream of flowers under the tree comes to life with the help of an old clay pot;
  • if the private plot of a private house is decorated in country style, having collected several items of peasant life and picturesquely arranged with barberries and hvoynikami, you can create a suitable stylish composition.

The following video is about how to create a competent flower garden.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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