Towel with a corner for newborns

Accessories for bathing the newborn are an integral element in the list of items required to care for the baby. Modern manufacturers of products for children offer parents an extensive selection of products from textile materials, including towels for newborns with a corner (hood).

There are a number of subtleties that should be taken into account before purchasing products, since the baby’s skin is sensitive and needs special care.

Right choice

Modern industry produces curious towels with a corner for newborns. When choosing, young parents, as a rule, are guided by their own feelings, because to cover the entire range of attention will not work. Therefore, before choosing a towel, you must scrupulously familiarize yourself with the structure of the material on the label.If you hurry to get the first one that has turned up, if you don’t see it carefully, then you have a chance to bring home low-quality products. Before you buy a towel for the baby, you need to remember a number of recommendations.

  1. Apply a towel to the face or the back of the palm. To the touch it should be pleasant and silky.
  2. The fabric of good quality is not sprinkled, on the clothes and in the hands there are no lint elements from it.
  3. Color should be smooth, drawing expressive. Too bright colors are not allowed. They indicate the presence of aggressive chemical dyes.
  4. Be sure to smell the product. If the smell is fresh, natural, without fragrances, oil or artificial impurities, buy without hesitation.

Choosing a material

In order to sew a towel for a baby with a hood, you need to make sure that the material is really good quality and is suitable for this. Let's take a closer look at the optimal types of fabrics that can be acquired without hesitation.


Actually, this material is the best for making towels for children.The material should be of double-sided mahry, natural, well absorbing and retaining moisture, without causing damage to the sensitive skin of the baby.

The most suitable for creating bath accessories is long-staple cotton, produced in Pakistan and Egypt.

Such products are significantly more expensive than Russian-made prototypes, but at the same time they are 100 percent responsive to the demands of demanding parents, for example, due to the excellent moisture-absorbing properties and a pile length of 5 millimeters.

Remember! The best option is 100% organic cotton.


Modern stores are full of products from this material, they are characterized as natural. In fact, this is not true, since such a fiber is not natural, derived from cellulose. True, the material is soft, it does not become electrified, but when compared with cotton, it absorbs and retains moisture worse. Among other things, these products dry for an extremely long time.


Often in cotton include eucalyptus fiber, to give it a tenderness.To the touch, the fabric is soft, pleasant, does not absorb dust, absorbs and retains moisture well, but, to great chagrin, it is suitable for use for a short time and wears out very quickly.


It is a modern revolutionary fabric that absorbs moisture like foam rubber. Dries quickly in air, is considered quite resistant to wear.

In addition, it does not cause allergies, it can be easily washed, all sorts of pollution are perfectly removed.

Towel sizes for babies

Get 2 small and large towels for bathing your baby. In a large, whose parameters are 75 x 75, 80 x 80, 100 x 100, at most 120 x 120 centimeters, you will completely wrap the baby after bathing. Small, for example, 30 x 30 or 30 x 50 centimeters can wipe your face and hands after washing. You can use a towel to remove moisture after bathing from the folds on the legs.

Towels of this kind need to have at least 2 sets: while one is drying, you use the other. Always wash it before first use.

It is not necessary to iron the cloth from the terry, since the loops are crushed and the airiness is lost, but you can stroke it for disinfection.

We sew a towel with our own hands

The cost of quality products is often high. Popular brands increase the price because they are known in the market. Products of little-known manufacturers may be of low quality. In addition, scrupulous mummies can not always find a towel with the necessary colors or with a desired pattern. In this situation, the best option would be to make an independent towel.

Even if you have never done sewing, you will be able to cope with this simple task without difficulty. This will require: a machine (sewing), fabric, thread, scissors, safety pins. You will get the fabric you like or use a thin sheet of mahra. Orient yourself with the dimensions, but even for newborns you need to take a piece of at least 100 x 100 centimeters. If you sew 120 x 120 centimeters, then this towel will be enough for you until the age of 3 years. When purchasing, calculate the amount of material. If the fabric width is 150 centimeters, get 1.30 m, and the hood (corner) will be cut from the side.

Main steps:

  • Ponder how you will cut the edges. This can be done with an application tape with pre-folded allowances (slanting inlay), with a finished ribbon or with a stitched seam if there is a similar option on the sewing machine.Bakey and ribbon may be required, taking into account the dimensions of the towel about 5-8 meters. It is possible to make strips of thin cotton colored material 4-5 centimeters wide, stitch them into a long single strip, trim all edges of the towel and hood with it.
  • We make a rectangular or square pattern of the required size. In most cases, these towels are designed in the form of a square, because the corner for the hood, in this case, has the same sides on the sides, which is more comfortable for cutting.
  • We cut a triangular detail under the hood from the same piece of cloth that we use for a towel or cut it directly from the bottom of the towel.
  • We fold the two parts together, align the triangle with the corner and edges of the main web and attach it. The width of the line should be 0.5-0.7 centimeters. We made a hood. If a corner with ears is supposed, then at this stage they should be attached and sewn together with a triangle.
  • After that, if there is a desire, you can make the corners of the towel and the corner of the hood round. You can leave as is.
  • We process the edges. Piping is applied by various methods.The simplest way is to fold the strip in half face out, iron it, sew it to the front side, turn it inside out and sew it along the seam. Formed finishing edging.


Remember! Guessing on things for a child is impossible, because it is his mood and health. Take the time to choose baby accessories, buy only the highest quality underwear, even if it is expensive. Thanks to this, in the future, everything will be justified by the happy and joyful smile of your child and his energetic desire to comprehend the world.

Master class on making towels with a corner, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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