Column fans: features and subtleties of choice

 Column fans: features and subtleties of choice

The purchase of an air conditioner for saving from the summer heat is a costly purchase that not everyone can afford. It is much more profitable to take a fan. This is a climatic equipment, distinguished by low cost, compact size and mobility.

Manufacturers offer several types of such devices. One of the most efficient is a column type fan. We study its design features, the principle of operation, as well as the pros and cons.

Device and principle of operation

Column fan got its name due to the appearance.This device is a narrow elongated body (often made in the shape of a cylinder), having a lattice. Such equipment is safe to use, so it can be installed in the nursery.

The design of the column fan does not provide for the presence of open blades. These devices operate on the principle of domestic air heater. Their rotary motors draw air from the environment through the external opening in the housing and give it back under pressure with great speed. Manufacturers produce several types of fan-columns.

  • Vertical. Mounted upright on shelves, desks, or other locations.
  • Horizontal. These are floor standing appliances designed to be placed on the floor.

Due to the extensive choice of pillar air-conditioning equipment, you can choose the best option for yourself, given the interior design and the availability of free space in the room.

Advantages and disadvantages

Fans-columns have significant advantages. favorably distinguishing them from other types of devices.

  • Absolute security.All rotating elements of the column equipment are reliably “hidden” under the hull, due to which the risk of injury is excluded.
  • Increased performance. The effectiveness of the device due to the presence of powerful rotor motors, providing a smooth centrifugal movement.
  • Ensuring the coolness of the heat without drafts.
  • Creating a uniform and continuous flow of cool air.
  • Increased durability of devices. In their manufacture apply high-quality, reliable and impact-resistant materials. It can be heavy-duty plastic and various metals. Thanks to their use, column fans are resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Stylish appearance. Different manufacturers offer original column fans that will perfectly fit into any interior style.
  • Functionality.

Unfortunately, none of the released climate devices is complete without flaws. Fans-columns, as well as other types of similar devices, have some drawbacks. The main disadvantage is their high price. The cost of such equipment is several times higher than the prices for ordinary floor or table fans.In addition, the column technology works loudly. Due to the increased noise level, it is uncomfortable to use devices during sleep.

How to choose?

The range of column fans is large, which is why many buyers have difficulty choosing the best model. However, there are several criteria that need attention first. First you need to decide on the manufacturer of the equipment. The following brands are considered the most popular and in demand among domestic consumers: Rolsen, Vitek, Bimatek, Mystery, Bork. The next important factor that is worth paying attention to is the power or performance of the device.


This parameter determines the efficiency of climate equipment. Power is a measure of fan performance per unit of time. It should be borne in mind that the higher the performance of the device, the more energy it will consume. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best equipment for the house, so that it is not expensive, but effective. The power of the device must be calculated in advance. For this, a series of actions should be taken.

  • Calculate the area of ​​a room by multiplying the length of the room by its width.
  • The resulting value is multiplied by the height of the room to find its volume.
  • If a fan is bought for an apartment, it is necessary to multiply the volume by 3. The resulting value will be equal to the minimum fan power, which is necessary for blowing this room. To find the maximum performance, multiply the volume of the room by a factor of 6.

The more people will be in the room, the higher should be the capacity of the equipment.


The differences between column fans and axial fans are huge. It is not only their design and principle of operation, but also the presence of additional options. Fans-columns are multifunctional. Depending on the model, they may have options that make the operation of the device more convenient. It is worth considering that the more provided functions in the equipment, so it will be more expensive.

The simplest fan columns have up to 3 speeds, which are switched mechanically. More expensive variations have the ability to touch or electronic switching.Most models have a remote control, with which you can control the parameters of the device at a distance. This feature is most important for people with disabilities.

Other additional features of the column fans include the following characteristics.

  • Existence of the display on which working parameters of the equipment are displayed.
  • The timer allows you to turn on and off the device after a specified time period. Thanks to this option, you can program the fan for the required time of day or on certain days of the week.
  • Motor overheating protection. Often, climate equipment works in the heat all day. With such intensive use, the engine can fail. Special protection will ensure disconnection of the device in case of its excessive heating and will save the motor from breakage.
  • Ability to work in fan heater mode. Such devices can function both with heating in the cold season and without it in the heat.
  • Moistening option. These models are equipped with ultrasonic humidifiers. They not only cool the air, but also give it optimum moisture.It is important to note that when activating this function, you should use soft water, which does not contain various chemical impurities.
  • Air ionization function.

Some manufacturers produce fans that support the function of directional enhanced air flow (air shock). When choosing climate equipment, it is important to pay attention to some technical parameters, such as noise level. Apartment models should have a slight noise level. The “quietest” fans work with indicators ranging from 20 to 30 dB.

Top models and reviews

To make it easier to choose the optimal model of a column fan, a rating was made for this climatic equipment. To create it, we studied the responses of customers who had time to evaluate the pros and cons of ventilation equipment for the home.

  • The rating is headed by the model AEG T-VL 5537. This is a fan-column of German production. It has the ability to rotate the body by 75 degrees, which allows to increase the area of ​​the blower. Included is a remote control. It can work in one of three speeds, it has a timer.Among the advantages of the AEG T-VL 5537, consumers highlight the uninterrupted operation of the device, its stylish appearance, functionality, compactness and light weight. The disadvantages of the buyers attributed the noisy work and the inflated price tag. The following models are ranked lower in the ranking.
  • Vitek VT-1933. Floor fan with a rotation angle of 90 degrees. It has 3 work speeds. Management of modes and operating parameters is carried out using a remote control panel. Equipped with a timer (on / off time up to 8 hours).

According to customer feedback, this model creates a powerful airflow, but it is also economical. The advantages of the buyers attributed the efficiency of the equipment, its practicality, reliability and budget price. The downside is loud operation at 2 and 3 speeds.

  • Mystery MSF-2406. Floor fan with radial mechanism. It has a mechanical control type, 3 speeds and a shutdown timer. The advantages of consumers attributed the effectiveness of this model, cost effective, convenient management. Among the shortcomings, many have identified the unreliability and unaesthetic appearance.
  • Bork p60. Floor fan of radial type, with the ability to rotate. It has a timer, remote control, LED backlight, 4 speed, 3 lighting modes.It has the function of flavoring the room. The disadvantages of consumers attributed the inability to turn off the light display.
  • Tefal VF6555F0. Functional, efficient and safe in operation 32-watt column. From the words of buyers, this model is easy to assemble and operate. It is light and small. Differs in stylish design, excellent technical characteristics.

Among the shortcomings - the price. However, judging by the responses, the cost justifies the quality and durability of the fan.

  • The model AEG T-VL 5531 closes the rating. This is a 50 W floor-mounted fan. It has 3 rotational speeds, can rotate 90 degrees. Equipped with a timer for 2 hours. Does not have a remote control.

The advantages of consumers attributed the low price of this model and its effectiveness. Among the shortcomings, many identified limited functionality, high power consumption and hands-free operation.

Care Tips

In order for the column fan to serve for more than one year, it is important to take proper care of it. To do this, follow a number of simple recommendations:

  • at any manipulations the equipment must be disconnected from the network;
  • it is allowed to wipe the case with a damp cloth to remove dust (use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended);
  • Do not allow water or other liquid to get inside the device;
  • external grille should be vacuumed once a week.

For safe operation of the fan-column, you need to install the device on a solid horizontal surface at a distance of at least 50 cm from other devices and furniture. Do not touch working equipment with wet hands. Compliance with these simple tips will allow for a long time to enjoy the efficient and smooth operation of the fan.

How to choose a column fan, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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