Towels: varieties, characteristics, landmarks for selection

 Towels: varieties, characteristics, landmarks for selection

In each house there are a number of objects and things, without which it is impossible to do in everyday life. The towel in this list takes the leading place. Every person faces the need to acquire this household item, but not everyone knows that his choice is a very difficult task.

Kinds to destination with sizes

In past years, when any product was considered a deficit, no one paid attention to the quality of the product, towels were bought on the fact that it was commercially available. But today, this purchase may take quite a long time.Having come to the store, it is very important to have knowledge of the types of towels and their sizes in order not to accidentally confuse the models for hands and hair.


The presence of bath towels in the bathroom is standard for every home. This product is familiar to any person, as well as its main purpose. The bathing textile product is a large cloth made of terry cloth. Its size allows you to completely wrap the human body after taking water treatments. The peculiarity of bath textiles is the ability to absorb moisture, without losing the soft touch on the skin.

High-quality fabric products can serve its owner for a long time. And for representatives of the fair sex manufacturers of bath towels made a nice gift, releasing a female towel robe.

For shower

Most of them resemble a bath towel with the only difference in size - a product for a little less shower. Otherwise, it fully corresponds to its fellow. Modern models of towels for the shower are equipped with a special fixation on the velcro. Women cover their bodies from the chest, and men - from the belt.

For hands

This type of towels is presented in small sizes. Used mostly in the bathroom. Basically, a hand towel is hung near the sink, less often near a shower or bath. Few people know, but the fabric of this type of towel is equipped with a grooved surface, so when wiping, the skin of the hands is not only drained, but also receives a small massage.

For legs

This type of towel is identical in size to his fellow hand. Only if a hand towel can be used by all family members, then the foot product is best used individually.

For face

To date, to meet in the bathroom a separate towel for the face is almost impossible. It is very convenient for a person to hold morning water procedures and use a textile product for hands, as it is closer due to frequent use. Just do it not worth it. The face towel, despite its small size, is made of their soft and delicate terry material. The touch of such a fabric makes you happy and smile.

An important feature of this type of towels is the instant absorption of moisture.

For head

Hair is an important part of any image and style. Proper care for them depends not only on the applied shampoos, balms and masks. An important role is played by a towel. Its main function is to maximize drying of the hair and scalp.

For men, manufacturers produce a special line of small size towels with a soft nap. The fair sex model with long hair is offered a model for the head with a button.


Departure to the sea always causes a lot of positive emotions. Collection of things starts a week before the trip. And here comes the question of choosing a towel. Bathing, respectively, is not suitable for such adventures, but the beach - just right.

An important quality of the beach model is its good absorption and large size. In addition, beach textiles can be spread on the sand and sunbathe.


In a room where the dreams of culinary masterpieces turn into reality, it is very important to have a few towels. Simple moisture absorption properties for kitchen utensils are not enough. It is very important that the products are dense and durable.

For drying dishes it is better to choose a towel from a wafer material.

Sheet paper towels have come into vogue lately, their use is disposable, which is, on the one hand, good, and on the other, they tend to run out quickly.


Quite often, newlyweds on the wedding day are given bedding sets, household items and a set of towels. On the one hand, this is considered a tradition, and on the other, a contribution to family luggage.

Speaking of tradition, it is worth remembering that in past centuries during the wedding, young people got up on specially embroidered towels, which afterwards remained in the family forever. The modern world has ceased to use this custom, but the decorated towel is a very significant gift for a wedding.


This type of textile is intended solely for intimate hygiene. Accordingly, they need to use individually.

Its size is insignificant - two times smaller than a hand towel. The fabric itself is made of super-hypoallergenic material, which, in contact with the skin causes pleasant sensations.


This type of towels differs from its counterparts in their special softness and tenderness. And all thanks to a special weaving terry threads. In addition, children's towels quick-drying, thereby eliminating the possibility of catching a cold. Small children are happy to wrap themselves in warm towels after an evening swim. Modern models offer young consumers a towel-robe with a hood. In his design there are images of favorite cartoon characters, moreover, the children's robe itself may have ears and a tail.

When choosing a size it is very important to take into account the height of the child, although the model range is designed for an age category of 0+.

The review of materials with pluses and minuses

In order to make the towels soft and gentle, manufacturers use not only natural, but also synthetic materials. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of each material, it is necessary to study their characteristics in detail.


This material is familiar to everyone. Every day, everyone is confronted with cotton in any subject, in clothing, in textiles and much more. From this it follows that this type of tissue is not capable of harming human health.Cotton material has a high density, so its life is very long.

In the price issue, cotton is a generally available fabric, and products made from this material are not very expensive. The disadvantage is the slow drying of the fabric.

Incidentally, when non-compliance with the rules for the care of the material cotton fabrics sit immediately after the first wash.


Differs in the increased level of absorption of moisture, does not cause allergic reactions. Here are just flax products, in particular, towels, have a coarse texture. But for a massage, flax products are simply indispensable.


By its features, velor towel fabric is more suitable for decoration of products, rather than for a specific purpose. As material Velor is very beautiful, but it absorbs moisture very badly..

Waffle material

A very common type of fabric for kitchen towels. It has no villi, which makes it possible to wipe clean dishes without fear. Absorbability is one hundred percent, which is a positive quality material.


To make a quality terry towel, manufacturers use several types of material - cotton, linen, bamboo, and sometimes synthetic fibers are added. This unusual combination makes a fluffy fabric with soft loops.

Mahra in its structure is durable, which has a positive effect on its service life. The disadvantage is a long drying time of the fabric, especially with intense wetting.


In the production of textile products bamboo is considered a novice. Thanks to modern technology, bamboo-based things boast high bactericidal properties. The density of bamboo material is average, due to which the weight of the products is felt in hand luggage. It is very important that bamboo towels absorb moisture well. They are strong and durable.

Unlike many other materials, bamboo does not absorb odors, and during long-term storage on the far shelf it will not be covered with fungus or mold. The disadvantages include the cost of bamboo towels and the complexity of care for this material.


This material does not have much popularity in society, and there is not much talk about it at the hearing. But despite this, they make wonderful towels from modal.The basis of the fabric is wood - it can be pine, eucalyptus or beech. The special technology of weaving threads gives the towels a special softness.

Finished products are distinguished by their practicality in use, they are very light, wear-resistant, which speaks of their durability. But modal still has one drawback - it can cause an allergic reaction.


This type of material is made of eucalyptus cellulose fiber, which indicates the naturalness of the fabric.

The use of tensel is recommended for all people regardless of skin type, except for small children and allergy sufferers.

Tencel towel has several advantages, for example, durability. It does not cause an allergic reaction. In addition, even after several washes, the fabric does not lose its softness and appearance.


In the production of this fabric are used synthetic fibers, recycled from petroleum products. Accordingly, the production of polyamide is synthetic. But despite this, these products are in demand all over the world.

Such characteristics as durability, durability, fast drying,resistance to minor damage. On the other hand, polyamide does not absorb moisture well.


This material also belongs to the group of synthetic fabrics. Its base is made of waste oil. To its positive qualities include the ease of manufactured products, practicality and price. Negative is considered low hygroscopicity.


Products made of microfiber, gained popularity a few years ago. The material itself is characterized by fast absorption and drying. After washing does not require additional care. The only negative is the imminent loss of the perfect appearance.


This type of material is made on special machines. The technology of its production is a double thread, which serves as the basis for bilateral loops. The quality of the fabric mainly depends on the type of cotton used and the closure of the loops. In any case, jacquard towels are soft, soft and absorbent.

Colors and design

In the distant past, when there was a shortage of textile products on the market, people bought what was available.At the same time, no one looked at the color of towels, at their design. Today, these two factors play an important role.

Greatly acquired models of towels, made in contrast - this is a black and white product.. Basically, this design solution is designed for high-tech style, but this does not stop people who want to make a distinction between kitchen utensils.

Quite often in large families you can find personalized towels. This item relates to personal hygiene, and in order not to get confused, where its product, in the corner of a textile product make a patch with the name.

Embroidered towel to give a wedding. Adhering to the Slavic traditions, a simple product can be turned into an unusual memorable gift that young people will keep in their family all their lives.

New Year's towels are the brightest and colorful accessory of the holiday table. Standard napkins have long ceased to please the eye, but a small canvas with a Christmas theme makes you plunge into the magic of the holiday and again believe in Santa Claus.

Settled in the hotel, the first thing a person goes to the bathroom to wash their hands.And there he is met by different types of towels with the logo of the hotel. This may be just a name in the corner, and it may be a reduced copy of the sign with all the small details. In any case, such a design solution is affordable not for every enterprise, but only for elite companies.

Qualitative properties

After studying the characteristics of materials used for the production of towels, it is required to pay attention to some additional factors. More precisely, the uniformity of paint, its durability, the processing of edges. And only at the last moment one should pay attention to the softness and tactile properties of the textile models of interest.


Perhaps this is the most important quality for any type of towel. These products are primarily designed to maximize moisture absorption.

Accordingly, the higher the hygroscopicity of the towel you like, the better it will remove water.


On the labels of each model towels present some symbols, among which is indicated the density of the material. This value is indicated in the ratio of grams per square meter of the product.For each type of towel, the individual density is calculated accordingly. For example, on the label kitchen towels indicated 150-200 g / m². This means that the density of the fabric ranges from 150 to 200 grams per square meter.

Pile length

The height of the pile, which is mainly present in terry towels, should also have some standard. The best size is five millimeters.. Such material absorbs moisture well, it feels soft and gentle to the touch, and will serve its owner for a long time. If the length of the pile is over five millimeters, then problems may arise. After several washings, the fleecy tips will begin to weave together, creating tangles.

A small pile of terry towel is not a sentence. Such products are considered to be of high quality, capable of serving for many years, only absorbability of such a product is rather low.

Degree of stiffness

If the towel model you like is too soft to the touch, it means that synthetic fibers were used in the production process, which reduce the level of hygroscopicity.

Criterias of choice

It is no secret that towels are a list of necessary things that can be purchased for personal use or as a gift. For a wedding or birthday, it is better to choose the most beautiful gift patterns with embroidery. And in order to just make something pleasant to a loved one, it is enough to purchase a set of kitchen towels.

Making a choice in favor of a particular model of towels, you should pay attention to some parameters.

  • First you need to inspect the edges. Each seam should be made clearly and neatly, there should be no residual threads.
  • You need to check the paint towels. Enough to hold on the surface of the selected model with a wet white cloth or a scarf. If the fabric is dyed poorly, then there will be colored traces on the napkin.
  • When choosing a bath towel, you must attach the product to your hand. Soft and warm sensations talk about the quality of the goods.


Today there are many companies and enterprises that are engaged in the production of home textiles, including towels. But not everyone can boast a world name and a huge assortment of the number.

  • Arya - Turkish textile manufacturer, which broke into the world market and is in great demand due to the naturalness of the material used. Particular attention is paid to consumers towels made of cotton terry.
  • Cleanelly is a Russian manufacturer of textile products. The company's product range is aimed at providing the necessary goods not only at home, but also offices. Cleanelly brand products can be purchased not only for personal hygiene, but also for active recreation.
  • Sea to summit - an Australian brand that produces luxury personal care products and equipment for tourists. The company attaches particular importance to the production of ultra-thin towels that can absorb a volume of liquid that exceeds their own by a factor of 10.
  • "Week" - a well-known brand, which originates in the territory of the Russian Federation. The product range of this manufacturer is replete with a variety of textile products. Towels from the company "Week" are in great demand, and all thanks to high-quality material and modern technologies for sewing products.

Tips for use and care

For each towel manufacturer makes special marks on the product label. They indicate the general rules of care, basic characteristics and possible distinguishing features.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to know in advance a few recommendations that can prevent damage to textile products.

  • Before the first use of the towel must be washed. Washing should be carried out taking into account the characteristics of the material, the water temperature should be in the range of 28-60 degrees.
  • Solid towels should be washed separately from colored fabrics, and natural - separately from synthetics.
  • During washing it is not necessary to use different balms. They adversely affect the hygroscopicity of towels.
  • It is very important that the washed towel dries out naturally, without any auxiliary drying items.
  • Appear tightening on the terry surface can be removed using nail scissors.

How to wash terry towels and make them soft, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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