Suspended swing for giving: types, design and selection criteria

Cottage - a favorite vacation spot. People try to make it as comfortable and cozy as possible: they build beautiful arbors, benches with tables, equip barbecues and make swings.

Why do we need?

The most popular models of swing at summer residents - suspended. They are easy to use and save a lot of space. Suspended swing will be the final accent in the dacha atmosphere, transform and ennoble any facade. They will be not only an element of decor, but also functional furniture, because not only children, but also adults can use them.

Swing helps the child to develop his vestibular apparatus, give physical exertion, are a pleasant experience.

Many people mistakenly think that the swings are invented only for children and are not able to withstand an adult.But this is far from the case. Modern designs are made of durable materials that can hold a lot of weight, including the mass of an adult.

For adults, suspended structures are more used in the meditative key. Riding on them calms and relaxes, thereby normalizing the work of the nervous system.


Wicker street rattan swings are very popular in our country. They perfectly and harmoniously fit into the country style. Take up too much space. Often they have a round shape and resemble a cozy cocoon. They are also called wicker hanging chairs. The base of the leg on which they are attached, made of wood or durable metal.

Now preference is given to swings made of artificial material that mimics rattan. Such models are not afraid of bad weather, rain, snow and temperature drops.

Due to the strength of the material, the design retains its original color and shape throughout the entire period of operation.

The advantages of such models include:

  • interesting design;
  • safety in use;
  • compact form;
  • long service life.

The disadvantage of such a swing is the need to periodically paint the structure with paint or varnish from exposure to sunlight. Can be unusable if you exceed the limit withstand weight. Over time, it is necessary to replace mounts when using the swing too actively.

Metal swings - the most popular type. There are everywhere - in the courtyards, in playgrounds, in parks. They have many forms and models. The most common option is the stand-alone model, which is designed for both children and adults.

Metal is a durable material, so the design will serve the owners for years. It is reliable and stable, it is very difficult to break such a model.

The undoubted advantage of such a model is the ability to make swings to order, with a certain design, additional decorations and the required number of seats.

The metal is very susceptible to temperature changes - the structure heats up quickly and gets hot when exposed to direct sunlight. And at low temperatures, fasteners and bolts freeze, which makes it impossible to use the swing for its intended purpose and may, in general, make the entire structure unusable.

On the market are various types of metal swings. You can choose a canopy model designed for the street, or special models for children with a mattress and pillows.

For stationary use of a metal swing it is necessary to build a podium or to have a flat surface where the structure will stand. During operation, stiffness will be necessary for bearing supports Due to the heavy weight of each part, the collection of the structure may involve the work of several people.

Wood swing hangers are easy to manufacture and are eco-friendly. Surely everyone in childhood had a swing, which consisted of a strong rope and a wooden board. This is the easiest and most economical option.

If the wooden swing is chosen for the child, then it is necessary to consider some factors: the presence of comfortable seating, practicality and safety. It is best to choose a children's model with a single seat.

Wooden models are good because they fit perfectly into any interior. Suitable for verandas and gazebos. They can be in the form of a bench or a small sofa.

The advantage of a wooden swing is their environmental friendliness, since they are made of natural materials.The wooden frame can be decorated with the help of drawings made using the burning method or using wood carving.

The main disadvantage is the limited service life compared to other models. Even with good care and varnish coating, they are still susceptible to the sun and absorb moisture. Have a lot of weight and difficulty in carrying. Massive swings are not suitable for small children, as they are not equipped with special protection.

If we consider children's wooden swings, they are compact, easy to dismantle, fold and have the ability to carry. Unpretentious in terms of mounting. For the base is quite suitable and the usual strong branch of a tree.

Safe for kids, but swing is still under the supervision of adults.

Another popular material for swings is plastic. Ideal for quality and cost. It has a rich color palette, there are various shapes and sizes. It has all the necessary protective mechanisms for children, so it is considered the safest option. But since the plastic is not strong enough for a lot of weight - the model range of such a swing ends in children's sizes.

Plastic is very fragile, and when mechanically applied or struck against something solid, it may break or crack. Under the direct rays of the sun fades and can deform.

When choosing a swing for older children, you need to consider the maximum weight that the model can withstand. The plastic swing must have retaining clips. They are designed so that the rope cannot slip out of the ring.

If there are no special mounts, the model is unreliable and fragile, so it is better to refrain from such a purchase.


There are two main types of swing attachment - on chains and rope. Each type has its own positive and negative sides.

The advantage of the chain is that it is high-strength, any deformation of the links is immediately noticeable. The chain can withstand a lot of weight. The disadvantages include the possibility of injury, the child may pinch the skin. Such fasteners usually have a high cost.

Rope - a budget option. With the help of a rope, you can easily build a swing yourself, without any additional mounts and clamps.They are safe to use. Of the minuses, you can highlight the quick rubbing of the ropes and maintaining a small weight.

Swing - this is the object that definitely should be installed at the cottage. They will definitely please both children and adults.

How to make a swing with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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