What are the sizes of bed sheets?

Almost everyone has heard about the names of the sizes of bed linen, as "lorry" or "dvuhalki", but very few people understand what they are, and what other standard sizes are available, as well as what dimensions the sets of one manufacturer differ from another. In this article we will not talk about the complete bedding sets, but about the main components defining their parameters - sheets, what they are, and also about their sizes.

Standard Kits

As a rule, most sheets produced divided into several different species in size.

  • One of the largest produced sets, "Euromax" or king size, is available with parameters from 220 to 240 cm in width, and from 240 to 260 cm in length.
  • Another similar, but having smaller parameters, is a set called “European standard” or a double one. The parameters of the sheets in it can vary from 200 to 215 cm in width, and 220 cm in length.
  • The next largest set is “Russian Standard” or double, which includes sheets with the following sizes: from 175-180 cm in width, and 210-220 cm in length.
  • The “smallest” of the above sets is one-and-a-half or, as it is sometimes called, one and a half-sleeping, and its sheets with the following sizes: from 143 to 160 cm in width, and from 210 to 230 cm in length. The difference between the one-and-a-half model and the double one is observed only in the number of pillow cases. The first one has 1 piece, the second has two.
  • Separately, you can note the sheets from the family set for one bed with two duvet covers. Sheets of this set are sizes from 143-160 cm in width, and from 210 to 230 cm in length.
  • A special place is occupied by children's sheets - they are available for kids (from 100 to 130 cm in length, and from 140 to 160 cm in width) and for teenagers (from 145 cm in width, and 200 in length).

These are the parameters of the sets, which, in addition to the sheets already mentioned, also include a duvet cover, as well as several pillowcases depending on the type of set.

Obviously, the size of the sheets will be larger, and they differ by an average of 5 cm from the size of the duvet cover.

What you need to know about the classification?

Europe, like a number of other Western countries, has its own size range in all respects, this also applies to bed linen. In addition to the specified parameters, on the packaging of linen, if it is purchased separately, is indicated and the name generally accepted by the classification of the country of manufacture.

Thus, the "European standard" is designated as queen, a double set as full / double, and a half set as extralong size.

As a rule, all products in the domestic market are sold with an adapted label with a translation, but if there is none, then you shouldn’t worry, it will be enough to remember several names of different sets beforehand.

Types of sheets

In addition to the classical classification by set names, sheets are also divided into the following types.

  • Ordinary sheets. They are comfortable, we are all used to using them. They are easy to wash, dry, iron and fold. But they need to be refilled frequently. And some even manage to adapt the old sheet in the household because of its convenient form.
  • Sheets with elastic band. Their advantage is obvious - they do not stick together on the bed, tightly fitting the mattress. This linen can not be ironed. Sometimes they are also used as covers. But they are hard to put together, especially if this is the maximum size, it will take time to master this skill. In addition, they are hard to choose. A sheet that is too large for a mattress will not hold on to an elastic band, and will behave even worse than usual. This sheet will need to alter or replace a new one. You can also note that linen with elastic is more suitable for a single bed. For large mattresses or beds, it is better to choose a regular sheet, and learn how to fill it securely.

The size of the usual sheets of one set differ from the model with an elastic band. As a rule, the first are several centimeters longer on both sides than the second.

Sheet with an elastic band can be a good way out for a non-standard bed or mattress. For example, with connected mattresses or a round-shaped mattress, on which an ordinary small sheet will need to be corrected all the time because of its limited size, the same model with elastic can be the only optimal solution.It is only important to measure the dimensions of the mattress.

Summing up, it can be noted that the sheet is selected not only in size but also in quality of the material. Thus, in addition to properly chosen bedding for a mattress (as is especially the case for models with an elastic band), the subsequent shrinkage of the fabric can also take an important place. Therefore, it is recommended to choose bed linen not from synthetic fibers, which change their dimensions after washing and drying. Be attentive and purchase if not always well-known, but quality products.

Learn more about how to choose the size of the sheets, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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