Desks with drawers for schoolchildren

 Desks with drawers for schoolchildren

When a child goes to school, it is often accompanied by a change of furniture. One of the main pieces of furniture that the student will use daily is the writing desk. However, despite the many options offered by trademarks for sale, not every purchase can be called successful. Why is this happening and how to make the right choice, let's understand.

Features and basic requirements

A desk for the student - furniture with its own nuances. It is not enough to buy a product of sufficient size and reasonable cost. You need to take what is comfortable for the child and will help maintain proper posture.At the same time, one should not forget about functionality: the best table is the one that has capacious boxes for textbooks, exercise books, albums, paints and other school supplies.

External examination of the product should be carried out in accordance with the basic requirements. These include not only a comfortable height, which affects the child’s posture. The dimensions of the tabletop itself, the depth and volume of the boxes, the smoothness of the course of the mechanism of their rolling out are important. It is worth bearing in mind the harmony of the color combination of the table and the furniture already in the children's room.

In addition, the student's desk should not clutter the space. Therefore, before buying it will have to take into account the location. You also need to take care that the light falls from the right side, because nothing should close it when the child is busy reading or doing homework. Not to mention the preferences of the child: all items should be on hand, so that if necessary, the child can get them quickly.

Thus, comfort, convenience, harmonious combination with other furniture is important. However, this is not all items that are worth paying attention to when buying.One of the problems of choice can be a broken prospect of a nursery. In this case, you need to choose the option that with the minimum occupied space will be the most functional.


Today, trademarks produce many models of desks for the student. A wide range of proposals allows you to select the desired option, taking into account the possibilities of the budget and footage of a particular room. Conventionally, all types can be divided into straight, angular and options, which are part of the school corner. Each type of design has its own characteristics, pros and cons. In addition, products can be designed for one or two users.

Classic products of rectangular type belong to the class of straight or linear. They can be traditional or elongated, with boxes on one or two sides. In fact, this semblance of a school desk, however, is more comfortable and functional. The location of the boxes in the product can be different, in addition to them the tables can be equipped with open or closed shelves, in which, if desired, you can hide the briefcase, extra-curricular literature and objects of interest of the child.

Computer tables similar to them can also be adapted for schoolchildren’s written products. On the one hand, they are quite functional, although on the other, they are not always convenient. In this case, choosing the right option is individual, because rarely which model of the computer desk has closed compartments for things from two sides. As a rule, more often it has only one half of the structure closed, because the second is done to install the system unit.

However, these products are convenient because a shelf-rack can be included in the package. Of course, it can not be called practical, because the dust will have to constantly wipe. But it can be adapted for school office and textbooks. Such products have no more than three boxes (maximum four). The disadvantages include tabletop features, which may have special compartments for CDs, which reduces the useful working surface area and is often not necessary for working at the table. Not needed and retractable panel for the keyboard.

Corner desk options are good for small rooms. They are bought when it is necessary to use the corner of the nursery most rationally.Planning, of course, is not the most successful, but if there is nowhere to go, it will go. The main thing in this case is the direction of the luminous flux, because without proper lighting there is a high risk of visual impairment. Corner tables for schoolchildren can be both traditional and computer. Written variations provide for a different seating arrangement. In this case, the corner part can be located both on the left and on the right. The desired option buy based on the characteristics of the room. This also includes the L-shaped model.

A good purchase is the products included in the package school corners. As a rule, they are quite functional and organized, they have comfortable and roomy drawers, a convenient place to sit. Such products are good because they significantly save the space of the children's room. Often, models in addition to the drawers are equipped with shelves, as well as side racks.


They make desks from different raw materials. Of course, the best material is wood. Such furniture is characterized by durability and premium appearance. Wood is an eco-friendly material.It is not harmful to children's health and reliable. If necessary, the table from the array can be repaired, which cannot be said about other options.

Often, for budget-type desks, manufacturers use wood derivatives (for example, chipboard). Before you buy such a product, you need to carefully examine the certificate of its compliance with safety standards, since the production of such furniture is often used harmful substances. In such products, the service life is less, they are inferior in strength and wooden counterparts. Occasionally, durable glass is used in production, although it is difficult to call such options suitable for children.

Color nuances

Today, the choice of color of any furniture may be limited only by the preferences of the buyer. However, the desk must adjust to the working mode, so when buying it you should choose a neutral gray color or a product in natural wood colors. Black tone is too gloomy, white - marks, color and bright - regardless of the severity of the model can interfere with concentration. The wenge oak tone (both light and dark) looks beautiful in the interior, covering shades of walnut, alder, beech and other varieties in brown and brown terracotta tones.If you plan to buy a school corner, you should give preference to beige or greenish options.

Which to choose?

We note briefly the main points that will allow you to purchase a really high-quality and convenient product. First of all, we need measurements from the tabletop, so it will be easier to choose the right option. Knowing the overall dimensions, it will be easier to navigate how to organize a workplace with the greatest comfort. Depending on the model, you may need space for an organizer, desk lamp, laptop, pencil case.

The number of boxes should be sufficient to accommodate all textbooks and exercise books. Well, if they are enough for compartments for unprepared and already completed lessons. So the child will not need to constantly dig among the books, collecting a school bag from the evening to school. The depth should not be large: it is better that there are several boxes. At the same time, it is quite enough to put textbooks of large sizes, exercise books, pencil case and pencils inside the box.

The optimum width of the tabletop should be an average of 80 cm. This is enough for the child to sit at the table, spreading out all that is necessary.If the assortment of the store has options of meter width, you can take them. The child grows, and the breadth of wealth will allow him not to huddle at the table, which is important for the correct formation of the growing body. When buying, you need to consider the type of pens. Not suitable options with accessories that have sharp edges or decor. About such pens can be cut. It is necessary to look, that they were convenient and reliable, with good fixture, after all if the child will constantly use boxes, handles should not fall off.

The height of the table should be sufficient so that the student’s legs do not hang loose. If you do not plan to change the furniture often, you should choose the right chair with footrest. This will extend the life of the table and contribute to the development of good and beautiful posture. Light should fall on the left. Therefore, if you plan to install a desk lamp, the corner option with a longer right side to buy will not work.

What else to pay attention to?

A small child does not need to take expensive furniture. Do not forget that in the process of operation, hard-to-remove contaminations and damages (traces of ballpoint pens, stationery knife, ink, compasses) may appear on the tabletop.It is better to replace the table in a few years than to worry about its safety every day, waiting for the child to learn accuracy. You should not buy options with plastic trim, because someone she can provoke an allergic reaction.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the number of users. For example, there is no need to huddle at one table of a classic size for two schoolchildren. In this case, you need to either buy the product for two users, or purchase a table for each child, if the space of the nursery allows it. When inspecting the mechanism of the boxes, one must take into account not only the smoothness of the move: even the material of the fittings is important. If it is of poor quality, the product will quickly break.

The required dimensions of the length of the table top can vary from 1 meter to 125 cm or more. For two children, a table with a width of 1.5-1.6 m is enough. Such a model will allow children to be placed opposite each other, without prejudice to the space of each student. In this case, as a rule, they have enough standard length of the table. You can also purchase an angular type boomerang, each side of which will have identical dimensions.So you can also organize a working space for two kids. However, over time, the children, however, will want to have separate tables. Yes, and constantly adjust the direction of the luminous flux of table lamps, so that it does not hit the eyes of the second student, quickly get bored.

When buying a desk for twins or just two students, you need to pay special attention to its organization. The boxes must be divided equally so that each child can use his own without disturbing the other. If the table is at a wide window sill, you can use it, although it will be more difficult to get the necessary accessories.

Review of desks for the student see in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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