Mini fan: variations and subtleties of choice

 Mini fan: variations and subtleties of choice

On hot working days, a mini-fan becomes the only salvation for those who have a cold after the air conditioner is on. Such devices have become a salvation for many people and therefore have gained amazing popularity.


The market for small fans offers a wide selection that is continuously increasing.

Below are the most popular and common models.

  • USB fans. What is a USB-port nowadays even every preschooler knows. Such fans work from laptops, computers or from the network with a special adapter. They have a relatively long service life and have a very low power consumption. Most often put on office desks.Very convenient and popular models on clothespins.
  • The pocket fan on batteries. A battery fan does not require a power supply, which makes it mobile and doubly convenient. Most often, such a device is necessary on vacation or traveling.
  • Bladeless models. It sounds unbelievable, but such models have gained popularity in the past few years. The principle of operation is simple: the air is drawn in by the lower part of the device, after which it is distributed along a slot located along the diameter of the ring. Such models are silent, safe, durable, but also not cheap. Available both on the battery and with a USB port. This device is easy and pleasant to use.

How to choose?

  • Noise level. Of course, the noise from a small device is much less than from a large one. Nevertheless, it is, and sometimes can be annoying. As a rule, the standard noise level for all such devices is 40 dB, and sometimes - 30 dB. Such information is contained in the instructions or on the packaging.
  • Power. Portable mini-fan can not have more power due to its size. Power is a rather important factor, as it determines all the functionality of the fan, because the more power, the better the device works. Usually small devices have a power of about 5 watts.The maximum value for a portable device on batteries is 12 watts. Voltage - 5 volts.
  • Other features. A backlight, power control, timer, ionization function or air humidification can be added to the fan. If the buyer likes non-standard things, then the model, for example, with a drive or other additional functions, will very much suit him. Also in the shops you can find models with a non-standard design in the form of bunny ears and other interesting details.

Choosing a mini-fan only at first glance seems easy. To purchase a hand fan, which should be convenient, you need to adhere to some criteria.

What else to consider?

It is very easy to make the purchase of such a mini-device, but it is also easy to make a mistake with the choice and quality of the goods. To avoid this, you need to be ready in advance to take into account some additional points.

  • Sustainability. For small appliances, this can be a problem. If the device is purchased in the office, where there will be no time to be distracted by an unstable design, then it is better to opt for a model with a clothespin.
  • Integrity of parts. If the case is damaged, then definitely not worth buying such products. The probability that the device does not break or will work properly is quite low.
  • Strong heat. When buying, you need to turn on the device in the store. If it has become hot in a short period of time, then the purchase should be abandoned.
  • Low price. Such a product, like any such kind, does not differ either in quality or in long service life.

Consumers recommend a simple, but high-quality model. An overly bright and extravagant design can add value but not improve quality. It is necessary to choose a mini-fan, depending on the place of its use and power.

How to make a mini fan with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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