Double bedding - Russian and European sizes

Many people, including couples, need double bedding. But the meaning of this name in different states and in different countries may differ significantly. Consumers need to know all the details before going to the store.

Standard parameters

Russian options

A bedding set manufactured in Russia must meet the requirements set out in GOST 2005. Such standard parameters are typical for linen produced also on the territory of certain post-Soviet states. The smallest width of the sheets in a set of double linen is only 138 cm. This value is accepted because of the requirements of another standard, according to which the narrowest sleeping place for 2 people can be 110 cm wide.

The widest sheets according to GOST can reach 180 cm, they are larger in size and weight. Their permissible length has two values ​​- 214 and 230 cm. Duvet covers in double sets are always unified in length - 215 cm. But their width is double in the standard - 163 or 175 cm. Most standard pillow cases:

  • 40x40;
  • 60x60;
  • 70x70;
  • 75x75;
  • 80x80

The problem is that the GOST standards have lost their binding force. Both Russian firms and foreign suppliers may not comply.

Because of this, the standard in practice is called those sizes of linen, which are most often found. Double beds are called beds or sofas, the width of which is not less than 140 cm. They usually lay such underwear on them:

  • duvet cover 175x215;
  • sheet 180x210;
  • pillow case 70x70.

This linen can be put on a mattress with a width of 140-150 cm. Typical kits include 1 duvet cover, 1 bed sheet, and a pair of pillowcases. Please note that bedding made in China, have the same equipment and similar dimensions.

European standards

The size of a double bed linen euro parameters is as follows:

  • duvet covers 200x220;
  • sheets 220x240;
  • pillowcases 70x70 and 50x70 (2 pieces each).

Characteristics of double bed linen, manufactured in Europe, are the same as those of Russian products.The value is almost always the same, maybe only a small additive. According to experts, the European standard is optimal for beds and sofas of 160x200 cm. Many Italian sets are ideal for mattresses 200 cm wide. They include 2 pairs of pillowcases, so you need to purchase additional pillows. Advantages of a bedding set of the euro size before a usual double set will be:

  • increasing the size of the duvet cover and sheets;
  • greater number of pillowcases;
  • attractive design.

"Family" sets

For a 2-bedroom family set, the most commonly used are:

  • duvet covers 145x215 or 155x215;
  • sheets 220x240, 240x260, 250x250;
  • pillow covers 70x70.

You can choose and options with 50x70 pillowcases. The bed linen included in the family set allows you to feel good on beds ranging in width from 160 to 180 cm. It is not recommended to purchase larger items. Their weight, even when using light tissue, is often excessive. This can cause significant inconvenience at night. Family double linen produced in Russia or China may include duvet covers of this size:

  • 140x205;
  • 145x210;
  • 145x215;
  • 150x205;
  • 150x215;
  • 155x210.

The minimum size of the sheets in a double family set is 220x240 cm. It can also be equal to 230x250 cm, and the largest sheets in family double sets already reach 240x260 cm.

Turkish textile factories make for such sets duvet covers at least 150x210 cm. The main part of the duvet covers produced by them and does have a size of 160x210 cm. The size of the sheets can be:

  • 220x240;
  • 230x250;
  • 240x240.

In double family sets, couples of 50x70 pillowcases are increasingly common. They can be there alone or together with the more familiar square ones (70x70). A useful novelty will be the transformers pillowcases. Although their total size is 70x70, it is very easy to remove 20 cm from one side of the product. Fix the product in the desired position using the buttons.

Custom sizes

Sometimes the typical size of bed linen does not satisfy people. In such cases, it is recommended to use a tension sheet with an elastic band. In the marking of the dimensions of the set of its size is indicated, adjusted for the height of the side. This height is very easy to calculate: you just need to add 10 cm to the mattress height. The mattresses 190x120x20 are often indicated by the formula 190 + 120 + 30 cm, but manufacturers have the right to write like this: 190x120 cm, a side 30 cm.

The bedding sets calculated on very high (from 190 cm) peopleShipped only by individual orders. When two children aged 0 to 3 years are planned to be put on one bed, the set should be 50x120 cm. Between 3 and 8 years, it is recommended to count on beds 80x150 cm. Schoolchildren and teenagers buy sets for 90x190 cm beds.

A set of double linen enlarged size will be required if there is a high “podium” high bed at home.

Product Tips

The lack of strict standards for the size of double sets can be turned from a disadvantage into advantages. In a pinch, you can always buy kits with suitable markings and use them calmly. It is necessary to select family bedding according to the scale of the blanket. If its width is large (155 or 160 cm), it is best to prefer Turkish products. When houses already have square pillows, you should choose pillowcases 70x70 cm.

A suitable sheet is one that covers the sides of the mattress and the “foot” end of the bed by 100%. This means that a bed sheet of at least 160x210 cm should lie on a bed of 190x120 cm and a thickness of 20 cm.

And ideally, it should be even a little more. Then, if necessary, it will be possible to bend it under the mattress. It is this styling that will allow you to sleep peacefully, without fear that the laundry will be lost or lost.

To choose a comfortable duvet cover, you need to increase the length and width of the blanket by 5 cm. Such an increase is needed when bedding is made from linen or cotton fibers, which often shrink. But if it is known that all the fabric has undergone dressing and special treatment, it will not “sit down”. In this case, you can choose a duvet cover of the same size as the blanket itself. When linen is fully or 50% synthetic, the duvet cover should be 3 cm longer than the blanket.

Pillowcases, with the rarest exception, have a size of 70x70 or 70x50 cm. Unlike duvet covers, they are recommended to take always the same size as the pillow itself. Sometimes in the label there is also the designation "+5 cm" after the main numbers. This is a decorative part, which does not affect the internal volume. There is no need to select a special pillow case even when the pillow measures 52x52 or 73x73 cm - such a small difference does not play a special role.

Double bed linen supplied from Europe has the designation double or full. Typical sizes for this kit are:

  • duvet covers 205x225, 200x220 or 222x245;
  • sheets 240x280 or 220x240;
  • pillowcases 50x50 and 70x70.

Comparison with the dimensions of bed sets accepted in the Russian Federation reveals that they are 10-15 cm larger in Europe. As many consumers place large beds and sofas with two mattresses, there are 2 sheets in a number of sets. Please note that packaging, where there is no marking with dimensions, is almost a guaranteed sign of a fake.

It is unreasonable to trust only the “double” lettering - it is necessary to check the conformity to normal sizes, since many manufacturers save fabric and mislead customers.

A sleeping place, a pillow and a blanket are most correctly measured with tape measure or centimeter tape. A sheet that is 80–100 cm wider than a mattress is easier to fill, it will not hang down in the corners. It is recommended that natural fabrics dominate the bedding. But we must bear in mind that many of them are prone to electrification and inconvenient to handle.Much more practical are kits in which there is a small proportion of synthetic fibers.

It is useful to know some English terms used in the descriptions of bed linen sets. They will help to verify whether the dimensions written on the package are observed. So, if bedspread or bedcover is written there, then the size of the bedspread allows it to close the pillows, while reaching the floor. The sheet of non-standard dimensions, fixed from edges to an elastic band, is called fitted sheets. And the inscription “Fit valance” means that such a sheet with an elastic band also allows you to hide the part of the floor under the bed.

Selecting a mattress topper or a sheet with elastic bands, it is necessary to measure the height of the mattress. Its value strongly depends on the technology used. When measuring the width, lead tailor tape between the two sides in a straight line. The length is determined from the head to the lowest point. To make sure whether a duvet cover or pillowcase is suitable, it is necessary to measure their vertical and horizontal seams.

A double set of Austrian and German production may not contain sheets. Therefore, it is necessary every time to carefully specify the equipment.Experts recommend to give preference to pillowcases with deep (20 cm) valves. Such elements fix the pillow tightly. The problem is that the accompanying information on the package does not say what size of fastener is used.

How to sew bed linen with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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