Features and types of children's tables, adjustable in height

Many parents try to buy a written wooden table for a child long before attending school. After all, even then there is the need to write, draw and generally learn to this kind of occupation.

But it is very important to buy not just a beautiful piece of furniture that fits into the design, but also to preserve health.

Special features

Wrong selection of the table for writing, drawing, sketching and reading threatens:

  • curvature of the spine;
  • continuous tension of some muscles and insufficient loading of others;
  • the habit of taking the wrong posture (it is very difficult to correct it later);
  • visual fatigue and even premature vision problems.

How altitude change solves this problem.

A high-quality children's height-adjustable table seems to grow with the child, not lagging behind his physical development. This is very important because very few parents can afford to buy a piece of furniture from scratch once a year. And even to the majority of those who have such an opportunity, it is better to purchase more important and relevant goods instead of a desk.

This eliminates the situation when children grow up, and the tables are too small for them, create inconvenience.

But we must remember that the designs on the market are very diverse, and not all models are equally worth trusting.

Selection Guidelines

If the smallest children are to sit at the desk, you can focus on plastic products. They are soft, practical (easy to wash off) and do not cause discomfort. However, the problem is that such constructions are good only at preschool age. If it is planned that the same children will sit around this table after going from kindergarten to school or their older brothers and sisters, another thing is needed. And the point is not only that it is not serious and it becomes not very convenient.

For full-fledged training, strict geometric shapes and the absence of the smallest ornaments are very necessary. If this requirement is not met, the table will only distract from the main occupation. At the same time, the loads on it grow, and only structures with a steel frame are guaranteed to withstand them.

In addition, environmental benefits and comfort when using wooden tables do not justify a limited set of stable positions. The metal retractable system is much more flexible and allows you to select the most advantageous position from an orthopedic point of view.

A very common mistake is when they care only about choosing a table, buying a chair, “which one will happen by chance”. There is an unshakable rule: if one piece of furniture is adjustable in height, the second is also obliged to have such an adjustment. Attempts to use just the highest option will only spoil the case. The best approach, of course, is to use products from one set.

In any case, you need to carefully read the instructions and seek the presentation of certificates of compliance.

Device and species

The most massive and convenient type of customizable table for children is equipped with paired supports, which are connected to the bottom with a footrest.In addition to the main function, supports help adjust the angle of inclination. Countertop geometry can vary greatly. Sometimes they acquire an angular type, characterized by compactness. However, most problems are much easier to solve if the table is rectangular.

When selecting furniture, it is recommended to count it on placement near the window. The number of colors is very large, so when selecting them you can rely strictly on personal preferences. And, of course, on the interior of the room where the table will be. Important: in some cases, the choice is not strict classics, but a more ergonomic modern design that can be rotated in any direction.

Such products can, if necessary, move the table into a corner.

Do not get involved in the number of cabinets and drawers. If they are not needed in practice, they only increase the price in vain. The exception is the selection of the table for primary school students. Neither they themselves nor even their parents can immediately select the appropriate number of additional details and their range. Especially now, when the school curriculum is changing very quickly and unpredictably.

At an older age, it is already possible to select a table for this parameter more thoughtfully. But it is desirable that part of the cabinets or drawers are locked to the lock, this allows you to keep personal space. Transformable models are suitable for long-term use. They are clearly more expensive than simple options, but the investments are justified by the fact that they are made for the whole or almost the whole school period.

And one more consideration: design characteristics are less important than practicality and convenience.

Review of one of the models of this table - in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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