Valance for the bed

The valance is a unique find for the hostess. It not only refines the appearance of the bedroom, but also adds a certain zest to the atmosphere of the room. About the features of this attribute and will be discussed in our article.

Special features

Let us see for a start what a "valor" is. This term is called decorative material, with which the lower edge of the bed is framed. And this is not just material. It can be made with the help of a fabric sewn with folds or ruffles. When the bed is removed, a valance hangs down and covers the lower part of the bedroom furniture.

It is necessary to highlight some of the positive aspects of using the valance on a sleeping bed:

  • Buying a large bed, people often do not think about the fact that from the old old bed they have only small bedding left. For example, a bedcover that fits under old furniture will now become scarce for a new bed. A valance solves this problem.
  • The view of the bedroom is transformed with the bed.
  • Pocketing with pockets will allow your favorite things to be always nearby, and in the baby’s room will serve to store the necessary children's accessories, such as diapers, bottles with a mixture or other important trifles.

Appearance history

In ancient times, the sleeping bed was made much higher - this is understandable: the closer to the ceiling, the warmer the air. Thus, beneath it appeared unallocated space for different household utensils. Grandmothers, for example, constantly hid chests or unnecessary kitchen utensils there. Naturally, this approach is not aesthetic and they tried to cover it with something, for example, a decorative curtain. So there was a valor or otherwise such a blind is called a “skirt”.

It was also believed that the valor protects the family from evil spirits with the help of the pattern applied to it.

Therefore, this bedroom decoration in ancient times was found in every home. Over time, this approach became a thing of the past, as the height of the beds decreased, and the body began to look more modern and sleeker. However, the vintage past for women has not disappeared, it remained as a tradition, so they did not let him fade away completely.And now this decoration has become again in fashion.

Models and colors

There are only a few varieties of such attributes for beds, which differ in style and their design features. The style of the valor can be divided into the following categories:

  • Strict option. Suitable for bedrooms of classic and modern style. The cut of the valance is such that the smooth fabric has opposite folds at the corners and in the middle of the material.
  • Draped version. This style is very fond of the female sex, due to its simplicity and femininity. The fabric is filled with a mass of folds by clutching the fabric.
  • Pleated type. Mainly used in the classic style bedroom. The folds of this model of a valance are one-sided or opposite pleated: they look smoothed and laid.

According to the constructive, a bed can be divided into the following variations:

  • Solid cover. It can be laid on the top of the bed or placed under the mattress. Can be found on the bed options, where the crust is relatively low. Otherwise, it would be best to use a skirt skirt design.
  • Skirt with elastic. Instead, it can also be a ribbon, rope, or some kind of sticky material. Installation is as follows: the skirt is worn on the body of the bed (you can on the mattress) only when the bed is tidied.

In most cases, a valance is acquired for the bedrooms of girls. Therefore, the most common shades of this attribute are bright and creamy tones. They are able to make an air-sleeping bed from solid furniture. And in the case of the selection of furniture from other interior items, brighter shades will do.

How to decorate?

The most popular materials for review are the following:

  • Chenille.
  • Velvet.
  • Faux suede.

No matter how beautiful the fabric used is, in the bedroom there will be a feeling that something is still missing. This circumstance can be corrected by changing the valor.

With the help of lace, ribbons or other fabric you can decorate this attribute with bright colors. Thus, your bedroom will not only acquire a complete image, but also shine with lively tones.

Selection rules

There are several rules that will help to aesthetically and harmoniously arrange the sleeping bed with the help of a valance:

  • Sleeper and valance should have a common texture and color scheme.
  • A valance can be not only a decor in the bedroom, but also a repository of some accessories that will always be at hand. For example, it is enough to make small elegant pockets on the valance, so that the favorite thing is always in the hands of the room owner if necessary.
  • Pay attention to the size of the skirt. To properly acquire such attributes, you need to know the size of the bed and mattress. In case of a mismatch of sizes, she may not stretch on the bed or sit on it incorrectly.
  • Another of the main selection criteria before buying is the value of the descent. The descent is the distance from the floor to the upper component of the base. For finished valleys, this distance is standard - 38 centimeters.
  • The choice of color solutions. Light colors will add tenderness and harmony, and bright colors will emphasize a beautiful bed.
  • Choosing a valance with an original pattern, you thereby decorate the bed and add some air colors to the room space.
  • Choose a valance only from dense matter. The fact is that such material is durable in use.You will only need to remove it for some washing time.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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