Family bed linen: features and types of sets

 Family bed linen: features and types of sets

Almost everyone knows that the “weather” in the house depends on various trifles. Some of them are of great importance, while others are almost imperceptible. However, they create the atmosphere in the house. One of these little things is family bed linen. After all, it depends on him how comfortable a person’s sleep will be.

Features and composition of the kit

An option that allows both halves in the couple to take shelter separately,but still stay on the same bed, called family bedding. It is designed for both the bed and the sofa. Among spouses, it is the most popular. This bed set is also called duet differently. Completing it thought out so that everyone was comfortable. Most often there are from two to four pillowcases, which can be both rectangular and square. Complements the set of a huge sheet, the size of which is not less than the euro modification. Sometimes it happens with a rubber band, which allows you to securely fix it on the bed. This set is necessarily with two duvet covers. They can be one-and-a-half or single.

This bed set allows both spouses to relax in comfort. After all, in cold weather, it will not be necessary to pull the blanket over yourself. In addition, this version of linen allows each spouse to choose a blanket for himself, under which he will feel comfortable.

Standard sizes

Each bed set is different in its size, which is indicated on the packaging. We give the size of a double family bed linen.

  • Pillowcases in these sets are 2 to 50x70 centimeters and 2 to 70x70 cm.This is done for convenience, because some spouses prefer to sleep on small pillows. Others, on the contrary, believe that it should be big. This is also done for hygiene purposes. Indeed, according to the standards, pillowcases should be changed once every three days.
  • The sheet should have a length of 200-260 or 220-260 centimeters and a width of 180-260 or 175-220 centimeters.
  • Two duvet covers should be 160x215 centimeters each.

What tissues are they made of?

When buying bed linen special attention should be paid to its quality. That is, from what matter it is made. After all, it will depend on it, so good will be a dream. There is a wide variety of good textiles, it is worth to highlight the most popular fabrics. These include both silk and satin or linen. These are the most suitable and common materials that are suitable for sewing bedding sets.

Solid Cotton for Family Bed Linen

One of the most common materials among consumers is 100 percent cotton. It is much cheaper than silk and more practical than flax. It can be divided into several subtypes of fabrics that can be distinguished only by weaving fibers. Among them it is worth noting chintz and satin. If we talk about cotton underwear, it is quite comfortable.Unlike synthetic, it does not stick to the body, it does not electrify. In addition, it will be comfortable to sleep at any time of the year and feel comfortable.

Printed Cotton Bed Linen

This linen consists of cotton fabric. Often it is decorated with a variety of patterns. Most often it is cheap, and it is more used on a daily basis. However, chintz does not differ in particular wear resistance. Such clothes are quite difficult to iron. To make this process a little easier, you need to use an iron with a steamer.

Satin Bed Linen

Another variety of cotton. Satin underwear is quite pleasant to the touch, besides it is almost not wrinkled. When washing does not lose its appearance, and remains durable for a long time. Such material can be used by those people who often suffer from allergies. This fabric consists of double-weave yarn. The quality of such material depends on the degree of weaving. For example, there is a satin suite. Bed linen from it is very popular because it can be used for washing many times. For winter, you should choose a satin a little warmer and denser. Such material is called satin velvet.Such underwear allows you to quickly warm up. It is almost impossible to freeze at night under such a veil.

Coarse calico sets

Most often, such sets are bought as a gift. However, many use them in everyday life. Such material is quite durable and can withstand a lot of washes. The linen is made from ordinary cotton fabric of simple weaving. Often on this material you can see small seals. Calico slightly stiffer and denser sateen.

Linen bedding

This fabric is considered to be elite. This is a fairly durable material that retains the original appearance even after a large number of washes. To the touch linen of linen will be harsh, but over time, on the contrary, it becomes softer and more tender. Flax itself is not treated with any pesticides when grown, therefore it is considered environmentally friendly. In addition, he can easily pass through the oxygen. And this means that to sleep on such bedding in the summer time will not be hot, and in winter it is not cold. However, of course, like any material, it has some drawbacks. Everyone knows that this material is poorly ironed and very crumpled.However, such problems are not so difficult to handle.

Silk Family Sets

This is one of the most luxurious underwear options. It is very pleasant to the touch, besides it brings a romantic atmosphere. Therefore, it is quite popular among young people. Silk is durable, but at the same time requires special care. In order not to harm him, you need to very carefully handle pillowcases and sheets.

Bamboo Kits

Recently, this material is increasingly used precisely to create bed linen. After all, it is very nice to rest on it. Bamboo is hypoallergenic, and the linen itself is soft to the touch. It does not lose its appearance even after a huge number of washes. Many say that the original bamboo linen - is an improved version of flax.

Jacquard Bed Linen

This material is not only soft to the touch, but also quite thin and smooth. Such linen consists of threads of various thickness. Most often jacquard bedding is not cheap. But even after a large number of washes, the laundry does not lose its appearance, while remaining equally strong.

Batisto bed linen

Such underwear is very popular among buyers. After all, it is very colorful and elegant.Such material differs in interesting weaving of threads. Often it is decorated with various patterns. However, this material rather quickly loses its attractiveness and “gets worn out”. Most often it is bought for newlyweds.

How does such a set differ from euro?

If we talk about the differences of family bed linen from the euro, then they, of course, exist, and they must be considered in order not to be mistaken in choosing. Euro-dial will allow a couple of spouses to sleep under one blanket. The family suite allows the couple to sleep comfortably in any circumstances. Euroset differs from all bedding sets in that the size of the sheets and duvet cover is a bit larger. So, if a double duvet cover has dimensions of 180x220 centimeters, then the euro is 200x230 centimeters. The sheet of the usual set is 200x220 centimeters, and the euro sheet is 220x240 centimeters.

If you compare with family bed linen, there are differences too. The main thing is that there are two duvet covers in the family set, the dimensions of which are 150x220 cm. But only one duvet cover is included in the euro kit. The size of it, respectively, more. In addition, pillowcases are different.Thus, the euro kit includes two rectangular pillowcases, the dimensions of which are 50x70 centimeters. Indeed, in European countries, preference is given to small size pillows.

But in the family bedding usually includes four pillowcases, two of them are just “European”. That is, the rectangular size of 70x50 centimeters. The second pair of square shape has the usual size of 70x70 centimeters.

Another distinction of the euronabor is that it is suitable for a double bed and for the euro. Family bedding is only suitable for a regular double bed.

Tips for choosing

In order not to be mistaken with the purchase and to make the right choice, the first thing to do is to find a centimeter and measure the bed. Both the width and the length must correspond to the parameters of the laundry. For example, the sheet should not reach right to the floor, but there should still be some reserve. It is necessary for comfortable use so that it does not roll down during sleep.

Of great importance is the choice of pillowcases and duvet covers. If a person prefers to sleep on a large pillow, then the size should fully comply with this.Particular attention should also be paid to the presence of two duvet covers. Otherwise - it will not be a family set. Most often, family sets depict a man and a woman, as well as a child between them. When buying do not forget about the quality of the material itself, which was used for the manufacture of family bed linen. After all, you can buy for the same money and expensive, and cheap clothes.

Having considered all the types of kits, as well as having studied their features, you can go shopping with confidence. The only thing that needs to be done is to be more attentive. After all, there are enough scammers everywhere. Therefore, many are trying to slip synthetics instead of expensive silk or flax. Do not hesitate to consider the laundry when buying, because it completely depends on what will be a comfortable rest. And also do not need to forget about the standards of family linen.

How to choose a family bed linen, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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